October 17, 2021

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The best investing blogs of 2021 are the ones that are up-to-date with the current market trends, have a professional tone, and provide useful information to their readers. Although you can find investing topics on MeMoreMoney we wanted to share with you some of the places we go to stay on top!

These websites have been recognized for being informative and easy to read. Furthermore, these sites offer different perspectives on certain topics so you can get multiple points of view on something before deciding what you want to do. This blog post will show some of the best investing blogs across the net so that whether you are new to investing or looking to keep up to date you can find a blog to help you.

Top Investment Blogs Revealed

Learning about the financial markets can be tough but it doesn't have to be if you become part of a investing community Check out some of these blogs below who share investment strategies, investor psychology and more:

The Motley Fool: Our Favorite Investment Blog

motley fool stock advisor review

The Motley Fool is dedicated to a more efficient economy. They were founded in the U.S. in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner. It helps individuals become financially free. It's a resource that we use regularly at MeMoreMoney. Providing stock market news and one of the next investing podcasts out there it's one to follow.

Although this investment blog has premium services like Motley Fool Stock advisor, there is still a lot to be gained through their articles.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley fool stock advisor performance

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The premium version of The Motley Fool. Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a stock picking service and investment strategy premium service. Each month you get access to exclusive stock picks that are picked by the professionals at The Motley Fool

Want more information? Check out The Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review

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In the Game Investing

'The best time to start investing is today. You can't save your way to retirement. Despite all the stock market jargon that you hear on the news, it's not hard. Every day people are becoming financially independent with the right investments for them. It's time for us to take control of our money and our future', says Theresa Bedford. 

in the game investing

I teach busy professional women how to manage their money and investments. My readers find blog posts on a wide range of topics like budgeting, saving money with sinking funds, investing without a financial advisor, picking stocks, and making money. I focus on mindsets and buy and hold investment strategies.

Theresa Bedford ‧ Founder In The Game Investing

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Dividend Power

Dividend Power

The Dividend Power blog is about Building Wealth and Financial Independence. A key theme is saving and investing in dividend growth stocks to generate a passive income stream for retirement. Dividend Power covers investing, stock analyses, budgeting, personal finance, millionaire interviews, and more. If you want to build wealth and achieve financial independence then reading Dividend Power is a must.

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Young and the Invested

young and invested

Young and the Invested is a personal finance site dedicated to helping younger generations invest, manage and plan their money with confidence. The site focuses on two primary audiences: 

  • Parents with kids who want to teach them about valuable money lessons earlier rather than later, allowing these skills and this knowledge to compound over time.
  • Younger generations who are either beginning to invest for the first time or who have already begun and wish to level up their knowledge and skills with useful tools, resources, services, and subscriptions.

People coming to Young and the Invested want to learn about money in an approachable way, whether as a teen, young adult, parent, or grandparent. There's something for everyone if you're in search of money info.

Financial Freedom Countdown

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom Countdown was started by John who came from a third-world country to the US with only $1,000 not knowing anyone; guided only by an immigrant dream. He achieved Financial Freedom in 12 years living in the most expensive part of the country (San Francisco Bay Area).

Financial Freedom Countdown focuses not only on vanilla investment options like stocks and real estate but also esoteric investments like bitcoin, lawsuit financing, commodities futures, art paintings, etc. John talks openly about his money mistakes and how you can learn from them. Financial Freedom Countdown has been featured on Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Motley Fool, MSN Money, The Ladders, etc. Follow his blog at https://financialfreedomcountdown.com/

The Frugal Expat

The Frugal Expat logo

The Frugal Expat is a blog about more than personal finance. It focuses on saving, investing, and reaching financial independence. One of the ways to achieve financial independence is through investing. This blog talks about the simplicity of investing your money into index funds, and trying to keep things simple is what this blog is about. Through articles about index funds, lazy portfolios, and some of the best ETFs, this blog helps the average investor beat the odds by investing simply. 

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Radical FIRE

Radical FIRE is a personal finance platform that is all about investing and financial independence. Investing is the ultimate way to reach financial freedom, but many think it's complicated. We explain investing in simple terms, to make sure everybody can get started investing straight away. We want you to reach your financial goals and have fun while doing it! 

Have Your Dollars Make Sense

HaveYourDollarsMakeSense.com covers a wide range of topics, including many about investing. Touting many of the traditional strategies for those looking to understand the basics, but also with some outside the box thinking that will get you to financial independence on a different route. 

'Crypto, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Index Funds, and Real Estate are just a few of the investing topics covered on Have Your Dollars Make Sense.'

- Jeff Cooper, Founder have your dollars make sense

Value Investing World

This blog offers topics related to the value investing business. Includes quotes from famous figures as Seneca and Einstein. Philosophy: "Promoting multidisciplinary investing." Sample post title: 'Marcus Aurelius Quote' Sample post title: ‘Marcus Aurelius Quote.

Brooklyn Investor

BlogSpot is an old school blog site. The site explains what their contents - including key statistics - represent for investors. Even if you didn't intend to invest in the companies in question these post offers great insight as to what is a good way to research stocks. Samples of posts: ‘Random Thoughts on Investment Invest and Investment Ideas. The philosophy is “random thinking about investing and investment ideas“.

Old School Value

The Long Time Blog has a 5-year history of value buying posts which are collected into a series of tutorials. Jae Jun writes very detailed posts examining specific stocks using various valuation methods to show you how value investing works. “We provide practical and actionable value investing tools, tutorials and educational material and empower individual investors,” owner Jae Jun says at Value Investing Blog.

Investor Junkie

On this site, there is amazing navigation. It helps you find articles of usefulness, money products or financial services that you can quickly and easily download and access. The section ‘Start Investing’ provides a helpful tool for beginners who explains what steps you need to take to start doing investment. The site is designed to make investing easy by giving you a better chance if you want to grow in your career. It offers a lot of comparisons of similar financial products, including Acorns vs. Stash or Betterment vs. Wealthfront and a comparison of similar products. It also includes micro-investing apps and crowdsourced property like Fundrise.



Investopedia provides valuable instructional content to help understand investing concepts and terminology. The section on investing has Articles on Robo-investors strategies and the Top 10 Tech ETFs for this year. It has also the latest investment news and an array of investments basics which will help you make better-Investing decisions.

Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai offers comprehensive reviews and practical advice on how to spend your money more effectively. Recently an article entitled Why would you have saved in a 401(k)? received more than 800 comments. The site was created by Sam Dogen who had worked in the finance sector during the height of the financial crisis in 2009. During which period he quickly realized he needed an “exit strategy” and decided to move towards. This combined with wise financial investments helped to create the lifestyle he envisioned and the site lists articles helping you understand how to also create passive income and retire early.

Seeking Alpha

seeking alpha

Seeking Alpha is a crowd-sourced site that provides insight from investors and industry experts on the buy side. Writers recommend stocks to invest in and must reveal their own holdings in all stocks they recommend. Other articles focus on market news, stock opinions, portfolio management marketing forecasts and investment strategy and earnings reports. This site mostly concentrates on investment, so it may not be easy to understand for a beginner. 

Best Investing Blog Bottom Line

In this article, we have listed some of the best investing blogs to help you find what's right for you. Investing is a form of wealth management so it's key to do your homework to make sure you find investing articles and information that helps you. Whether you are after financial news, market-related insights, dividend investing or some stock ideas you will be able to find some investing advice from the websites listed.

It's important to remember capital is always at risk when investing so although these websites can offer helpful insights it is recommended to get financial advice from a certified financial planner.

We hope you've found some new blogs on this list to help keep your investing skills and knowledge up-to-date. There are so many different approaches out there, which is why it can be difficult to find one that suits your style. But don't worry! If you liked these 5 picks for the best investing blogs of 2021, give them a try or let us know if we missed any other favourite ones of yours.

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