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I’ve heard of a lot of people who end up buying more than one crate because they buy the wrong size or type initially and that to me seems like a waste of money. I have a Cockapoo myself his name is Milo, so first of all congrats on choosing a great dog breed, aren’t they great? In this article I want to help you save some money in the long term buy guiding you on the best Cockapoo crate size you can get that will last from puppy to adult. Just like I have managed to do for Milo. I will also share with you some great accessories that help make crate feel like your pup’s safe space.

Cockapoo Crate size – Which size is best

Cockapoos are generally small to medium-sized dogs. They as you probably know are a hybrid of a cocker spaniel and poodle. Cockapoos can vary in size depending on what type of poodle they have been bred with (standard, miniature, or toy). The average size of a cockapoo is 15-18 inches high.

So what is the best size for the majority of Cockapoos?

36L x 23W x 25H inches

If your pup is a cross-breed of a smaller poodle size, then the best crate size for Cockapoo dogs is usually considered 36 inches in length. A crate that is 36L x 23W x 25H inches, specifically, should be sufficient for your Cockapoo throughout his lifetime, from puppy through adulthood. 

If your Cockapoo is mixed with a larger poodle then you may prefer to go for a bigger option. But generally speaking, the medium should be absolutely fine unless you know from the bread. My pup Milo is mixed with the standard and he fits no problem in his medium crate.

What to look for in a Cockapoo crate

It’s important to look for more than just size when purchasing a crate for your poo. It needs to be made into a home or safe space that your pup feels comfortable in. When crate training is done right it can help with potty training and help you avoid any unwanted destructive behavior. So it’s more than just buying a crate you are buying your pups little room. I know I am really glad we crate trained Milo we saved a lot of money. He has never chewed or destroyed anything in the house and loves his crate, he now goes in on his own accord.

Watching YouTube videos before getting a crate can help. I have shared my favorite below from dog trainer Zak George. I also invested in his book which is amazing and super easy to follow you can check it out here.

Some features to look for to make sure you get your crate right


Generally speaking, the majority of crates will come in metal or wire crates. This would be my go-to option for your forever crate, metal is durable and your puppy will not be able to chew through it. They are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use so makes a great option if you are planning to move the crate about with you. Another advantage with wire crates is that they have a lot of open space so your pup can look out and see what’s going on around them. I know my pup loves this feature as he loves to know what’s going on.

Secondly, there are material soft crates. These crates are lightweight and generally used for travel. they don’t tend to have as much see-through space as the wire option and because they are material they are not an option I would recommend for the main crate.

Finally, you have plastic, again these crates are generally used for travel purposes and do not have the same openness as the wire option. They are not generally recommended to be used for your house crate.

In this article, I will just be concentrating on wire crates as these are only crates that will realistically last for a lifetime. I said I wanted to save you money right.

Locking mechanism

Have a hyperactive puppy that likes to get into everything? Will you be leaving your pup alone for short periods of time? If the answer is yes then it might be good to look into the locking mechanism and if other users have had trouble. Some crate brands have been known to have poor locking mechanisms meaning the pup has escaped whilst the owner has popped out or is asleep. I’m sure you are like me and will want to keep your puppy safe. Have no fear in this article I have saved you the time and done the research for you!


Many crates are now available in a 2 door option which can be very handy. If you are planning to move your crate around, or travel with it then a 2 door option could be right for you. It just generally gives you more options in the longer term.

If you think that you might move you crate in the future then go for a 2 door option, it’s usually not much more in price either.

Water access

Any research on crate training will tell you that your pup must always have access to water, i.e. you must put a water bowl inside their crate. Now let me tell you about a learning I had from day 1 and another reason why the wire crate is the best option. Imagine a bowl on the floor what do you think a young pup is going to do constantly? Yes you thought right they will knock it over!

So you can get a standard bowl which they will tread in or with a wire crate you can get a bowl which actually attaches to the side of the crate! Genius!

Crate Cover

Crates are so popular now that you can actually accessorize them be be more in keeping with your home. In can also help your pup feel more cozy. A crate cover is not essential but could be a consideration point. You can alternatively put a blanket over the crate which is what we did when Milo was young.


If you have a puppy you ideally want to go for a crate that has a plastic removable flooring. This comes in handy when potty training as your pup when young will no double make mistakes it’s not their fault they just don’t have big bladders when young. By having a removable plastic tray it makes cleaning super easy as it just un-clips and slides out. You can then wipe it and put it back in – simples.


Not all, but some crates now include a handle. Again depends how you will use the crate if you plan to travel a lot this might be something you want to go for. We have never needed to have a handle as it is just as easy to pick up from each side given that it is a medium crate.


Finally to make your crate cozy and if you plan for your pup to sleep in their crate (like we did) you may want to consider bedding. This will help them to be more comfortable and for the crate to feel cozier. Don’t feel you need to spend a lot especially when they are young as again they will have accidents, we purchased 2 low priced crate bedding so that we could switch and put one in the washing machine when needed. I will show you in the crate accessories section.

Best Crates revealed

Best Value – RAC

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ir?t=memoremoney 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B0773S66XV


  • Great price
  • Easy to assemble – can be flat packed too
  • Comes with removable plastic tray making it easy to clean
  • Double door design


  • No handle
  • Some users have complained of less than average build quality

RAC Dog Puppy Cage Folding 2 Door Crate with Plastic Tray Large 36-inch Black

Build quality
Ease of use
Transporting options
What other users think


The RAC is a great option if you are looking for an affordable all-round crate. Although it doesn’t have the reputation for the best quality it will suit the majority of pups just fine. For the price it is amazing value, you can find out more below.


Best Rated – AmazonBasics Double-Door

Cockapoo Crate size


  • Available in a single or double door option
  • Over 7k reviews with average 4.7 stars at the time of writing, that’s pretty impressive.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Removable bottom meaning easy to clean
  • Comes with a divider – perfect for puppy training
  • Compacts making it easy to transport
  • Handle on top
  • Well made – lots of reviews discussing how good the quality is


  • Price – there are cheaper crates available

AmazonBasics Double-door Folding metal door crate (Our Favorite)

Model shown is the 36″ Double door

Build quality
Easy of use
Transporting options
What other users think


The AmazonBasics might be basic by name but 7k+ amazing reviews say otherwise. It ticks all the boxes that we discussed in this article. For puppy training, this is great crate as it comes with everything you need including a crate divider meaning you can adjust the space as your puppy grows. It’s also easily assembled and compacted to make travelling super easy. The double door feature is great and just opens up for options for long term use. Click the button below if you want to find out what other users have said.


Most Luxurius – Lords & Labradors

You may or may not have heard of Lords & Labradors but they are the luxury brand for dogs think of them like the Dolce & Gabanna of the pup world. If you are looking for a crate that will match a luxury interior then Lords & Labradors could be for you. But do expect it to come at a price!

Lords & Labradors crate


  • Comes complete with a bumper and cushion to make your pups crate snuggly
  • Exterior covers available to accessorise the crate
  • interior cushions and bumper are handmade
  • 2 doors
  • easy to assemble
  • included covers are machine washable


  • Cost, it will cost a lot. Depends how much you would like to spend
  • Covers are not great for potty training
  • No handle
  • Delivery is extra

Lords & Labradors Grey Spot Bumper Set with Deluxe Dog Crate (Includes a crate, bumper, and cushion)

Build quality
Ease of use
Transporting options
What other users think


If you are looking for a luxurious crate, look no further. The Lords and Labradors have thought of everything. Their hand made bedding and draft covers will make any pup feel right at home. It’s pricey but depends what you are after, this might be one to consider when your pup is older at a young age you don’t want to risk them chewing a handmade stitch!


What you may need with your crate

I have mentioned previously that there are items you may need to make your crate work for you and your pup. Here are the items that we used to help Milo adjust to his crate. The list is not exhaustive but gives you an idea on how you could make it personal for your pup.

Crate Water bowl

As I said you don’t want to be constantly seeing your pup walk or knock over their water bowl. This is potentially dangerous as it could leave them without access to water. The good news is that with crates you can get bowls that attach to the crates and they are really cheap! Here is what we got, best part is you get 2 so you can use one for food if needed.

crate bowl
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Crate bedding

To make your crate feel cosy you might consider some bedding. For me you don’t need to spend a lot especially on a young pup. You want something that is minimalistic that they are not tempted to chew on. As I said previously we opted for low cost and bought 2, this meant that when Milo did have a accident it was quick and easy to change.

Crate bedding
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Pet friendly disinfectant

If you haven’t got any it is worth doing so. When you are training a pup they do have accidents. You want to help their training by using the right disinfectant that is safe for one and secondly does not encourage them to go potty in the same place again. Dogs love to potty in the same place they have before, by getting rid of the smell in a safe way you are discouraging this. Here is the one we use:

crate disinfectant
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Finding the Cockapoo crate size is actually the easiest part, when introducing the crate to your Cockapoo and making sure they like it- that can be tricky. If you watched the video I posted above you will have noticed the importance of treats. This is the technique I used when introducing Milo to his crate for the first time and beyond. I wanted to positively reinforce the crate as a great place to be. If you have a young Cockapoo it is important that you get treats that are ok for puppy consumption, I also wanted to get some that were junk free. Milo’s go to treat when he was young where Pooch and Mutt. I got these because they are made with high quality ingredients, they are also easy to break up so you last a while.

Cockapoo treats
ir?t=memoremoney 21&l=am2&o=2&a=B009P2ZCFC


Before committing to a crate think about how you will use the crate now and in the future. You don’t need to break the bank on a forever crate but ultimately you will save money but make sure the crate is right for you and your pup by thinking ahead. If you plan to use your crate beyond puppyhood it may be worth spending a little extra to get a better longer lasting quality.

Hopefully, the advice given in this article was useful to you and you Cockapoo, I would love to hear how you get on please post in the comments below and let me know. Do you agree with the Cockapoo crate size?

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