how to save money on Amazon

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Every month more than 197 million people shop on Amazon, which is more than the population of some countries! It’s become apart of our culture and shopping habits. In this guide, I want to show you how to save money on Amazon.

It can be surprising that there are legitimate ways that you could save money when shopping on Amazon. Read on to see how many hacks you can use to save yourself some cash.

how to save money on Amazon
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    Get free gift vouchers to spend at Amazon

    If you are spending on Amazon often you should consider signing up to Swagbucks.


    Swagbucks is free to use and allows you to earn Amazon vouchers in exchange for filling out online surveys! You also get points for everyday spending that can be converted back into vouchers. I actually can’t believe how easy it is to do. Once you’ve set up an account your ready so start getting free gift cards.

    It’s a completely legitimate way to get free money, their 18,000+ Trustpilot reviews say so! You can find out more here.

    Check out the offers bar

    This little bar is probably missed the most. Amazon actually give you the ability to search by discount!

    The offers bar also gives you access to what products are on a limited time offer.

    Its a great feature I like to use when searching for gifts. It helps me find some inspiration that is well within my budget!

    Here’s how you use it:

    Head over to Amazon, you will need to be in the desktop version of the browser.

    Click on ‘Todays deals’

    Untitled design 8

    Use the filters on the left hand side to narrow your search. For instance you can search deal by category, average review and price if you wanted to.

    amazon todays deals

    So let’s say I am buying a gift for a baby shower, and I am looking for something that people will love and within my budget of $50.

    I can simply filter by baby, price and average reviews of 4 star. Then just look and pick a gift from below – easy!

    Use Amazon Prime

    amazon prime

    If you are not already a member of Amazon Prime you really should check it out.

    You can get a completely free 30-day trial right here. I have also written a comprehensive guide on Amazon Prime and if it’s worth it, you can find it here.

    In a nutshell, Amazon Prime can not only save you money on your shopping by offering you a convenient free delivery.

    You also get access to other great benefits like Prime Music and Prime video which could save you money on other subscription services.

    Because I shop on Amazon a lot, Prime is a no brainer for me and really has saved me money and time vs shopping elsewhere. I really do recommend it if you use Amazon a lot.

    Select no rush shipping

    no rush

    if you are an Amazon Prime member and don’t need your products in a hurry then you should select no-rush shipping.

    I’ve used this in the past for items I don’t need straight away, or when buying Christmas gifts with plenty of time to spare.

    What you get as a reward for ticking this box is a reward from Amazon in the form of an immediate discount or a promotional reward once your amazon parcel is shipped.

    The reason Amazon do this is because it saves them money on shipping, what I love is that they are passing that saving on to the customer.

    Don’t have Prime? Then bundle items

    Don’t have Prime but don’t want to pay for shipping? 

    When your order includes at least $25 of eligible items, you can receive free 5-8 day shipping. 

    Eligible items include anything labelled “Free Shipping” on the product detail page that is fulfilled and shipped by Amazon. This might mean grouping together purchases you wouldn’t normally and generally, is putting a little more effort in planning out your purchases. But for free shipping? It’s worth it.

    Get Amazon to alert you when your item is on offer

    Thinking of purchasing something but just can’t quite justify the cost at the current price? Have no fear this Amazon hack has got you covered with this one.

    All you need to do is put the item you desire in your basket but instead of hitting the purchase button instead hit ‘save for later’ then anytime this product is reduced Amazon will let you know! Now aren’t they helpful?

    Look at Amazon Coupons

    Before you commit to any purchase make sure you check out the coupon page to check if there are any further savings to be made. Even when on the product page these extra savings can be missed as it relays on you ticking very small box!

    You can find the coupon page here.

    Then follow the same principles as the offers bar by clicking on the category you are interested in and checking out if there are any deals. You also have the option to search by brand if it is a particular item you are checking.

    Subscribe and save

    I’ve use subscribe and save to buy some of my every day consumables. For instance my dog Milo loves a certain treat that needs topping up monthly, by using subscribe and save I get this delivered monthly and get a discount by doing so!

    The best part is if there are 5 or more items that you decide to subscribe with Amazon actually give you a 20% discount! Not too shabby!

    Use Amazon to give to charity for free

    Amazon Smile is a great initiative by Amazon, whether you already give to charity or not this system allows you to do it at no cost to you.

    Amazon give 0.5% of the purchase to a charity of your choice. Now i know this isn’t officially saving you money but I really love that Amazon do this and its a completely free way for you to give to charity.

    To set up your charity simply head over to and follow the instructions. If you mainly shop on the Amazon app you can follow the instructions below to set it up.

    Amazon Smile

    Warehouse deals

    Amazon warehouse has tons of great deals if you are ok with having your product previously used. These are open boxed returns that Amazon are reselling at a discount to you.

    Don’t worry Amazon have given all of the products a check over to make sure they fully work, but what you may find is it comes in used packaging.

    It really depends on the product you are purchasing and if you really care about keeping your packaging pristine but for me Amazon warehouse is worth checking out.

    Access it on the desktop version on Amazon by clicking “Today’s deals’ then in the bar underneath click Amazon warehouse.

    Then find the product you are looking for, if you click ‘details’ under the buying section Amazon will tell you exactly why it’s been discounted.

    In my example below the original price brand new would be $28.99 so you save just over $8 by buying used.

    Untitled design 7

    Amazon Outlet

    Basically this is Amazons clearance section. In this little known area of Amazon you can find steep discounts of products that they have overstocked on. What I love is that there is a handy section for products that are under $10, so a great place to find some gifts.

    Trade-in old stuff

    Amazon actually has it’s very own trade-in program where you can trade in old stuff you no longer want in exchange for an Amazon gift card. So if you have old games or electronics that you no longer use then check out how much they are worth with the Amazon trade-in page. You can find out more information here.

    If you have Amazon devices and are looking to upgrade them it is particularly useful as not only do Amazon give you a trade in price but they also offer you a discount on the new model.

    Credit card = free gift card

    If you are accepted for this card you can earn 5% cashback on all eligible Amazon purchases, you also get a $10 gift card on signing up. Find out more info here.

    There is also exclusive interest-free financing offers on some purchases.

    The rule with this one is don’t buy things you can’t afford and to truly save money you should pay the card off in full every month. If you do plan to use some of the interest-free offers then make sure you have a solid plan to pay off within the allotted time otherwise it could cost you a lot more than the cashback is worth.

    Don’t Buy On Launch Days

    A great tip from this article on never paying full and it’s so true. If you don’t need an item on launch day then wait, more often than not you will find it comes down in price. 


    Shopping on Amazon is very easy and why it has become the most popular online shopping platform in history. By following the steps above I hope that you can continue to shop with Amazon and save some money at the same time.

    Do you have any other Amazon saving hacks? Did this guide show you how to save money on Amazon?

    Please share in the comments below, thanks for reading!

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