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Amazon baby welcome bo

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If you are starting to research different baby registries, you may have already heard of Amazon's baby registry welcome box.

Of course, registering for a baby registry is a great way for you to steer your family and friends into buying gifts that will help you save money in the long term.

I love Amazon's gift registry service because they will ship you a free box of goodies worth $35 for free when you register with them. Although this is a Prime benefit, you can actually get this great offer with the Prime 30-day trial!

In this article, I want to show you how easy it is to get your Amazon baby welcome box- even without your family and friends buying anything.

Follow these steps, and you will have the Amazon baby gift registry welcome box on your doorstep in no time. - Who doesn't love a free gift?

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Exactly What is in the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box?

What is in Amazon baby welcome box

Valued at up to $35 (or equivalent depending on where you are in the world), the Amazon baby registry welcome box is incredible to say you get it for free.

Although the free items change from time to time, here's what users have reported receiving:

  • Sample breast pads from munchkin
  • A sample bottle of Aveeno baby lotion
  • 1 Swaddle Designs Muslin Swaddle blanket
  • 1 bright star Snuggle and teeth toy
  • Amazon Elements wipes (full size) - this will come in handy to test out which wipes are best for your baby.
  • 1 Philips Avent 4oz bottle
  • Pampers Diapers - again useful for finding the best diapers for your baby.
  • Sample Pampers wipes
  • Sample baby healing ointment
  • Huggies diapers
  • Muslin Blanket

So if you're wondering if it's worth the effort to get this box, I would say by simply what you get it really is! First-time parents will be thrilled at the free stuff! 

How to get an Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

What's great about the Amazon baby registry welcome box is that it is really not that hard to get. Anyone can do it easily. It is for Prime members but doesn't worry. This process will still allow you to get one without having to commit fully.

Although it is worth checking out Amazon Prime as active prime accounts do get exclusive coupons

Here are 5 Easy Steps to get you Through the Process:

  1. Create your Amazon baby registry by clicking on this text
  2. You must be an Amazon Prime member: If you don't already have Amazon Prime, sign up for the 30-day trial again by clicking on this text. Don't worry if you don't want to commit. You can cancel easily within 30 days and still get your gift box.
  3. Add products to your registry.
  4. Purchase $10 of eligible products from your registry (or receive a gift worth $10)
  5. Get a completion discount to Claim your free amazon baby welcome box and receive free baby products in the mail without tax or shipping costs.

Follow these steps, and you will receive your box in no time. Of course, with Amazon, this is subject to availability, and you must meet their terms and conditions.

1. Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Create a Amazon Baby Registry

The first step is really straightforward. You need to create your Amazon Baby Registry, which takes a few minutes.

If you are already logged into Amazon, it will pre-fill your address information. Check to make sure this is correct. You want to ensure everything is being shipped to the correct address should your family and friends contribute. You can also do the following:

  • Have specific gift options - If you plan to share the link with many family and friends, I will tick all of these boxes personally. The diaper option will actually help you save money on your diapers. As you will find, family and friends will likely buy you a gift and want to contribute to your diaper fund.
  • Group gifting - If you have more expensive items on there, this option will give you the best chance to afford them. It is a pretty cool feature that allows multiple family and friends to contribute to bigger items.
  • Privacy settings - If you are not ready to publish your registry, you can keep it private. Otherwise, you can either make it public and even share it on or share it through a direct link with your selected family and friends.
  • Email options - set up your email options. If you add things to your list that you know you absolutely need, it's good to tick some of the offers opt-in as Amazon will tell you when you can get the product when on offer.

Once you have filled in all of your details and set up your registry, either skip to step 3 if you have Amazon Prime already or sign up for an Amazon Prime trial in step 2. 

2. Sign up for a Free Trial of Amazon Prime 

Already a Member? Skip to Part 3

free amazon prime trial

One of the requirements for getting a baby welcome box is that you must be a Prime member. Don't worry if you're not already. You can sign up here for a free 30-day trial and still get your baby welcome box.

You can cancel your Amazon Prime benefit within your 30 days easy, and you will not be charged the annual or monthly membership fee. To make sure you remember to cancel (if you find you don't like the service), set a reminder on your phone, log in to your account, and go to subscriptions to opt-out.

If you aren't already a member, Amazon Prime offers lots of benefits that will help you save money and time as a parent, including 20% off diaper subscriptions, free 2-day shipping, Prime Video and lots more. 

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3. Add Items to Your Baby Registry

So now that you have signed up for Amazon Prime and your baby registry, it's time to get to business! Go back to the baby registry tab that you left open or click here.

Your login page screen should look something like this:

amazon baby registry

To be eligible to get your baby welcome box, you need to complete at least 80% of your registry checklist, don't worry; I will show you how easy that is. You can see above Amazon will help you by letting you know what your progress is. It looks like we have some work to do.

baby registry welcome box

Click into your registry to get started.

free amazon baby welcome

The image above shows the basic navigation of the registry checklist. As you will see, the registry is divided up into 8 sections with subsections in each section.

To complete the registry, you need to make sure every box is ticked in every category. When a section is completed, it will look like the picture below.

amazon prime member baby

Good to Know

If you already have the item in the category or don't need it, you can click the box, marking it as complete!

When you get to the diapering category, be sure to add in products that you know you will use, like diapers and wipes, be on the lookout for useful products around the $10 mark.

Tip: When looking at baby wipes, diapers and bath toys, you can check out my other articles for reviews of the best products if you would like some inspiration.

4. Buy $10 Worth of Eligible Products From Your Registry

buy $10 worth of stuff

Now that you have completed your registry, it's time to make a small purchase!

As I said in step 3, it's a good idea to add products to your registry that you planned on buying for your baby anyway, like diapers and wipes. This makes step 4 super easy as all you have to purchase one of the items worth $10. Make sure it's $10 or over, NOT $9.99.

Of course, if you share your registry with friends and family, you don't need to purchase it yourself. This just speeds up the process of you being able to get your free welcome box.

So go ahead and add an item to your cart from your baby registry, proceed to the checkout and place your order.

Once your item has shipped, you will now be eligible to get your welcome box! - magic!

Please note that until the $10 product has shipped to you, you won't check your box to get your free welcome box.

5. Claim Your Amazon Baby Welcome Box

claim your amazon box

So your order has been shipped, your free Amazon baby welcome box should now be complete. Congrats, you should now be able to claim your baby box. Now all you have to do is check the status and click the claim button.

As you check out, make sure the price is $0, it should be completely free, including shipping.

Make sure that you don't use one-click checkout and take your time to make sure that the promotional $35 has been waved.

Once you have placed your order, that's it your done. Your baby welcome box is on its way - enjoy!

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Every parent should claim the Amazon baby box. It's a great gift that will help you have a few more essentials that you don't need to pay for. It will also help you try out products that you otherwise wouldn't have had the chance to do without paying for.

I hope this guide has helped you claim your free Amazon baby registry welcome box. Let me know in the comments below and what you received!

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