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dropshipping shoes

Everything you need to know about dropshipping shoes and finding verified suppliers.

So you’re looking to at dropshipping shoes? I don’t blame you, shoes are a perfect market to target because everyone needs them! In 2018 the global footwear market size was estimated to be 207.6 billion, according to grandview research. It is also expected to keep growing annually by 3.8%.

With a market this big there is plenty of opportunity for you to find a niche. I want to help you on your journey by giving you more information on dropshipping shoes. I will show you how you can get access to verified suppliers. This article will also provide more information on the Shoe market and which niches could make your business a success.

How to find a verified Dropshipping shoes supplier

There’s lot’s of suppliers that will dropship. But if you’re new to dropshipping then you will want to know you are dealing with someone genuine. To find a genuine supplier I would strongly recommend using a dropshipping directory service like Salehoo. You can read my full review of it here. Alternatively continue reading this article where you can also find out more about dropshipping shoes.

Salehoo are one of the largest dropship directory services in the world. They are been around since 2005 so they know a thing or two about dropshipping. Right now they have 199 verified dropship suppliers of shoes for you to choose from!

Dropshipping shoes Salehoo

Why use a dropshipping shoes directory service?

Using a dropshipping directory means you save lots of time. Using a directory service like Salehoo means you can get access to suppliers that have been verified to be genuine. The suppliers are also rated by existing Salehoo members. This means you will have the piece of mind that you are getting the best products for your customers.

The other advantage to using a dropshipping directory service like Salehoo is they give you other benefits like:

  • Money back guarantee – One of the benefits of dealing with professionals is that they are confident about their service. And Salehoo are so confident that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee! It’s one of the reason I have used them. This means this if you decide to opt for their service and are dissatisfied, then they will refund you.
  • Verified and Scam free: I have been scammed in the past online and one of the reasons I decided to use Salehoo. It was the fact I knew the suppliers directory it gave me was genuine. I didn’t need to worry about being scammed.
  • Huge Supply range & choice: Imagine having everything in one place, how easy is that. Think of Salehoo as Amazon directory of the dropshipping business. What I mean by this is you can find lots of verified suppliers all in one place saving you time to concentrate on growing your business. It also means that you can offer the best range for your customers because you have access to many different suppliers as opposed to some business owners who maybe stick with a couple.

And it doesn’t stop there…

  • Dedicated training: If you are new to selling online or are thinking of expanding into other sites like Amazon, then Salehoo has got you covered! As part of your membership you get access to their training content. This helps you in making your business a success! They also cover specialist subjects like launching a product on Amazon.
  • Dedicated support: As a member you get dedicated support from the experienced people at Salehoo. Meaning, if you are struggling to find a particular product or just want some advice they will help you via email or phone. Just check out reviews on Trust advisor to see what I mean.
  • Product Research: If you are looking to sell on platforms like eBay or Amazon you really want to know if your product will sell. This is where Sale hoo really separates itself as a market leader in being a great dropship service as it has a tool where you can select a market you are interested in and click competition level and sell through rate. So in summary you can find products that have low competition and high sell rate!
  • Member Forums: Sometimes it’s good to talk to other business owners who are in the same game as you. Salehoo recognises that and has set up a member forum where you can chat to other business owners and share advice. After all we are all in this together.

How do I know what Shoe Styles are profitable?

Of course it is worth doing product research if you are looking at dropshipping shoes. For instance what type of Shoe do you have a interest in? What platform are you planning to sell your shoes on? Another great benefit of a service like Salehoo, is that included in your subscription you get access to their powerful market research tool. This allows you to search products that have low competition and high sell through rates on marketplaces like Amazon.

Because the shoe market is so large there is of course competition. Doing research on which shoe niche to target is really important to succeed in your new venture.

If you target a niche well, you could become a specialist which would give you a big advantage over competition. For instance, say you decided you decided your niche was dance shoes you could really go into depth. Targeting for recommendations, different styles and which shoes are suitable for different types of dancing.

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What are examples of Dropshipping Shoes niches?

After doing my own market research using a variety of channels including google trends and Allied market research. I found lots of different niches that could be explored if you had the interest. Here are a few for inspiration:

  • Targeting the end user – Your niche could be all about Women’s or just Mens shoes. This would leave a lot for you to expand on as your business grows. And both of these Niches are massive!
  • Children – Similar to end user and again a big market in which you could really expand into as your business grows. The Children’s niche could provide a good niche to target at the moment as its predicted to rise by 7.1% according to allied market research.
Dropshipping childrens shoes

More ideas…

  • Sport shoes – Ever tried a new sport or maybe you are into a sport? Then you know how you and people love to have the right equipment so that you can prevent injury and perform at your best. By channeling the sport market you could specialise and
  • Affordability – A consumer trend that will never go. You could combine this with another niche for example being a retailer that offers affordable childrens shoes. This would help you really target your audience and become a brand that could help a genuine consumer need.
  • Designer – Who doesn’t like designer shoes, you could go more upmarket if you have the passion and go after the designer shoes market just be wary competition will be higher.
  • Sandals – You could be a specilist in the sandals market however this could end up becoming a seasonal business depending which part of the world you live in.
  • Slippers – Who doesn’t love a nice pair of slippers?
  • Orthopedic shoes – There are nearly 50,000 searches in the USA alone on Google every month for Orthopedic shoes. Could this be a niche that interests you? Have you suffered before and want to help others have all products in one place.
  • smart footwear – dubbed as one of the latest trends in footwear, major brands are all bringing out their own smart shoes if this interests you I would strongly recommend combining with a bigger niche such as sport it would protect your business should this trend disappear.

I could go on, but hopefully that has given you some inspiration to get started.

Are there many Dropshippers to choose from?

At the time of writing this article you can choose from 199 verified suppliers on Salehoo, 165 of those suppliers ship worldwide so you don’t need to worry about where your business is located to benefit from their service.

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Does Salehoo Cost?

Salehoo charges for its service but it is very affordable considering what you get. You can opt for 2 different services annual or lifetime. If you are in this for the long hall then the lifetime would be my recommendation. This works out much cheaper.

With both services you get a 60 day money back guarantee. This means whichever you decide to go for it’s risk free.

annual salehoo

lifetime salehoo

What if I want to find branded shoes suppliers that dropship?

Great news you can! If you are looking for branded shoes like Nike that can be drop shipped then the Salehoo service could be for you. As I mentioned they have access to over 8,000 different suppliers and as of today 199 of those drop shipped shoes some of those including brand names like Nike. If you are also looking for another brand or something particular you can also email as a member their dedicated

Can I dropship if I use Shopify?

If you are using a online shop hosting system like Shopify then integrating drop shipping is fairly easy. In fact Salehoo has instructions on their website.

I just want to dropship shoes on places like Amazon or eBay

That’s also fine. Many business owners have businesses that are purely Amazon or Ebay and have been very successful in doing so! Again it is about doing the research. You need to find the a balance of low to medium competition, especially if you are just starting out.


If you are serious about dropshipping shoes then its really important to get it right for piece of mind. Not just for you but your customers too. I wanted to write this article to provide you with a risk free way to find suppliers. Hopefully this will make your journey in to dropshipping shoes a easy one!

Yes there is a cost but a nominal one if you consider the risk of dealing with a non verifed supplier.

Has it helped you in anyway? is there anything missing, please leave your comments below.

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