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MeMoreMoney Is The Place For People Looking To Make Their Money Work Hard

We offer detailed comparisons of products and services so you can confidently invest your time, energy, and resources into what will give you the highest return on investment (ROI).

MeMoreMoney is not a financial advisor, but we can help you make informed decisions about which products are suitable for your situation through our detailed research. 

We leave the decision making to you with our epic guides, reviews and detailed comparisons of different opportunities so that you don't have to wonder what's best for yourself.

We also love to save Money so share tips that have worked for us on to you! 

We do all of this at no cost to you! 

Here are some topics we love to talk about: 

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How the Site Works & How We Make Money

Our philosophy is that the best way to produce a helpful website is by putting our reader’s interests before anything else. 

This "readers first" mentality extends even into how we monetize MeMoreMoney. 

We make money through affiliate partnerships and only recommend products and services which could help you along your financial journey (because, after all - if it's good for you, then it should be good for us too). 

If something catches your eye on this site in one of our guides or reviews pages but doesn't have an affiliate link - don't worry! That just means there are no commissions involved with that particular product/service recommendation from ourselves. It is part of our editorial code to give you the options, even if it means there is nothing in it for us.  

About Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth, Founder and Managing Editor.

Hi! I'm Mary Elizabeth, your personal finance expert and self-taught financial geek. 

After years of learning about personal finance, my goal is to help other people control their finances. 

My mission for everyone to understand the basics - like budgeting and side hustles that can get you on track. 

I'm not here to be a financial advisor (because I am not one). Instead, I am just another ordinary person who has had success by doing detailed research, which helps me bring those results back with life examples.

Here’s what I’ve been able to achieve through good financial knowledge:

  • I owned my own home at 21
  • Paid off all student debt by 30
  • Perfect credit score

My advice and tips on personal finance have been quoted extensively in many reputable online publications, including but not limited to:

I have used lots of different products to help me with my finances, which took a lot of research, and some were hard to find. 

That's when I realised there was an opportunity for someone who could do the work on behalf of people looking for those financial solutions. 

MeMoreMoney is not a broker or salesman - we just don't sell any of our own products! But if that's what you're after, then we can offer unbiased educational guides so you know where to start digging in your search process online as well as putting you in touch with companies that might be able to access these goals more quickly than yourself alone. 

The idea behind this site isn't only about helping myself but also wants others like myself out there to succeed financially too.

Our Editorial Standards


  • MeMoreMoney's editorial strategy of "Readers first" first shall prevail. 
  • Every reader is entitled to information that is fair, clear and not misleading.
  • Editorial integrity must not be compromised by affilate influence.
  • The rule of thumb for our editorial standards is simple—our content must be rooted in sound research and it must be provided to add as much value to our readers as possible. 
  • MeMoreMoney’s Managing Editor shall control all editorial decisions made in relation to MeMoreMoney.com and its editorial strategy

MeMoreMoney only works with writers who are established experts in the world of personal finance.

We're here to offer unbiased advice that's steeped in research, colored with insight from other experts in the field, and most important of all, written in plain English so that anyone can learn and follow along.

Your Privacy

We take your privacy seriously, that’s why I don’t and won’t ever sell your data or personal information to anyone. 

You can find out more in our privacy policy.


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