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How the world has changed over the last 10 years has affected a lot of our habits and how we listen to music is one of them. I remember as a child buying music by an album. Now I have access to as many songs as my heart desires at my fingertips through a monthly subscription fee. Amazon Prime Music and Spotify are 2 examples of the services available to us. When it comes to Amazon prime music versus Spotify I will show you in this article what both providers offer so you can decide which is better value for money.

Is Amazon Prime music better than Spotify?

This answer is not so straight forward to answer as it really depends on what service within Amazon music and Spotify you are comparing. Let’s take a look at what they both have to offer.

Amazon Music overview

As of April 2019, Amazon Music had 32 million subscribers across its music services, putting it behind both Spotify and Apple Music. This shouldn’t put you off though as FT said it is the fastest growing music subscription service.

Amazons strategy is about offering a service for everyone which can be seen with the amount of plans they offer. Whilst this is great it can be confusing to get your head around.

The 2 main plans offered by Amazon are Prime music and Music unlimited.

Prime Music is the plan that is offered free of charge to Prime members, it is a fantastic product to say it doesn’t cost anything apart from Prime membership and gives you access to 2 million songs ad-free. The downside is to this service is the 2 million songs are chosen by Amazon.

If you are looking for more choice then Music Unlimited is Amazons answer to Apple Music and Spotify premium. It gives you access to over 60 million songs, again ad free. If you are a prime member then from a money saving perspective Music Unlimited is cheaper than Spotify and Apple Music. This is probably why the rate of growth in Amazon music is massive.

Amazon prime music versus Spotify

Do Amazon Prime members get free music?

A notable big difference between Spotify and Amazon Music is the range of service plans that Amazon offer. It seems there is a plan for everyone. If you are a member of Amazon Prime you really should consider starting out with Prime music.

Prime music has access to 2 million songs handpicked by the Amazon team that are ad-free! This for me is a perfect plan for anyone who doesn’t mind what they are listening to and I mean access to 2 million songs is still a pretty great choice. If you are looking to save some cash then try this service out. Don’t worry if you haven’t already got prime you can get a free 30-day trial right here. If you have already got prime and want access to more music then Amazon Prime music is a no brainer.

If you want to know more about what Amazon Prime has to offer then you should check out my article on all the benefits here.

Spotify Overview

Spotify launched back in 2008 and has grown into one of the biggest music streaming services in the world. But it’s dominance is under threat as rivals fight for a piece of its pie. 

Spotify has 2 tiers of service available. The free plan is available to anyone who wants it. You can download the Spotify app and play any song, create your own playlists all you have to do in return is listen to adverts every 6 tracks.

If you want to loose the adverts and have a better audio quality than Spotify premium is the over option. For this you will pay from $9.99 a month depending on the amount of users.


If you are already a Prime member and are looking for the best value option Amazon could be the better fit. If you want the premium option you have access to as many songs as Spotify and you get a discount.

Spotify free is a better option if you want access to all songs but don’t want to pay anything you just have to listen to the occasional advert. But to be honest, if you are used to listening to the radio then Spotify free isn’t really that bad.

Both services are easy to use and offer great choice, making the decision really depends on how often you will use the services and to what extent. The great news is you can find out risk-free by utilising the free trial options for both and then comparing at the end. Start with Amazon, cancel at the end then do the same for Spotify.

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