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Like Spotify, Amazon offers 2 levels to its music streaming service. When it comes to Amazon Prime Music versus Music Unlimited I’m sure like others you want to know if it’s worth the upgrade. Or if it’s worth getting Amazon Prime to get access to Prime Music. As now the third-largest music streaming provider it’s not be overlooked.

In this article I will go through exactly what is included in each service and how can you can save money by being on the right plan.

Prime Music

Choice of music
Ad free listening
Subscription cost


Amazon Prime Music has been around since 2014, offering Prime members ad-free access to over two million songs, plus thousands of playlists and stations. In 2019 Amazon created an ad-supported free version that non-Prime members could enjoy on any device as a gateway to other Amazon services. Prime Music is only available if you have Amazon Prime.


Music Unlimited

Music choice
Ad free listening
Subscription cost


Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon’s premium paid streaming music service. With subsidised options for Prime members, the service offers over 60 million songs, there is also an option to listen to music in HD for an additional cost.
If you’re already a Prime member Music unlimited could save you money if you already subscribe to another music streaming service


What’s included in the basic Amazon Prime Music?

Amazon Prime Music is definitely worth checking out if you are already a Prime Member as it literally is included for free! Here’s a quick summary of all of the benefits you get access to:

  • 2 Million songs available to listen to
  • Ability to download songs and listen offline
  • Unlimited skips
  • Hands-free listening through Amazon echo with Alexa
  • Access to podcasts

Considering this is a free service included with Prime the value is excellent. No other streaming service can you get this included without paying, especially offline listening and unlimited skips. With other providers you are forced into listening to adverts.

The selection of songs and albums available with Prime Music is always changing. New titles are added to the Prime Music catalog, and occasionally titles are removed. This can potentially be a downside if you want to ensure you always have access to set playlist of songs.

Is Amazon Prime music any good?

Depending on what you want out of a music service Amazon Music is very good. You get access to 2 million songs and can listen ad free that’s not to be sniffed at.

If you are just looking for a service to combine with your Amazon Echo and don’t think you will use a music streaming service daily then it’s worth it.

It also helps you to make the most out of your Amazon Prime subscription.

What is the difference between Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited?

Whereas Prime Music has a limitation of 2 million songs. Amazon Music Unlimited is a premium music subscription service featuring over 60 million songs and thousands of expertly crafted playlists and Stations. You can see below an easy comparison chart which gives an overview of the main differences between the services.

Amazon Prime music vs unlimited

On top of the above some of the other features that are included in Music unlimited are:

Voice commands: If you love your Alexa device, Music Unlimited offers even more voice commands. You can use Alexa like your personal DJ and ask for specific songs by artists. Pretty cool.

Exclusive content: Music Unlimited lets you pull back the curtains and go behind the scenes of some of your favourite songs. Side-by-sides, as they’re called, offer exclusive artist commentary on their own songs and albums. 

How much does Music unlimited cost?

Prime Music is free if you have Amazon Prime. With Amazon Prime Music you don’t have the option to buy it as a standalone service. It’s a fantastic perk if you are already a Prime member. If not your option to get Prime music is you need to sign up to Prime.

Music Unlimited is $7.99 a month for Prime Members, or $79 a year, a pretty affordable price when it comes to streaming services. If you don’t have a Prime membership, Music Unlimited will cost you $9.99 a month, which is the standard you would pay for other streaming services. Music Unlimited also offers student discounts and family plans, you can see below for full details of different plans available.

With Music unlimited, there are various plans you can choose from to suit your budget and how you might use the service. No other streaming service offers this flexibility so hats off to Amazon for really thinking of the subscription from the user perspective here.  Check out the details below if you are considering getting unlimited to save to money it’s important to understand which plan is best for you.

Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan

This plan is great if you have more than 2 adults in the household who want to access the music simultaneously. You have the option to have up to 6 accounts associated. This is a comparable price with other streaming services.

How to save money?

This one could be a saver if you split the bill with another user in your household.

Amazon Music Unlimited Single-Device Plan

Unique to Amazon this plan is really underrated and not widely known about. If you just plan to listen to music in your household and have Amazon devices like the Echo. You could save some real cash by just opting for this plan. It works out at just $3.99 a month! Which is incredible!

Like the individual plan, you can listen to just one device at a plan but the main difference with this is that its limited to one Amazon device. Meaning you can’t listen to your mobile device.

Remember if you are already a member of Amazon Prime or Student then you are eligible for a discount, find out more information here.

Is Amazon Music Unlimited cheaper for Prime members?

Yes, if you have a Prime membership you can save an additional $2 off the listing price. If you don’t already have Amazon Prime you can check out my review here which explains all about it.

The good news is that if you combine Amazon music with your Prime account you will save money then if you were to just sign up to other services like Spotify or Apple Music. Check out the table below to have a quick compare of the differences between the three services.

Is Prime Music Unlimited worth it?

Untitled design 2 1

This all depends on how much you will utilise the service. If you are already paying for another service like Spotify or Apple Music and you are a Prime member then absolutely I would say give Prime Music unlimited a go. The main reason is you you straight away should save $2 a month on a individual plan vs Spotify or Apple Music.

If you are not on a plan already then the best way to find out is by taking advantage of the free trail offered by Amazon and reviewing it within 30 days to see if you have used the service and on what devices.

For instance if you found you have used the service but for instance only used it on your Echo device then you should downgrade your plan, bottom line only pay for what you use.

Can I share my Amazon Prime music with family?

Yes and no. On the basic Amazon Prime music you can authorise up to 10 devices which is pretty generous. However you can only listen to one device at a time.

So technically yes you can share the benefit with your family but if you are likely to listen to music at the same time then the best plan would be Music unlimited family.

Looking for something that comparable with Tidal?

If you are a real music enthusiast and want a service that comparable with Tidal then Amazon also offer a premium music service called Music HD.

The main benefit of this service is the songs are available to listen to in full HD. You should only really consider this service if you have invested in high end headphone or equipment like SONOS. Otherwise you won’t really notice then benefit.

For the majority of people Prime Music and Music unlimited is more than ample.


If you’re already a member of Amazon Prime then you should absolutely take advantage of Prime Music. Will it replace another pay for Music service? Well it really depends on how much you take advantage of Music streaming services and if you use them in your day to day life.

If you looking for music you can put on while you cook or clean then Amazon Music is likely to fit the bill. If you’re looking for something where you can make your own playlists and have no limits on the music you want to listen to then Music unlimited could be worth the extra money.

Best way to find out? Take advantage of the Music unlimited free 30 day trial, don’t forget to set a reminder in your phone before the renewal date. When the reminder comes through ask yourself how many times you used the upgraded service, if it was a lot then you know it’s worth it!

If you don’t have Amazon Prime already, sign up for a free trial now so you can experience Prime Music. 

If you have Amazon Prime, listen to Prime Music for free now

Try Amazon Music Unlimited free for 30 days (then pay $9.99 a month, or $7.99 a month with Prime)

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