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In today's economy, it is more important than ever to save money. Whether you want to build up your savings or pay off debt, a little assistance can go a long way in achieving these goals. You might know how much money you want to save, but starting a savings habit can be tricky. That's where these money savings apps come in handy, helping you save money without even thinking about it!

Here is an overview of the best money saving apps for 2021 in the UK that will help you save money.

How do Money Saving Apps Work?

Depending on the type of app you use, they can help you do various things, including saving spare change, investing money, or straight up helping you save money on purchases. Here are the types of money savings apps featured in this article:

Automatic Savings Apps

An automatic savings app helps you save spare change. They do this by either putting money to one side each time you spend into a virtual savings pot or automatically saving money every so often by looking at your total spending habits.

Best savings apps include Starling Bank, Cleo, Monzo & Monese.

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Budgeting app

A budgeting app does what it says on the tin. It helps you identify what you are spending your money on so that you can make better decisions. It allows you to see what you are spending money on per category like utility bills, eating out etc.

If you are interested in a budgeting app, check out Starling Bank, Cleo, Monzo, Monese, Moneybox.

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Cashback & Deals App

These apps make it easier for you to shop around to find the best deals, either helping you get cashback on your existing purchases or making it easy to shop around.

Check out Swagbucks, Groupon,

Stock Market/ Investing App

These apps will invest money on your behalf rather than putting your money into a separate savings account. They have become increasingly popular over the last three years. Still, you should note with any investing. Your capital is at risk.

Our Top Moving Saving Apps 2021

cleo app review

Cleo: A Great Add on to Your Existing Bank Account

Cleo is a fun money-saving app that helps save money. The best part of this App is connecting to your existing bank account to help you save money.

The app connects to many major banks and you can even access the interface through Facebook messenger!

Using artificial intelligence to create personalised budgets, financial forecasts, and savings suggestions.

Top Features

  • Free app, and most of the budget services are free also there is a optional premium service. 
  • Ability to create automatic savings
  • Helps you budget with features like asking Cleo if you can afford to buy something.
  • Money stored in Cleo wallet is protected but not under FSCA, instead it is ringfenced in a separate Barclays account by Cleo's FCA regulated partner. Read more here

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Staring bank money saving apps

Starling Bank: A Free Bank Account That Helps you Save & Budget

It's no surprise Starling Bank has been featured as one of the best apps. This is more than just a current account. You may not want to set up a new bank account but it's worth considering when you see everything Starling has to offer.

Why it's one of the best money-saving apps:

  • Free account, no monthly charges. 
  • Save on everyday spending with spare change round-ups change to the nearest pound you can supercharge your saving efforts by rounding up your transactions up to 10x! Any money saved is automatically set aside for you. 
  • They are fully-fledged bank accounts, you also have the reassurance that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme protects your money. 
  • Create a savings plan with "Saving Spaces" is used to be a piggy bank virtualisation feature. You can personalise your Save Space to encourage your savings. You also earn interest from your savings until your applicable balance limits.
  • Commission free spending, this bank also doubles up as a great travel card as you will be charged 0% commission on any spending abroad!
  • Have a euro account and GBP account with its optional euro account, makes handling multiple currencies a lot cheaper. 

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Swagbucks: Earn Giftcards to Save Money

Swagbucks is an app that helps you make money and save it. You earn Swagbucks points and can convert them into gift cards.

You can cash out your points on the Swagbucks website for things like gift cards, magazines, phone credit coupons, or cash equivalents. You earn points by filling in surveys or watching videos it is really easy to do.

Why all the apps on this list are mainly about saving? Swagbucks is all about putting cashback in your pocket.

How Can Swagbucks Help You?

  • Earn gift cards for your favourite shops such as Amazon.
  • Easy to do simply watch videos or fill in surveys.
  • Use the app to shop online and earn points that you can redeem as gift cards.
Monese bank without proof of address


Monese is a mobile money account that allows you to save money in two forms - savings pots and international spending.

Opening an account is easy all you need are your ID and selfie photo, and no credit check is required. It works like a current account in that you can set up payments etc, but it should be noted that although Monese is regulated by the FCA, they do not have a UK banking licence, and your money is protected in a different way.

How can Monese help you?

  • The budget features are built into the app to help you say on budget and let you know how you are spending your money.
  • Round up transactions on your spending and save it into a savings pot.
  • Great travel card and has -0% commission spending. 
plum money saving app

Plum - Round-up, Autosave & Invest

Plum is like savings accounts but with a twist. It links to your bank and calculates the amount one can afford, and saves it for you automatically.

The App provides information about our finances and analyses the amount we spend in our budget to help us access the money we spent it on.

How Could Plum Help You?

  • Earn interest on savings.
  • Select your own auto savings rules.
  • Easy access accounts have FCSC protection so you money is protected.
  • Different savings challenges are available such as round-ups, 52-week challenges, rainy days.
  • Investment funds available, Plum can invest on your behalf (capital at risk).
  • Plum bills - notifies you if you are on the wrong tariff for bills so you can check out if you can save. 

Money Box: Round up Purchases, Auto-save and Invest

Moneybox is a free app that offers savings and investment account options. Moneybox uses the Round-Up feature that saves money when rounding up card transactions to the nearest pounds. Moneybox also automatically invests and is offered in 45- and 93-day accounts.

If you're tired of saving or feel the App wasting too much, there are always ways of excluding rounds for that reason.

Good to know:

  • FSCS protection on savings.
  • Savings accounts and investment accounts are available.
  • Takes a deposit from your bank account once a week.
  • Connects to your existing bank.


Emma is a financial budget app. It tries to help you manage your spending. It tracks its data and shows it the places where you spend the most. Depending on your budget, this App automatically warns you when you'll be on an excessive overdraft.

Key Features:

  • Sync budgets to your payday.
  • Manage all accounts in one place.
  • It helps you set financial goals.
  • Connects to your existing bank.

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Monzo account


Monzo is a digital Bank offering current accounts that help you save money. Although they offer free and premium accounts, all of them can help you save money.

  • Easy to budget within the app, you can see your spending and set budget goals.
  • Round up transactions to create savings in their 'savings pot' functionality.
  • The split bill feature helps you track people who owe money to you.
  • Spending insights are sent to you each money, so you know how you are spending your money.

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Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard gives you the option in a dashboard to view how much you have spent. It is a great budgeting app that allows you to keep an eye on your money habits with its purpose to help you make better financial decisions.

Key Features:

  • All your accounts are in one place, so you have a total picture of what going on.
  • All your bank accounts can be connected easily within the app using bank-level security.
  • See all of your bills and subscriptions in one place, even if you access different accounts. 


A discount savings tool when you're looking for days or gifts for people to enjoy. These are good savings on a ticket and beauty day out.

Although you should be careful with this app that you don't get caught in impulse spending, it's important to use it when you need to save money, not as an additional expense because some things are cheaper.

Key Features:

  • Save on money on date night by booking a restaurant through Groupon.
  • Great for families to save on days away. 

Money Super Market App

Money Super Market App is a great all-around comparison app for home insurance to utility and travel. It's the leading online shopping site that provides an instant comparison of card rates and account details.

Key features:

  • Great app to keep your bills in check, gives you indications of cheaper tariffs.
  • Ability to also track your credit score. 


The chip uses technology to track spending habits and knows how much you could afford to put aside. Automatically the money is transferred with the notion you won't notice—ideal for people like myself who put up the cash each week.

Key features:

  • Market-leading savings account according to Chip.
  • Easy to set up a savings account.

Petrol Prices App

The petrol prices' App gives you the option to check before you fill up the tank. It may not be well worth driving long distances to find the cheapest car, but if you live in a town with several choices, it is well worth a look and could save significant amounts in the long. Petrol costs vary at various retailers, and it's worth a check before you intend to fill that tank, incredibly if you are filling it.

Good to Know about Money Saving Apps

It's important to check the terms of your money protection when using money-saving apps.

As stated in this article some apps use open banking, which is a regulated platform for apps to be able to access data from your bank. Your Bank must share your data with authorised third parties that you've given permission by 'authorised'.

With Money Savings apps, your money is not always protected in the same way as a traditional bank

It's important to know the difference between an FSCS license and an electronic money license. An auto-saving app may have one, but some other types don't carry them at all, so you'll want to keep your cash safe if anything goes wrong with these apps!

With an electronic money licence, the apps do keep your money safe but it's not the same process to claim as FCSC protection, your money instead is ring fenced in a seperate account. 

Best Money Saving Apps Bottom Line

There are many money-saving apps to help anyone save money, be sure to check how you are protected and pick an app that suits your goals.

A few of our favourites are Starling bank, a highly rated bank with great budgeting features and an advanced spare change round-up as standards. It is free and easy to set up, and they won't charge you fees abroad.

Cleo is also great if you dont want to switch your existing bank as it can connect and give you quirky and helpful advice.

Which App did you like? Let me know in the comments below.

Money-Saving Apps FAQs

What is the Best App for Saving Money?

This is subjective to your goals and needs. Highly rated apps to investigate include Starling Bank, Cleo, Monese & Moneybox.

Is there an app to Save Money?

Yes, tons! Check out the full list at the start of the article.

Is Plum any good?

The Plum account is good. Plenty of people love it! 77% of customers who reviewed Plum on Trustpilot gave it an excellent rating claiming they find it easy to save and don't miss the money it saves on their behalf.

Are Money-Saving apps safe?

You should always practice good online safety when using any app, even if it has FCSC protection. Meaning doesn't use easy-to-guess passwords. All apps featured in this article have FCA regulations. Still, it's important to read full terms to understand how your money is protected. The Banks featured like Starling have full FCSC protection, meaning you are covered up to £85,000. Some apps, although are regulated it has different terms attached, so good to read their conditions. 

For instance, some only protect the money you keep in a standard savings account with them. This doesn't mean that your e-wallet or electronic money is unprotected, though! Instead of using FSCS protection which would be held by another bank's operating cash - usually at Barclays or HSBC, for example--your funds are instead ringfenced and protected within a known risk category through banks like AB brown current accounts.

Should the money-saving App go bust, your money will be protected since it's held separately from the firm's own money.

How can I Save Money in 2021?

The best way to save money is to buy only what you need and shop around for the best deals. One way to make sure you are buying only what you need is by saving some money each time until it adds up, so put a little away each week, month or year.

A great way to save more money right now is to decide where to shop. Make use of sale ads in newspapers, flyers, internet sites, or coupons whenever possible. When grocery shopping at a store with many competitors, go through different stores on your list first before anything else. It's not always the least expensive option that has the best deals - it may just have better sales on specific items more often than other places do!

What App Rounds up Your Money?

Here are some of the best apps that round up your money:

Starling Bank - A great way to keep track and save for future goals. 

Chip, auto-save, and invest; Set savings goals or earn more interest on existing balances through automatic utility switching with Monese's Plum Moneybox app!  

Cleo is also a fantastic option if you're looking to set up regular deposits automatically, so it doesn't matter when they come in, unlike other services where users must input their banking details every month (which can be tricky). You'll love how quickly these funds will transfer into another account at 0% fees** too, which makes life easier, especially before payday arrives each week.

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