June 30, 2020

Cockapoo Harness

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Best dog harness for Cockapoo 2022

If you are looking for a Cockapoo harness, you have come to the right place. With so many options and breed dogs, it can be challenging to find the best Cockapoo dog harness. 

Dog harnesses in the UK have become an increasingly popular choice for dog owners. While it is not uncommon for a traditional dog collar to be used, Harnesses seem to have become the norm. 

With more and more Cockapoo harnesses being available every year, it's crucial to find the right one for your precious Cocker. Because getting an ill-fitting harness can impact the quality of your dogs walk and even cause chafing.

As a Cockapoo owner myself, I know these challenges. This complete guide will share how I researched and tested different dog harnesses from puppy to adulthood to help you find the best for your poo. 

Why Cockapoo Harness?

Cockapoos, crossed with a spaniel and poodle, also known as designer dogs, have many great qualities, and it's one of the reasons I adopted one. 

Fun, playful, affectionate, spontaneous, and full of energy, at least mine is! They are also hypoallergenic and don't shed a lot of hair is one of the main reasons people love to adopt them. 

While great for those with allergies, their coats are high maintenance; it requires regular grooming to keep them from getting knotted. 

This very reason is why a good quality harness is needed for when your Cockapoo is fully grown. 

I have also found harnesses to be better for not causing choking to your dog. When they are young, they like to pull, and of course, you don't want them to choke. A dog harness is fitted lower in the body and doesn't cause any pressure to the neck. 

They love to exercise right; a poor quality, not ventilated harness can cause matting and a reason I wanted to share this post with you. 

Cockapoos can also suffer from mobility and hip and disc issues, so a supporting harness maybe also be better later in life. 

My Cockapoo Milo 

Milo is my very playful Cockapoo! He is like most poos, full of energy, and always up for an adventure. 

Cockapoo apricot

We have tried a few harnesses over time. I wrote this article to help others through my experience, so you don't waste money buying lots of Dog Gear as we did! 

If you already have a Cockapoo, you might be familiar with their energy levels and how they love to explore and pull you with them!

We opted for a harness over a collar because I didn't want any neck strain that collars can cause. I can tell you I haven't looked back.

How old is your Cockapoo?

If your Cockapoo is under ten months, you probably don't invest in the best harness yet. I will show you a great value in this article that is a great puppy harness

I say this because I got excited and did this without thinking my dog is still growing and learning. 

His fur, also being young, wasn't at the stage where it would matt so quickly, so a basic harness is all you need under ten months.

Best Cockapoo Harnesses revealed 

Best Cockapoo Harnesses for Puppy 

If you have a new puppy, as you may expect, in your puppies, the first year, they grow a lot! Meaning you shouldn't spend a lot on their first puppy harness. For this, I would suggest a vest harness that is softly padded to start your training with. 

You won't be walking far. It would help if you had something that comes in small sizes (probably sizes xs) 

This Puppy harness is the harness I used with Milo for the first six months before spending more on an adult harness. I found it perfect for puppy training, also great for initial leash training. 

Best harness for cockapoo puppy UK

Its lovely soft padded harness, which is excellent for a growing puppy. Expect to get about 3-4 months out of it before you switch to the below recommendations. That's how fast your puppy will grow and the reason I recommended an inexpensive solution. 

  • Fun & Comfortable Walks - Forget about puppy collars that can choke or hurt your furry friend. Our padded dog harnesses feature a sturdy D-ring on their back for securely attaching your dog leash.
  • Designed For Safety - Keep your furry pals visible to pedestrians and motorists whenever you go on evening walks. The dog and cat harness features reflective piping to boost your pet's visibility at night.
  • A Harness Your Dog Will Love - Dress up your adult dogs and puppies with our stylish training harness! Unlike a stiff dog collar, ours is made of mesh fabric that is breathable, soft, and comfortable.
  • Provides A Snug Fit - Enjoy peace of mind that these dog and puppy accessories won't hamper your pet's movements. You can adjust the strap without any hassle so it’s never too tight or too loose.
  • Ideal For Different Dog Breeds - No bulldog or chihuahua is too big or too small for our S to XL harness. Plus, you can choose from various designs that reflect your pet's fun-loving personality.

1. Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness - Best no pull harness & great quality!

Best harness for cockapoo

Ruffwear has got to be my favourite brand of apparel for Milo. I've had this for nearly two years now so that I can testify for its quality. This dog harness does stand the test of time! 

It's like the Berghaus of dog outdoor wear!. A see below for my summary, yes this one is a little pricey, but for me, it has lasted and will continue to last, and more importantly, Milo loves it. 

Also important to note, Milo hasn't suffered from any matting whilst wearing this on our many long walks. If you want more proof, check out the over 5400+ excellent reviews it gets on Amazon.

  • Lightweight and durable Ruffwear dog harness made for all-day outdoor adventures and designed for easy attachment and removal. Suitable for Medium dogs (girth measurement 27-32 in/69-81 cm)
  • With 2 lead attachment points and reinforced webbing at chest to resist pulling, giving you additional control which makes this ideal for everyday walks and training
  • Foam-padded strips across the chest and belly provide equal load distribution and comfort when running, walking, or resting
  • Find a customisable fit with 4 convenient points of adjustment for full range of motion and an easy access ID pocket for safe and quiet storage of your dog's tags
  • Bright and visible fabric harness with reflective trim helps your dog stand out against any landscape day and night

The harness comes with six different sizes available. It is straightforward to measure your pup. It is a good walking harness due to its two attachment points makes it adaptable in different situations. The leash attachment is also very hardwearing and incredibly easy to attach for getting your dog back on the lead quickly.

All you have to do is measure around the broadest part of their rib cage. If you are close to the next size and your puppy is still growing, then go for the next size, this is what I did, and it fits perfectly with some slight adjustments. 

For reference, Milo wears a small, and he weighs just over 14kg.

best cockapoo dog harness
  • Easy to get on and off and easy leash attachment. Especially if you get the matching back lead (see below).
  • 2 points to attach a lead to (back and front), which is excellent for no-pull training and general obedience training.
  • Material quality feels amazing and has lasted through our many adventures!
  • The matching lead is fantastic and attaches so easily 
  • Adjustable sizing good for a growing  - I used this from 6 months to fully grown, of course it does depends how big your Cockapoo gets. 
  • Easy for your Cockapoo to move in - Milo loves to run a million miles an hour like many cockapoos, and the design of this means he can run without any restriction like some harnesses 
  • Available in lots of different colours, I got poppy orange.
  • The matching lead is fantastic and attaches so easily Adjustable sizing good for a growing  - I used this from 6 months to fully grown, of course it does depends how big your Cockapoo gets. 
  • 4 points of tightening to make, so it fits perfect and not too tight
  • ID tags holder - There is additional storage in the harness to put your ID tags in if you wish
  • Cost - It's around £45, so investment to make once your pup is nearly grown. The sizes are adjustable but defiantly don't buy before six months unless you are happy buying. 
  • I try to avoid using sweltering weather (padding) to create unnecessary heat for my furry friend. When it's hot, I use the hi and light harness. Yes, I have more than one.

Great all around Cockapoo dog harness. Quality and fit are perfect but be sure to follow Ruffwear size chart to make sure you get the right size for your Cockapoo. 

custom 1

Matching Dog Lead

As I mentioned, I purchased the Ruffwear lead to go with my harness. It is amazing. Yes, I know I am talking about a dog lead!

I love it because the handle is padded, making it very comfortable for me, which is excellent, especially when the dog is young and not lead trained. 

Then, it fastens to the harness so easy it clips on without pressing a button-down like on traditional leads. And, of course, it looks super cool that it matches. 

  • The Patroller Leash is an adjustable-length leash that can be worn around the waist when not in use
  • The swivelling Talon Clip provides a strong, secure connection to your dog with an ergonomic design that makes it quick and easy to switch between on- and off-leash activities
  • Keep your pup safe with Tubelok reflective webbing for better visibility in low-light conditions, and long-wearing colour-fast fabric your dog’s lead will stay bright for many adventures to come
  • An ergonomic slider makes it easy to adjust the leash length from 30 to 48 inches to connect to your dog, as well as adjusting to fit around your waist when not in use
  • Whether you're working, training, or playing, the Ruffwear Patroller Lead makes the on/off leash transition smooth and efficient

2. Ruffwear-hi-and-light-harness. - Best lightweight dog harness

  • Size X-Small: 43-56 cm (17-22 in) – measurement of dog’s girth around the widest part of rib cage (behind front legs), Larger size when in doubt, Adjustable chest and belly straps for customised fit. Please refer to the size guide when selecting the size for the harness.

This Ruffwears harness specifically made for small dogs. I like to use this a lot in the hot weather as this one is lightweight. It doesn't have padding, so it keeps Milo as cool as possible.

You don't get all of the functionality like you to do with the other series, and not as comfortable for Milo when he occasionally pulls as you don't have the padding. 

But looks great. Hopefully, you will agree. It drys very quickly because of its lightweight material, so if you have a Cockapoo that likes to swim a lot, then this good is a good fit.

Best dog harnesses for cockapoo
  • It's a lightweight dog harness. Perfect for the summer months and smaller dogs.
  • Easy to put on and off - It has a vast neck hole and easy to attach.
  • It dries fast when Milo is in and out of the water, so great for the beach. 
  • Available in different colours. I went for the blue in this one; It washes easily, which is excellent if you have a poo that likes to roll in much as mine does.  
  • ID tags holder - There is additional storage in the harness to put your ID tags in if you wish
  • Perfect for a small dog, its lightweight, minimal design makes it a great choice if your Cockapoo is on the petite side. 
  • Cost - again, it's one of the more expensive harnesses if your Cockapoo isn't fully grown.
  • No front attach - not so good if you are no-pull training.
  • No soft padding - if you padding, this isn't the one. It's designed more at the minimalist/light view. 

Overall a great quality product! Easy to put on but the cost is a investment. If you Cockapoo is under a year old you may want to consider a cheaper harness for now. 

custom 1

Recommended by other Cockapoo owners

I think it's crucial to give you a broad view of all options. I am a member of Cockapoo owners club UK

It's a great little Facebook group where owners share tips and advice. I decided to ask the 70k+ members to find out their favourite harnesses and which ones they avoid. 

Although Ruffwear was mentioned a lot, other harnesses are worthy of consideration.

3. True Love dog - Best dog harness for value

  • 1. Easy to adjust and put on. Four adjustable straps allow a custom fit for your dog.
  • 2. Vibrant Color & nylon strip with 3M reflective improve visibility at night. Soft padded in chest and belly for comfortable.
  • 3. Two attachment points for extra control. This harness attaches in the normal back/neck area and also under the stomach.
  • 4. The handle on the back can help better control the movement of dog and for attaching safety belt.
  • 5. Please measure your dog's chest measurement at the same place as the line. The recommended breast size will be 2 inches smaller than the product size on the label, which would provide space for adjustment. If your dog's chest is approaching maximum chest size, you can choose the next size.

This harness proved just as popular as Ruffwear with the group, and it's not hard to believe. True Love is half the price, so great if you want to spend a bit less. 

Because of the low cost, I would say this is a great option whilst your Cockapoo is still growing. The front ring means you can use it for lead training too.  

The TrueLove harness is feature-rich with a tough outer layer, soft mesh inner layer and sponge padding in the chest and belly areas.

It has reflective nylon webbing for excellent night-time visibility, two side buckles, and two clips for leads (one on the back and one on the chest).

  • 2 points to attach a lead makes it easier to train your dog how to walk on a leash
  • The design doesn't restrict movement
  • handy handle at the back to grab dog if needed
  • It comes in a variety of colours
  • easy walk harness, the vest-like design doesn't restrict movement.
  • Pull harness - with its 2 points of leash attachment; it makes this harness an excellent option for no pull dog training.
  • Five sizes available, meaning you should be able to find the perfect fit for your dog. Sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.


  • It can be hard to get overhead - unlike the Ruffwear. This dog harness doesn't have two clips, so you have to put your pups head through physically.
  • Some users have reported sizing can be inaccurate. The lead hook on the back is plastic, not metal, so the build quality not quite as good as others.

4. Embark Pets Adventure Dog Harness - Best harness for excellent customer service!

  • THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE DOG HARNESS - Dog harnesses made for active lifestyles: take your dog for a walk, run, hike, swim, or camping trip. Each dog harness for large dogs no pull has a built-in handle, which allows you to assist or help control
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE & EASY ON / OFF - Longer straps with extra adjustment helps your dog find a snug fit. Our no pull dog harness for large dogs typically fits a large breed, German Shepherd dog harness large, male & female. Simply slide over your dog's head, clip the buckles and go!
  • HEAVY-DUTY & IMPROVED DURABILITY - Made from strong military-grade nylon that exceeds national pulling strength guidelines by over 130 LBS! Since the first version of this no pull dog harness with handle, we’ve reinforced and tripled the strength of the front metal D-Ring and buckles for increased safety & durability
  • ALLOWS SAFE NO PULL TRAINING - Our harness for large dogs positions the back leash attachment and soft padding around the neck to help protect your dog's trachea, while the front leash attachment can be used to teach your canine to heel & stop pulling
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE & STYLISH – Highly comfortable dog walking harness. Our lightweight materials with reflective trim look stunning and help your furry friend move freely without rubbing or discomfort.

Embark pets are another great low-cost alternative harness. This dog harness is a soft padded, no-pull vest harness. If you are unsure of the cost to go for Ruff wear, then this is a perfect alternative. 

I like the Embark because they promise to give you a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality. 

This harness is available in four sizes. So really again important you measure as the measurements start from 17" so it could be too big if you have a smaller Cockapoo. 

What users liked about this dog harness

  • The price- its fantastic value for money
  • Customer service - users who experienced faults, we're impressed with the service from Embark
  • Comfortable fit - pet vest-like shape makes it slim and comfortable for your dog to wear

What users disliked about this dog harness:

  • Neck adjustment not easy complained about by some users, making it hard to put over the dogs head
  • Pull loop wears out over time
  • Handle on top too small 
  • only four sizes available 

5. Julius K9 Harness for dogs - Best Harness for big dogs

  • Size: Chest circumference: 58-76 cm, Dog’s weight: 14-25 kg. For more products please visit our Amazon Storefront!
  • Traditional comfort and convenience: Perfect wear for the park and on the streets - since 1997.
  • The world's first harness with interchangeable patches: You can choose from countless different patch options to express your dog’s personality, mood, or to display useful information on your harness.
  • Robust and durable design: With its rugged grip, you can easily control your dog when needed. Safety is enhanced by the shatterproof buckle and reflective elements of the harness. Water-repellent dog harness made of first-class materials.
  • Exceptionally easy to put on and use: Just one click and you're ready to go!

The Julius K9 is one of the most well know harness brands. Still, this dog harness should note that although this proved to be popular with owners, it was the only harness I found that came with some controversy. 

Some owners claimed that the K9 restricted movement for Cockapoos and should be avoided. 

The Julius K9 gets excellent reviews, but as you can see, it is a different design to others recommended, so it's really about you know what your dog likes. 

What users liked about this dog harness:

  • Handle on the dog harness great to grab your pup
  • Easy to put on
  • Great value for money
  • Available in different colours
  • Matching lead available

What users disliked about this dog harness:

  • Some users complained of movement restriction, so best to check to size first fitting of the product
  • Some users have complained of pulling dogs getting cuts, so not great if you have a dog that pulls. 

In summary, from reading all reviews, it sounds like the K9 is great for bigger dogs but could cause some discomfort for smaller dogs that pull. If you have a Cockapoo that pulls you, you may want to consider a harness with extra padding.

What makes a good Cockapoo Harness?

By now, you have probably noticed that even with a few dogs harnesses that there are lots to consider. 

You might be thinking, what makes a good harness, and what should you consider overall?Here are a few of the factors I looked for before deciding on my Ruffwear was:

  • Reviews from other breed owners: Every dog is different, but of course, every breed is different. That's why before purchasing, I researched not just the reviews, but I also looked for Cockapoo owner reviews. 
  • Materials used - I guess this is more what sort of walks are you taking your pup on. One of the reasons I spent a bit more on my harness was that we walk in all kinds of different terrains as we live near the beach. So one day, he might be at the beach, the next in a national park. The harness needed to be excellent quality materials to stand the test of time.
  • Comfort - Of course, super important. I want Milo to have the best time on our walks, so it's vital that he is comfortable and not irritated by an ill-fitting or itchy material.
  • Age of your Cockapoo - as I mentioned, Milo was fully grown by ten months, so I bought him a perfect harness by this point. Before this point, you may not want to invest as they still have a lot of growing to do. 
  • Adjustability - Some Cockapoos don't sit still, so you may want a harness that is easy to put on and off. It also helps to give a custom fit. 
  • Size: Cockapoos, in general, are small pets. They have different sizing needs and need a harness designed for their small but very active body.

Best Cockapoo Dog Harness - Summary

If you've made it to the end, thank you. I hope you have found this helpful article.  Although Ruffwear is my favourite, choosing your Cockapoo harness will depend on your Cockapoos' needs and budget. 

It is important to note each Cockapoo harness has its pros and cons, which will need to be weighed up before making your decision. 

Like me, I know you are trying to do what's best for your pup to achieve comfort and safety by researching this article. 

Did you find this article beneficial? I'd love to know what dog harness you decided to buy. 

Please let me know in the comments below! 

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