July 20, 2021

Motley Fool Stock Advisor review

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If you invest in single stocks, it's not always easy to pick the next winner. The Motley Fool stock advisor is a well-respected stock picking service with a nearly 30-year track record. It's a service I have used over the past few years, and I found it very informative and valuable in my journey to financial freedom. The very reason I decided to write a Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review - I wanted there to be an in-depth guide from an actual customer.

In this Motley Fool review, I will take you through all of the Motley Fool stock advisor service features so that you can decide if it's right for you. 


Motley Fool Stock Advisor 

Anyone who wants to invest in the stock market but doesn't want to do all of the research themselves would be wise to consider Motley Fool Stock Advisor. But with any service you want to get to know what you are getting into before parting with any cash. We did an in-depth review to help you decide if it's right for you. 


With an introductory offer for new members of just $99. Stock Advisor is great value for money. 

Resources Available

From stock picks to educational material, there is lots included in the subscription. 

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Having built consistent gains vs the S&P 500, Fool is transparent about its stock picks and successes. 

Who is The Motley Fool?

Motley Fool founders Tom and David Gardner

Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through their websites, podcasts, books, newspapers, radio shows, and premium investing services.

They started by researching themselves and recommending to friends and quickly released they could do more enter Motley Fool. The companies purpose is simple: 


What is Motley Fool Stock Advisor?

What is motley fool stock advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a premium service aiming at giving more people the confidence to invest. I personally use it monthly as part of my investment strategy to pick stocks to add to my portfolio.

The Stock Advisor service claims to beat the returns of the S&P 500 by selecting high growth stocks that are set to outperform the overall stock market.

Since its inception, and when writing this review, the Stock Advisor service has 566% returns on its stock picks vs the S&P 500 of 113%.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is easy to use. The company tells you the recommended stocks, and you simply buy them from your broker of choice.

You can follow the stocks on the Fool Stock Advisor site, which means if they ever go to 'sell' status, Fool will email you and let you know.

You get new Motley Fool Stock advisor picks sent to you by email each month. There is always a variety and a detailed report so you can decide what is best for you.

To summarise Stock Advisor is a service, not a broker, there to guide you with their research to save you time wondering which stocks to pick. 

Who Should Subscribe to Motley Fool?

who should join motley fool

All investors are unique in that there is no single universal service.

The Motley Fool stock picks are excellent if you want to grow a retirement portfolio, expand an existing one or build the first portfolio.

While the service is explicitly focused on long-term investors, many of its picks also offer great swing trading options.

Here are a few target groups where I see the Motley Fool Stock advisor having a real benefit to:

Those Who Don't Want to do Stock Research

Stock research

Motley Fool investment advisor is great for someone who wants to invest in individual shares but doesn't know where to start.

It can be very trying when looking for information, especially if you don't know what to search for. When I first joined the Motley Fool Stock Advisor service, I loved that there were specific starter stocks that they recommended that had an excellent track record, so I knew instantly what to get.

On top of that, Motley Fools stock picks that are delivered monthly helping me keep up to date with the latest stock market buys without having to invest hours into research. 

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Brand New Investors

New investors

If you want to start investing but don't know where to start, the Motley Fool's Stock advisor is excellent. Included for free in the service are starter stocks and stock tips.

There is also access to the community on the Motley Fool website, which is only for the Motley Fool subscriber.

You don't have to spend time doing stock research which can be overwhelming, simply read the reports and decide for yourself.  

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Those Looking For Long-term Investment Opportunities

Motley Fool long term investing Stock Advisor

Notification that Motley Fool gives you when you join to set expectations of long term investing

Motley Fool's Stock Advisor stock picks were made for investors who have developed a strategy to invest in the long term. In fact, Motley Fool stock picks come with a disclaimer that you should be investing for 5 years.

This I liked. It gave me confidence and promotes responsible investing, not a get quick rich scheme. 

So if you are looking for a day trader service, then Motley fool's stock advisor is not for you. 

Experienced Investors Who Don't Want to Spend a Lot of Time

time is money

Motley Fool serves up two monthly options of stocks: It can be used for busy investors who don't have time to analyse individual stocks.

The stock picks and research given by Motley Fool's stock advisor will make investing a lot easier for experienced investors and also inspire more action from your investment portfolio.

Increasing Your Investment Education

Motley Fool research reports

If you want to start investing but don't know where to start, the Motley Fool's Stock advisor is excellent. Included for free in the service are starter stocks and stock tips.

There is also access to the community on the Motley Fool website, which is only for the Motley Fool subscriber.

There are also regular video streams giving investing updates and more information about what is going on in the market. Which will help anyone pick up on Investment terminology and how Motley Fool go about picking their stock picks. 

Then you have the research reports where you can read guides depending on your area of interest, I would strongly recommend starting with the investing for beginners guide if you are new to investing!

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Stock Advisor is normally $199 but new subscribers can save $100!

(No risk they offer a  30 day money back guarantee)

What is Motley Fool's Success Rate?

Motley fool stock advisor performance

Stock Picks hidden as this is only available to premium members

This wouldn't be a Motley Fool review if we didn't discuss performance! One of the elements I love about Motley Fool's stock picks is that they are transparent about the success of the stock picks.

Once you join you can go into the performance section at any time and see the latest performance of all current recommendations.

In this Motley Fool review, I wanted to give you an indication of the success rate, I have measured it a few ways to be as transparent as possible.

  • All-time stock recommendations: Out of the 466 stocks recommended (from start to time of writing) 339 have had positive returns. Giving Motley Fool stock picks a 73% success rate.
  • Motley Fool also gives you calculations based on return rates vs SMP 500 which you can see in the picture below: 
what is motley fools success rate?

Some Notes About Stock Picks

  • Your results may vary depending on how often you buy stocks and in what quantity.
  • Stock advisor members should follow the advice of having a balanced portfolio (get to 25 stocks or more) this limits your risk as I said above Motley Fool stock picks are 73% good which is great, imagine if you put all your money into one stock and it was unsuccessful. Even the professionals don't get it right all of the time. 
  • Try to invest as soon as the stocks are recommended to get maximum profit. 

What's Included With Motley Fool Stock Advisor?

In this section of the Motley Fool review, we will go through the various parts to the Stock Advisor service tell you what they're all about. This section might help you decide if the stock advisor is worth it to you.  

Recommended Starter Stocks

Motley Fool Starter Stocks

Included in the Stock Advisor are starter stocks recommendations, these are stock picks that Motley Fool has held for years and found to be consistent performing stocks. This is exactly what you need when you are starting out!

The Motley Fool team advise you to get at least 25 different stocks. This is so you spread your net wide to minimise your risk.

I found this really good when I first signed up for the Motley Fool Stock advisor. From my perspective, I was new to the stock market, so naturally, I had no idea where to start.

For the stocks you decide to go for, make sure you keep them for 3-5 years at least. This is so you are prepared to ride the waves of the stock market.

Good to know: Motley Fool update this list every year so you do get the latest information.

Two New Stock Picks Each Month

The cornerstone of the service, every month, you are emailed the 2 latest stock recommendations. Along with it is a full report of why Fool is recommending this particular stock.

This allows you to make your own mind up and always should be combined with your own research. I always go for the companies I have a genuine interest in and can relate to Fool's views.

I believe it's important to have this insight and mindset as we all know the stock market can go up and down, so having a genuine interest in the company will help you hold your nerve.

The research report includes these details:

  • A summary of what the company does
  • Key financial statistics
  • Why Motley Fool likes the stock
  • A 1 minute summary, so that if you are in a hurry you can see the main overview super quick!
  • Best reasons to buy the stock now
  • Potential business risks

When you click on the link from the email, it takes you to the article to see what fellow people in the community are saying about the stock picks, again helping you make your mind up if you want to add to your investment portfolio.

Best Buys Now

On top of the monthly share recommendations, you also are given ten timely buys chosen from over 300 stocks. These could be stocks that have previously been recommended that Fool has seen are worth buying more off.

You won’t see ETF or mutual fund recommendations in Stock Advisor. However, you will see many investing ideas for stocks in these industries:

  • Tech
  • Banking
  • Online shopping
  • Alternative energy
  • Consumer staples
  • Blue chip

According to Motley Fool, the total performance of the Stock Advisor portfolio is 501% since launch. The S&P 500 has only returned 102% over the same period (as of October 27, 2020).

As you get two monthly recommendations, one pick follows David Gardner’s investment style and the other pick models Tom’s strategy. David tends to be more aggressive as his all-time performance is at 754% while Tom is at 248%.

This track record is impressive is why Motley Fool is popular as many active investors lose money long-term. And that is the key to holding money for the long term, which you will learn about in the program.

Investing Resources

Motley Fool Starter Stocks

On top of all of the above, you also get access to Fools educational resources, which can be particularly good if you are new to investing. They share their philosophy of buy and hold mindset to help new investors set realistic goals. If you were to ask me if this is core to my Motley Fool stock advisor review, I would say no.

Motley Fool stock advisor is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme. This is the point of the educational materials so that investors don't get unrealistic expectations and fall into the trap of investing in a few shares and ultimately losing money.

Of course, for most people, the stock recommendations are enough to get the service, so Motley Fool also gives these educational resources tells me they want people to succeed with their service.

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Email updates

Motley Fool Stock advisor email updates

The stock advisor will email you every time a new stock update is a share, which keeps you up to date on your stock picks.

Follow Stock Advisor Picks

Motley Fool stock advisor picks

On top of the monthly stock recommendations, you also are given ten timely buys chosen from over 300 stocks. These could be stocks that have previously been recommended that Fool has seen are worth buying more off. Simply log in to your account daily to see what stocks you should buy. 

You won’t see ETF or mutual fund recommendations in Stock Advisor. However, you will see many investing ideas for stocks in these industries:

  • Tech
  • Banking
  • Online shopping
  • Alternative energy
  • Consumer staples
  • Blue chip

According to Motley Fool, the total performance of the Stock Advisor portfolio is 501% since launch. The S&P 500 has only returned 102% over the same period (as of October 27, 2020).

As you get two monthly recommendations, one pick follows David Gardner’s investment style and the other pick models Tom’s strategy. David tends to be more aggressive as his all-time performance is at 754% while Tom is at 248%.

This track record is impressive is why Motley Fool is popular as many active investors lose money long-term. And that is the key to holding money for the long term, which you will learn about in the program.

Community Forum

Motley fool stock advisor community forum

Motley Fool offers a community forum for Stock advisor members.

This is another great little feature should you want to connect with like-minded people. Like most forums, you can start your own threads and ask questions from other investors. So another tool to help you learn when you are just starting.

The other benefit that you get with this forum is because it is limited to paying members. You won't get any spam that can happen in free forums.

The Forum members are generally active and serve as a useful community to talk to other investors. It's a good place to talk shop, ask a question or gather shares from other members. Of course, you shouldn't consult strangers online - but it is nice to see some feedback from a good investment community at a time. You'll find members talking to stock ideas and supporting people who have questions about the service. 

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Does Motley Fool Tell You When to Sell?

Yes, Motley Fool offers "Sell Recommendations" when considering the time to sell a formerly recommended stock. This recommendation a for a long term holding of the stock.

Does Motley Fool tell you when to sell

Get notifications when to buy or sell by following your stocks in Favorites

Good to know: To make the most out of this additional benefit be sure to follow any of the stocks that you have purchased, this will trigger an email from Fool if it's time to sell, limiting any damages caused by an underperforming stock. 

Motley Fool Review: How good are Motley Fool's stock picks?


As mentioned earlier in this Motley Fool review, Stock Advisor has an excellent track record back with great success rates and growth vs SMP 500.

Every recommendation is carefully researched in the context of a full report.

You are also asked when you join Stock advisor what sort of risk tolerance you have, this is so they can tailor Stock Advisor picks to meet your requirements. 

For more information on picking stocks that are suitable for you, check out the video below. 

The Key to Being Successful with the Motley Fool

If you want to make the most out of Motley Fool, I recommend doing these things:

- A stock pick must be followed up with research on the stock. You should read the full article and understand what you are getting into. This will help you understand why its a stock pick and anticipate any market fluctuation. 

- Follow your Stock picks: Make sure you follow your stock picks so that Fool can notify you of any buy or sell notifications. 

- Invest equally in stock picks. You need to make sure your portfolio is balanced so don't go putting a disportionate amount on one stock pick just because you have a good feeling. Remember no stock advisor gets it right 100% so never put all your cash flow in one stock. 

- Don't panic when stock prices drop, and remember that it's how long the stock price stays low that matters more than the initial dip.

- Have patience with your investments over time for them to grow into something worth having. Motley Fool recommends at least investing for 5 years, meaning if you can't afford to tie up your money for that long then don't invest it. 

Is the Motley Fool a Scam? Is Motley Fool legit?

It is a good question to ask. Before I joined, I, too, wondered if Motley Fool Legit?

So let's get to it...

Motley Fool Stock Advisor service is a legitimate company and website that provides self-directed investors with investment advice.

Another important reason for writing this Motley Fool Stock advisor review is to help people decide if they should join. I was hesitant myself, and now that I have been a member for several years, there are many reasons it's a good decision - assuming you use the advice they give you.

Motley Fool actually trademarked their business in 1995, and Fool launched the Share advisor service in 2002.

Since 1995 I'm sure you can agree that we have seen several stock market crashes, yet Motley Fool is still around, which is a credit to its business model.

What is more reassuring to know with the Stock Advisor service is the level of transparency Stock Advisor gives to all of its recommendations since 2002. You can see the performance and the performance vs the S&P 500.

You can also read more about Motley Fool on Trust Pilot. With over 840 reviews, you can see what other real customers think of the service, with the majority being overwhelmingly positive. Most users comment on how well their investments have done since picking the stocks recommended through Share Advisor.

Fool Stock advisor review

The negative reviews are actually not on the stock service but on email upsells, which I have found to be a little annoying, but if you buy into this service knowing there will be the odd upsell and ignore it, then it's not really an issue.

The other thing to note is that it is a stock picking service which means they don't make money from commissions on stocks you buy but on a subscription to a stock picking service. They literally need a good reputation for their business to survive.

Motley Fool Stock advisor review 1

Is the Stock Advisor Program Worth It?

The Motley Fool's stock advice program is a very inexpensive program currently open. You can purchase the Stock Advisor subscription annually for $19 per month or $99 per year or new members only. One stock recommendation can make back to the subscription tenfold.

Each month shares are updated, and members are encouraged to expand the stock portfolio. It is recommended that you register as an annual membership to get maximum value out of the product. The money-back-guarantee lets customers take advantage of the best annual rate without locking into plans they do not want.

Is Motley Fool Stock Advisor Worth It For You?

For me, yes, 100%! I believe it's really well priced.

The question, of course, is it worth it for you? This Motley Fool review really is to keep you decide that. The questions that you should ask yourself to decide if the stock advisor service is right for you are:

  • Will you go with the Stock recommendations?
  • How often will you invest?
  • How much is your time worth? - For $99 a year ($8.25 a month equivalent), is it better to just pay for a stock advisor service rather than having to spend time researching stocks yourself?

This is for me. It depends on you, the user. In this Stock Advisor review, I have detailed everything included in the Motley Fool service so that you can make a judgement off if this would benefit you.

From my perspective, the advisor service has been worth it as I am investing monthly. It has become part of my savings strategy. I personally log on to Fool's Share advisor service monthly, check out the latest picks then use that to decide what my investments will be for the month.

I don't go with the new picks every month. Some months I increase my stakes in previous recommendations. But I can share that 95% of my share picks have come from Motley's stock advisor service. The rest are ETF's which I actively decided I still wanted to have as part of my portfolio.

Motley Fool Stock Picks

One of the main reasons I've been happy paying the monthly membership fee is that Motley Fool will send out stock picks every month.

Motley Fool will send out a new stock recommendation by email (also accessible from the website's member's area).

Most of the stock picks are blue-chip stocks and high growth stocks set to outperform the market. It is great that they use blue-chip stocks and well-known companies because you can more easily connect with what you are investing in if you've heard of the company.

The stock recommendation will tell you what stock to buy and at what price. If you want to keep things simple, you can add the stock to your portfolio, sit back, and wait for the next alert. 

Motley Fool's Investment Strategies

Motley fool's stock recommendations are not there to buy today and sell tomorrow. Their investment strategy is very much about the long term.

In fact, they give you 2 rules to follow to make the most of the service when you first sign up.

The first is to buy 25+ stock advisor stocks - thus teaching you to invest responsibly and not put all your hopes on one stock pick.

The second is to hold your stock advisor picks for at least 5 years. This is to consider the overall stock market, which anyone can tell you has its ups and downs.

But don't worry about this investment strategy. As long as you follow your respective stocks on the stock advisor website, they will notify you if you need to sell any of the stock advisors picks at any time.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Cost

There are 2 options available for you to get the Motley Fool stock-picking Service.

Stock Advisor Subscription - Monthly Option

First, you can get the monthly option of $39, but I would strongly advise against this. From a financial perspective, the idea of this service is to bring you more wealth and the most back from your investments, so a monthly fee of $39 is going to eat into your profits.

If you are worried if the service is right for you, my advice would be to get the annual and take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you don't have the funds right now to afford the annual fee, then save up first, then get the annual one- a longer-term not having the monthly outlay of a subscription is going to mean you have more money to invest in your future.

Stock Advisor Subscription - Annual option (my recommendation)

How much is Motley Fool Stock advisor

The normal price of the annual option is $199; however, for new members you can get it for $99 with this link

The annual option for me was no brainier. I've been able to make it back to the cost of the service 4 x over within months.

Of course, this is just my experience and as always depends on the amount you invest etc. But for me, $99 works out at less than $9 a month. I spend more than that a month on coffee! And this service makes me money!

How Do I Become a Subscriber & Save $100?

Usually, the Motley Fool stock picking service is $199 annually, but it can often show discount prices from 10% to 50%.

For this Motley fool review, I have saved the page to 50% off the lowest price ever for NEW SUPPORTERS, AND they give you a test for $99 if you click this link.

If this group continues to have an impeccable track record as it has had for the last 5 years, then perhaps this is the finest $99 you could make.

The best performer in their list was TESLA which now stands at 681%, with recommendations in January 2020.

They also had great 2019 stocks and are now up 127%, and your 2018 stocks now are up 24%.

Motley Fool Free Trial

You don't actually get a free trial with Motley Fools stock advisor program, but you get something just as good for peace of mind which is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are a first-time subscriber, you can cancel any time within the 30 day period and receive a full refund, so, in theory, it's very similar to a 30-day trial, but the key difference is you have to pay upfront.

How to Use The Motley Fool Stock Advisor Program

If you want to get the most out of a Motley Fool Stock advisor program, then you really need to take its advice and follow it to the letter. Otherwise, you might as well not pay for the service. Here are a few of the routines I follow:

Set up your Investing profile

Motley Fool investing profile

When you initially sign up to a Stock advisor, it will ask for more information about you, so it gets tailer a few stocks to your investing preferences.

For instance, it will ask you what types of stock advisor recommendations you are interested in, so the stock picks are essentially tailored to you!

I really liked this approach, and it's great for people who want to take a more conservative approach to their investing.

Read all of the updated emails

Make sure you read the latest emails. The reports will help you gain competence in the stock market even if you are not ready to buy. Then here's what I usually do if I have an interest in the stock.

I also downloaded the Yahoo Finance app. You can follow the stock listed, 100% if you have bought the stock. But it's also a good idea to follow even if you don't because it can help to see in the future if Stock Advisor was right. I have found more times than not, they were!

By reading and following the stocks on Yahoo Finance app over time, you will develop confidence and know what's going on in your portfolio.

I also love Yahoo finance because I get a notification when my followed stocks hit an all-time high - I love it when that happens!!

Diversify your portfolio

Motley Fool is quite clear in their education centre that Diversification is key to building up a healthy portfolio. It helps you minimise your potential risk because you are not exposed to a single company. This, in my opinion, is where the stock market gets its bad name from when investors put all of their savings into one or two stocks.

When you log in to Stock Advisor, you can see every investment they are currently in, and it's good to note that their success is down to in part by diversification. Also good to note they practice what they preach.

What is also good to point out is that Motley Fool has on their balance sheet both winning and losing positions, which is perfectly ok. By diversification also allows you to hold whilst the stock market whether storms in sectors.

Take my portfolio. I, too, have some winning positions and losing, but because my portfolio is diversified, I am still up and can hold on whilst my other positions spike (which I know they will because, at the time of writing, the world is facing a global pandemic)

So what sort of split should you go for? Here is how I started:

Motley fool stock picks

You will note I still do have some ELF stocks. 1 they are a very safe bet, and 2 it allows me to compare my stock advisor returns.

Focus on the Long Term

Motley Fool stresses that their recommendations are meant to be held for 3-5 years. Only sell if they tell you to (which they will). If you are serious about the stock market, you absolutely need to focus on the long term day to day price is just noise.

When you invest in Motley Fool stock picks, focus on the bigger picture. Decide how long you want to hold the stocks for and then leave them alone. If you know you may need to access your money within 3 years, your safest bet is a savings account.

Follow Your Stock Advisor Picks

The website's functionality allows you to follow your stock portfolio, which means Motley Fool can notify you if you need to buy more or sell.

This is a fantastic benefit, so make sure you take advantage. It will save you lots of time and worry if stocks take a dip (normal). Motley fool stock advisor will literally be there with you every step of the way.

Buy the starter stocks

Motley Fool starter stocks are there to help you build a strong foundation for your portfolio, so make sure you take advantage.

These starter stocks are the easiest way to get started with a Motley Fool stock advisor. It's my opinion that they are a must.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Alternatives

You might be wondering how Motley Fool compares to other stock advisor services. In this section of the Motley Fool review, we will look at other options to decide if Motley Fool's stock advisor is the best option for you.

Motley Fool vs Robo-Advisors

Motley Fool and other advisors provide advice for investors looking for guidance in setting up their own portfolios. Automated portfolios tend to reduce their risk through diversification, while individual stocks aim to beat market returns exponentially. You also run the risk of trading so diverse you almost end up with an index fund style investment account.

If you are not bothered about what your stocks are invested in and don't mind lots and lots of stocks then Robo-advisers could be a good fit. Motley is better for those who want to understand a bit more about the stocks and do the investing themselves.

Stock Advisor vs Other Motley Fool Services

The Motley Fool offers a handful of premium investment services, but the most popular is their Stock Advisor program and the Rule Breakers program.

Many investors are torn between the two because they provide such different options: one focuses on providing high-quality stocks for long-term investing while another invests in innovative companies that could have huge potential down the road.

I felt it necessary to make this quick comparison to help these people decide which service would be best for them before choosing what's right!

Price: Both services cost the exact same

Rule Breakers is a more narrowly focused stock picking service. In this sense, it's just for those investors looking to make risky bets on growth stocks with the potential for huge profits in the long term.

When looking at deciding between both, Stock Advisor comes out on top and I see Rule Breakers as a complementary service.

First, you get access to more stock picks and resources. Second, the Stock Advisor program is the flagship service. If you want to get more stock picks then you can add Rule Breakers on.

Motley Fool vs Zacks

Zacks is one of the more popular stock advisors, and their site does provide a lot of information. Their stock picks are updated daily with new recommendations, alerts for active stocks in your portfolio as well as updates from markets worldwide. However, it's not always easy to find what you are looking for, so it could be time-consuming at times.

Motley Fool vs Zacks

Zacks is best for investors who want to combine their own research with Zacks' proprietary tools. For example, the company gives every stock an automatic "Zacks Rank" rating which makes it convenient when doing research on a lot of stocks. However, this ranking can make narrowing down the top stocks difficult too because there are so many choices available that all hold 4-5 stars.

With Motley Fool Stock Advisor, all you need to do is log in, and stock picks will be there it will be waiting for you! The alerts are great too.

Price-wise if you are on a budget then Stock Advisor also wins as it's $150 cheaper with the introductory price than Zacks which is $249 a year.

Motley Fool vs Value Line

Value line stock advisor gets updated every three days with new stock picks by the current market. It's worth noting that their stock ideas are not limited, and they cover a huge range of industries, sectors and companies from all over the world, which is awesome for those wanting diversity!

Packages from Value Line start at $198 a year up to $795, to be honest, there seems to be too many options and looks quite confusing. The website interface is also not as sleek at Motley and I found it very hard to navigate

In my opinion, Motley Fool stock picks are easier to follow as they offer only one stock idea at a time, which is much easier to follow.

Motley Fool vs Morningstar Premium

Morningstar is best for those who want to be able to learn about the mutual funds and ETFs that are available, as well as get a look at what stocks could potentially do in the future. They provide ratings for specific companies so you can make educated decisions when it comes time to invest your money or even just keep up with how stock values change over time.

Motley Fool is better if you just want Stock picks easy there on a plate, Fool is better at helping you prioritise which stocks to buy, whereas you need to do a bit more work in Morning Star.

What's the price of a Morningstar Premium membership?

Premium memberships are available at the following term lengths and prices:

$29.95 for monthly $199 for annual $349 for two-year and $449 for three-year.

In summary, Stock Advisor takes the win due to price and ease of information for stock picks.

Motley Fool vs S&P 500

The Gardner brothers seek companies that beat the markets to achieve an extraordinary return.

They demonstrate the ability to beat the market by a considerable margin. Stock selections by the Fool have been earning 372% since the launch of stock trading software Stock Advisor.

As I've said in the performance section based on the past data Motley Fool openly share they are well ahead of the S&P 500. Having said that there is nothing stopping you from investing in both should you wish. 

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Returns - My experience

So this year's performance hasn't been as good, but considering I am writing this in the middle of a global pandemic, I am thrilled with the returns that my Motley Fool stock picks have made.

Since the beginning of the year, I am up 27.96% vs S&P 500 14%.

Of course, I can't guarantee this will be the same for you. I am simply sharing my personal experience, which I am delighted with. As I have said before, these returns pay for the service and then some, so to continue to use the service is a straightforward decision for me to make.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Summary

In summary, the Motley Fool stock advisor is a great service for anyone who wants to invest in stocks.

The stock picks are good, and you can follow them on their website. They also provide investing tips which are helpful if you're new to stock picking or have little experience with it.

  • If you want more control over your stock portfolio, the Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a good service.
  • It's great for beginner investors who want to build their first stock portfolio and have more control over it.
  • The stock picks are good, and you can follow them on their website.

How Good is Motley Fool Stock Advisor? - Conclusion

Hopefully, this Motley Fool Stock Advisor review has helped you decide if the service is right for you. For me, the Motley Fool Stock advisor is perfect. I've been able to have the confidence to keep investing in the stock market during a recession and make good solid returns.

I am really looking forward to seeing the economy pick back up to really see what the service can help me build.

At only $99 per year, you can’t go wrong with the Stock Advisor service. You will get excellent stock advice, great long-term stock recommendations backed by research, and two new stock picks per month. For everything you get for me. It's really a no brainer.

Plus, with Motley offering a refund guarantee, if you're not happy, then the service really is risk-free.

Did you decide to go for the service? Let me know in the comments below

Stock Advisor Faq

Is the Stock Advisor program a good value?

With a valuation of $99, it's easy to make the Motley Fool an attractive stock advisor. Subscribers are entitled instantly to access to resources that will assist them in earning more money. The investment research is high quality, and you can refund your subscription fee by making one recommendation. Overall this is a great service and great value. The subscription is available monthly or by year and has good flexibility for future purchases.

How much time do I need to commit to using the service?

The programme stock Advisor serves to simplify your Investing Strategy. So, the company claims it should take just 5 minutes a month to clean up one's portfolio.

Personally, I take the extra time because I like to work with investors. I normally spend about 30-60 minutes analysis of each new report. I do my own research and adjust my portfolio accordingly. 

Motley Fool Stock Advisor discount

Right now, you can get 50% off the annual price of Motley fool's stock advisor rather than $199. It's just $99.

Compared to other stock advisory services, which can charge up to $1000 a year, this price is absolutely affordable for many people. For this price, you can get stock tips and get the latest stock picks from Motley Fool.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor
Stock advisor Motley Fool Review

Anyone who wants to invest in the stock market but doesn't want to do all of the research themselves would be wise to consider Motley Fool Stock Advisor. But with any service you want to get to know what you are getting into before parting with any cash. We did an in-depth review to help you decide if it's right for you.

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Product Price: 99

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