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With the average infant using 240 diapers a month, it's really good to know how to save money on diapers. It's a bill that could cost about $1000 a year if you do nothing. 

In this article, I am going to share ways that anyone can implement to save some cash on diapers. Whether you go down the reusable or disposable route by the end of this article you will know 10 ways to save money on diapers. 

1. Use Cloth Diapers

cloth diapers

Ok, hear me out on this one. You don't need to commit 100% to this one to save money you could just use cloth diapers when at home and disposables when out and about.

I would urge you to try this one as it genuinely will save you money on diapers and today's reusable diapers are not the soggy bottom ones of the past that might be stuck in your head.

How do Cloth Diapers Work?

Chances are like me you have never thought this could work or don't know how you deal with the cleaning. Check out the video below which explains more about how the concept works.

How much could I save?

The average diaper price is around $0.26 at 240 diapers a month your likely monthly bill is 62.40 based on averages. Compare this cost with reusable then you're paying once for something that will last a long time. If you're unsure I would recommend a mix of reusable and disposable so you can have the choice if you are out and about.

This way you are saving money and also it's more environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for which cloth reusable diapers are good then check out the Mama Koala One Size Baby Washable Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers they get the best reviews and come with a quality guarantee! p.s. they also come in some funky colours, now you don't get that with disposable!

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2. Learn Unit Price & Always Calculate Before Buying

Diaper unit cost

You will be saving money when you start measuring the unit cost of items like diapers and wipes.

If your chosen route is disposable diapers and wipes then make sure you understand unit cost as it will help you make good decisions. What I mean by unit cost is the price per diaper.

It's really easy to calculate, you can even do it using your phone whilst in the store. Open the calculator app on your smartphone and divide the cost of the diaper package by the number of diapers inside. 

As you know, package sizes vary widely, but once you work out the unit price, you can easily compare one product to another before you buy. Knowing the unit price is also critical when determining whether that jumbo box of diapers that’s supposedly “on-sale” really is a good bargain. If it is, stock up!

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3. Are you an Amazon Prime Member?

Use this perk if you are to get diapers and wipes

If you are already an Amazon Prime member then you should look into this benefit that you may not be aware of. For Prime members, Amazon offers an added benefit called Amazon Family.

This service allows gives you exclusive discounts and custom benefits, all you need to do is enter your children date of birth and Amazon will send deals and exclusive blog advice right to your inbox for free.

Amazon has a wide selection of diapers and wipes so worth considering.

Is it Cheaper to Buy Diapers on Amazon?

For diapers alone, you can save up to 20% off by just selecting the ones you want and signing up to subscribe and save. This means your diapers and wipes, anything you need will be shipped automatically every month or so (you decide). Amazon rewards you by giving an additional discount on the full price.

Check out subscribe and save

Depending on the deal on offer Amazon offer very competitive pricing on top brand items, they also offer the convenience of having the item shipped to your door at the frequency you decide. This benefit itself could save you money as if you have ever been caught short of something you will know that often you end up at a store that doesn't give you the best price but you have to buy because you are desperate.

4. Buy in Bulk

Of course, if subscriptions aren't your thing, then buying in bulk could be another option. Places like Amazon, Costco and all offer diapers at reasonable prices.

You should avoid buying any baby items at a grocery store because the prices are not as good value as they know people will buy out of convenience.

My tip for buying in bulk is that you should be mindful of sizing, you don't want to buy 6 months worth of size only for it not to fit in 2 months.

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5. Did Somebody Say Diaper Shower?

diaper baby shower

If you've not had your baby yet consider diversifying your baby shower list and adding diapers. This gives your friends and family more affordable options and some added bonuses that they could add to their gifts.

Diaper showers also allow people to be creative as they can provide you with diaper cakes rather than a cake of course!

If you haven't registered anywhere yet for your baby shower, Amazon has a service that is simple to use and could be a good option for your friends that don't have kids as they can shop somewhere they know.

Register for your diaper baby shower by doing so Amazon will also send you a welcome box of things for your baby valued up to $35 - you're welcome!

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6. Ask Your Friends

If you have a group of friends who have had babies then don't be afraid to ask them for their extras. You'd be surprised how many overbuy on sizes and have leftover diapers that they will not use anymore.

If sure they would be happy to share and have the space back in their homes!

7. Join Diaper Rewards programs

If you pick a brand that is a great fit for your baby then you should absolutely see if they have rewards programs available that could save you even more cash.

Some of the top brands have made it super easy to save with them by having dedicated apps so it's really a no brainer. Check out what you can get below from some of the top diaper brands.

Pampers Reward Loyalty Program

pampers loyalty program

To join the Pampers reward program you just need to download the app. Then saving is really easy, every time you buy you simply put the pampers code from the packaging into the app. This gives you points that you can convert into gift cards, cash back, or coupons.

Tip: Imagine combining this benefit with Amazon subscribe and save? You could be saving twice!

Huggies Reward Program

Similar to Pampers, Huggies also offer a rewards program. Again this is an app, although Huggies use third-party provider Fetch to link your rewards.

By joining Huggies you can also check out their coupon page to see if there are any additional savings to be had! It all adds up.

huggies loyalty program

8. Don't Forget Coupons!

Just as with loyalty programs don't forget to scout for coupons! Especially if you are doing a bulk buy from a retailer. As well as checking if the reward program has any discount for the diapers also check if the retailer has any generic discounts i.e. 10% on spends over $50.

9. Be Slow to Switch Between Sizes

This is a big deal because the bigger the diaper the less you get in the packaging. Diapers come with a suggested weight per size. Play around with this for your child, some users are saying outside the suggested fits just fine.

This could also help reduce the number of diapers wasted when switching between sizes.

10. Switch Between Brands

My final way to save money on diapers is to switch between brands. Not only will this help you find brands that your child is happy with but it will also give you a few brands to choose from when offers are on. You know so you can maximise that cost per diaper saving!

Some weeks Pampers are the cheapest and other weeks it's Huggies, if you know your baby is fine in either of these then you can play the brand game and maximise your savings when offers are on.

Also good to note that often diaper brands have a money-back guarantee so you can try this too to make sure your savings are risk-free!

It's also worth trying store brand diapers. Yes, you heard me store brand diapers can often have amazing reviews, and it is a technique worth considering for diapers and wipes. 

Ways to Save Money on Diapers Summary

In summary, we all know Diapers can cost a lot of money but hopefully, you can agree that there are savings to be had! Hopefully, by now you are an expert too on how to save on diapers and can pass these tips along to others too!

Do you have any more ways to save money on diapers? let me know in the comments below!

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