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In a world where you could budget without thinking, should you? Find out in this Cleo app review if Cleo is right for you.

Cleo sometimes referred to as Meet Cleo is a mobile app that has been designed to help you save money and budget more efficiently. It does this by tracking your spending habits, calculating what you can afford for weekly expenses, and then withdrawing the necessary amount of cash into a ‘Cleo wallet’. Cleo also offers other features such as categorizing your transactions according to type (e.g., groceries, gas) or location (e.g., home, work) in order to make it easier for you to track where your money goes each month and find areas of potential savings.

Cleo connects to your existing bank account through a secure link meaning you don't have to switch banks to develop better budgeting habits.

In this Cleo review, we will go through the app in detail to find out if it's worth the hype. 


A free budgeting app that connects you your existing bank and helps you save money with its quirky personality. 

Cleo is packed full of features to help those who struggle too budget. 

cleo app review
Secure Connection to your existing bank 

Cleo can't access your bank details and has read only access to be able to help you budget

Budget chat assistant

The uniqueness of Cleo is that you its not boring, it feels like you are talking to your friend. It makes budgeting entertaining!

Ai powered savings

Cleo uses AI to automatically put money away for you based on what it knows you normally spend

What is Cleo?

Cleo is a free app for iPhone or Android. Cleo is designed to help you save money by tracking what you spend and helping you budget!

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cleo app review

Cleo can be used for any bank account, with two main goals: Track where your money goes each week and Create a personalized saving plan based on your income and expenses.

Cleo knows how much time it takes to reach savings goals. Your weekly or monthly obligations are divided into daily payments according to how it sees your transaction history. This ai technology lets Cleo know how long it will take for various savings milestones like paying off credit cards or saving up enough funds for a holiday. If you are working towards some financial freedom, Cleo could help you build better habits.

Cleo monitors your income and expenses and makes sure you never spend more than what's in the bank account to help you develop good financial habits through an easy, enjoyable experience.

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How Does Cleo Work?

The Cleo app is easy to set up. After you download the app, you'll link it to your bank account and connect it to your banking apps or bank. It works on a read-only service, meaning it cannot access your bank account or see actual details that could put your financial information at risk.

Cleo also uses bank-level encryption. Once you have connected the app to your bank, it starts to look at your spending patterns and direct debits to help you save money automatically.

Cleo automatically categorises each transaction so that you can see exactly where your money is going each week – whether it's food shopping, coffee with friends, dinner at home, or a weekend getaway.

Cleo also automatically tracks your income from work so that you can see exactly how much money you have in the bank at any time. You can even use Cleo to save for a holiday or other large expenses by setting aside a certain amount of money every week – it's up to you!

You can use the platform through the mobile app version or Facebook Messenger.

cleo chat

Most major banks are supported, and setup only takes 2-3 minutes. If your bank isn’t supported, you can request support with the setup as well.

You can connect multiple accounts to the app, and actually using certain features is easy. For example, typing or saying ‘budget’ will prompt the app to start working with you to create a budget.

Cleo operates on a freemium model like many other finance-based apps.

However, users still get some nifty features with the free version of Cleo, which makes it easy to test out the platform before trying out Cleo Plus (more on why this feature later on).

Using Cleo is as Easy as 1-2-3:

1. Download the app, search for Meet Cleo

2. Add your bank account ( remember its read-only access and can only see your data as encrypted transactions)

3. Track what you spend, wherever you shop. Every time you buy something using the app, it'll automatically be categorized according to type

How Safe is Cleo?

Is Cleo Safe? In a world where data privacy is paramount, you might be wondering before you decide to give Cleo a go how safe the app is and how safe your data is. Yes, they use 256-bit security encryption, which matches banks, but what about everything else?

Here are some points that we came across in our research:

If Cleo was attacked, what information would be vulnerable?

Cleo is a safe app because it does not store your banking login credentials on its servers. Cleo only stores information about your budget and other personal information, but never banking data. It also has high-quality security measures to help keep you safe from hackers. This means that even if someone hacked into Cleo, they would not be able to steal your bank account numbers or any other sensitive information - just things like how much money you have and what bills you have coming up.

What is the Cleo security pledge?

Cleo says that they not only have to be good but better than banks. And that's why they say they have an £85,000 security pledge for residents of the UK and a $250,000 security pledge for residents of the united states.

This pledge aims to reassure customers there data and money is safe with Cleo.

Cleo offers protection for up to £85,000 in losses from UK bank accounts and credit cards. This only applies if the loss is caused by using Cleo. You can request by contacting customer service.

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Cleo's Main Features

Before signing up for anything extra, it's good to know if Cleo artificial intelligence-powered app will actually help you with your personal finances. Here are the main features of having a Cleo account:

Conversation on Facebook Messenger

Cleo is your friend who helps you take control of your money. She can show you how to save more money, track your spending, and do other things. You can use Cleo on Facebook Messenger to talk to her. She will answer all of your questions.

If you want to use Cleo, go to Facebook Messenger and click on the yellow icon that says "Start a Conversation", where you chat with friends. Then search for "Cleo" or click on this link. You can talk to her like a friend and ask her for help in managing your money.

You can ask Cleo simple things like:

“Can I afford a pizza”

“Where can I cut back this month?”

"What's my balance" - Cleo will give you information on your balances across your accounts.

what can you ask cleo


Like most other personal finance apps, One of the main selling points of Cleo is that it helps you track your spending and manage your account. With Cleo, users can get an overview of their bank by viewing balance information and categories for where they spend money to make better financial decisions.

Proactive notifications

Cleo has proactive notifications, quizzes, updates, and insights you will be able to better look at your money habits from an outside perspective.


Cleo has a feature called "Autosave". With this feature, Cleo will save money for you based on how much you spend. If you want Cleo to start saving money for you, say "start auto savings" in FB messenger!

Cleo keeps track of how much you spend and makes sure it's not more than what you can afford. If you have been spending too much lately, Cleo will not take any money from your account.


cleo savings goals

Tell Cleo your goals, and it will help you get there. For example, if you want to save money for a house, tell Cleo about this goal. It will then ask how much you need to save each week and remind you when you reach your goal.

Cleo saves you style, money and time

Cleo rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and automatically moves that amount into savings when you link your cards. There's also the option for the 'Extreme' mode, where every purchase will be rounded up to $5 and moved to your savings! With Cleo's reminder notifications for saving goals, you'll never miss a payday again.

Motivation with a twist

cleo budget chat

Many people these days are struggling to find someone who can support them and tell them exactly where they're messing up. Type "Re-hype me" or "Roast me" for a boost.

Fortune Mode

Seeing your spending = really helpful. But predicting them so you’re ahead of your bad habits? Welcome to the future. The budgeting features and spending insights all come free with the basic plan.

What is Cleo Plus?

Cleo Plus is a monthly or yearly subscription where you can get access to additional features. Some of our extra features include salary advances and cashback. It costs £5.99 a month to activate the service.

Cashback: Daily Cash works by giving you instant cashback on your spending. Users choose ‘Money Makers' based on the stores they shop at most and earn cashback whenever they spend money at their Money Makers. Users can only choose up to 5 Money Makers at any point, and cashback is deposited into your Cleo Wallet.

Salary Advance: Right now in the UK, the service for Cleo plus is pretty limited. The Salary advance is not a full one that other Banks like Monzo offers but is limited to £100, and you have to pick a repayment date.

The service has more features in the US, such as a credit score offering where the financial assistant can help you improve your credit score by looking at your credit report.

Cleo Customer Reviews

Being a relatively new company Cleo doesn't have a high amount of reviews but enough to give you some good information about what customers are saying.

On the review site, Trust Advisor Cleo has an average score of 3.9 out of 5 on 1700 reviews at writing.

Positive customer comments were:

  • Ease of use of the app
  • How fun the budgeting app is.
  • Free account is worth it
Cleo Reviews

Negative reviews:

Mainly centred around Cleo plus and customers being able to cancel the account easily. So new customers might want to stick to the free version until they are confident in the service.

Is Cleo Plus Worth it?

We think Cleo plus is worth the money if you want to see results from your money management. We recommend using Cleo on free mode for a few weeks and seeing if it fits your lifestyle before getting the premium version. The free app will undoubtedly help you with your financial well being if you use it, and because it makes tracking your spending habits easy, you are more likely to keep a check.

Who is Cleo Good for?

Cleo is good for anyone who has a bad habit of spending too much on certain things. If you are struggling to deposit anything into a traditional savings account, Cleo could help you put at least some money away as it will look into your latest transactions and past transaction data to save how much you can afford.

Cleo will help you set budgets and stop going over your allowance by rounding up purchases and moving the change to savings.

If you are one of those who constantly say, "I'm saving" but never really doing anything, then Cleo is perfect for you as it will make all the excuses away from not saving - no more late-night snacking? Just move $1 per snack into Savings!

Where Can I Download Cleo?

You can download Cleo in app stores

Cleo Review Conclusion

Pros & Cons Of Cleo


  • Cleo helps you save money fast
  • It's no hassle to set up, you do it via a linked bank account
  • You're information is secure: Banking details are not disclosed to Cleo
  • It's fun, you can talk to Cleo like you would a friend, makes saving money more motivational. 


  • No interest on balances
  • Targeted more for younger audiences who are on Facebook 


Cleo is a free app that helps you take control of your money. You can use it to track spending, budget, and save more for what you want in life. It has access to your bank account, so it knows how much money is coming in or going out automatically--and will help keep tabs on what's happening with your finances, too!

Cleo also offers protection up to £85,000 from UK bank accounts and credit cards. The best part is you get help with spending and budgeting, all for free!

It's perfect for younger people who are new to budgeting and want a fun way to manage their finances.

What do you think of Cleo? Will you give it a try? Let me know in the comments below!

Cleo FAQs

How do I get my money from Cleo?

Just say "withdraw" followed by the amount you'd like to get back. For example, if you've moved $20 to your Cleo Wallet and you want it back in your account, you'd say "withdraw $20" to Cleo in Facebook Messenger or the App, and the money will reappear within 4 business days.

How long does it take to get money from Cleo?

Cleo says that money withdrawn should appear in your account in 4 working days.

What Banks does Cleo Support? 

  1. American Express  
  2. Barclays  
  3. Capital One  
  4. First Direct  
  5. Halifax
  6. HSBC  
  7. Lloyds Bank  
  8. Metro Bank  
  9. Nationwide   
  10. Natwest  
  11. Royal Bank of Scotland 
  12. Santander  
  13. TSB Bank  
  14. Bank of Scotland 

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Cleo sometimes referred to as Meet Cleo is a mobile app that has been designed to help you save money and budget more efficiently. It does this by tracking your spending habits, calculating what you can afford for weekly expenses, and then withdrawing the necessary amount of cash into a ‘Cleo wallet’.

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