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Ruffwear front range harness review

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I wanted to provide an in depth review of the Ruffwear front range dog harness to provide others who are maybe considering buying it but are unsure mainly due to the fact its quite an expensive harness compared to most. It took me a good few months to take the plunge after going through cheaper harnesses that didn’t seem to fit properly or quickly looked rubbish. After now owning the Ruffwear front range dog harness for a while and matching lead I can honestly say Ruffwear is about quality and overtime it will save me money by not having to keep purchasing rubbish harnesses that my dog hates. And that’s why I decided to publish on this site this is about saving you time and money.

Before we go into the review lets first met the pup that inspired the review…

Meet Milo


Milo is my very playful Cockapoo. He loves adventures and mainly being very active. We live together with my husband in the south west of England near beaches and national parks. We are very lucky and so is Milo but living in such a diverse area means a great quality harness that can handle his level of activity and different environments. Because Milo is a Cockapoo he has a high maintenance coat that is prone to matting so I really did my research first to find a harness with good quality material that would not cause matting. If you also have a Cockapoo you can read my article here where I guide on other harnesses as well as this one that are perfect for Cockapoos.

Why Ruffwear front range harness

I guess you are wondering why I went for this harness in the first place, after all there are so many to choose from and this is on the pricey side of things. After researching what to look for in a harness the Ruffwear was really a no brainer.


Lets first talk reviews, the Ruffwear has probably the best I have seen you can visit Ruffwears website or Amazon and it commands nearly a 5 star rating with thousands of happy customers or should I say pups. So this was a big factor how much others enjoyed the product and commented how great it is.


I bought the Ruffwear front range harness when Milo was around 8 months old, at this age he was quite fussy. By this I mean he didn’t like to sit still for one minute for me to put a harness on. This meant I needed a harness that was really easy to put on. Because of its 4 points of contact the front range is so easy to get over Milos had, literally 1 second and it’s on.

You also have the dual lead points, like I mentioned Milo was young when we fit got this harness. The duel lead points meant we could use the front one when road walking to support Milos lead walk training which have really helped his training.


Because it has 4 points of contact (most harnesses I found had 2) the fit is spot on. Milo is free to move around it is as if the harness was designed for his body. I think this is the reason why Ruffwear have so many sizes available it is so that you get a personalised fitting product. The harness is also super easy to adjust you can see in the video further down.


As I mentioned we like to take Milo to different places, some days we hang out at the beach others we visit national park. We even took Milo to Wales last year for a short break. So I wanted a harness that could stand the test of time and be washed without becoming worn. So far so good! Although it’s hand wash only it cleans very easily in the sink. We haven’t had any issues with the fabric, nothing has stretched and everything works like the day we got it.


As you can see Milo loves mud and loves to test the limits of this harness! But it always comes up clean so he can continue to play away.


The harness has foam padding which means the material is soft and comfortable against his skin. As I said previously Milos coat is prone to matting and we have had no issues. He has never stretched against it and seems generally happy to have it on. He actually wags his tail when it comes out.

Ruffwear harness


There are 6 different colours to choose from, as you can see I opted for the poppy orange which I love on Milo. I have already mentioned the 4 contact points and dual leach. What you also get is a pocket which you can put ID tags in to stop them making noise.

Can you see the white stripes in the picture above? these are reflective so handy to see your pup in low light.

How do you put the Ruffwear front rage harness on?

Ruffwear size chart

Below I have included the Ruffwear size chart, it’s really important before you decide to purchase that you first measure your pup. What is great about the Ruffwear size charge is you have 6 sizes to choose from. This means that the harness you pick will fit really well, as it does for Milo. They cater for dogs that are really tiny to large. Ruffwear also recommend that you if you nearing the end of a size i.e. that you are just in then you should go for the next size up. This was the case for Milo he is at the very end of a XS so I went for the S and it fits perfect. For you reference Milo weighs 10.2kg so this should give you a idea of size. The Full ruffwear size chart is below:

XX-Small: 13-17 in (33-43 cm)

X-Small: 17-22 in (43-56 cm)

Small: 22-27 in (56-69 cm)

Medium: 27-32 in (69-81 cm)

Large/X-Large: 32-42 in (81-107 cm)

Matching Accessories

Because Ruffwear is a dedicated brand to Dog apparel you bet they do the complete kit. So when I decided to go for the harness I also went for the matching lead. The lead is amazing and easily attaches to the harness without having to press anything down like traditional leaches. It also has a padded handle which is lovely and comfortable to hold. Other accessories that are available include:

  • Matching collar – if you want to go all out
  • Tags – these are quiet tags that can be attached to your harness should you pup wonder off
  • Beacon safety light – if you are walking at night or camping Ruffwear do a handy light which connects to the harness so you can see where you pup is.
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Find out more here

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Where can I buy?

I purchased mine from Amazon as a prime member I get the speedy free next day delivery.


In summary if you are hesitating in buying the Ruffwear front range harness, don’t be! If you pup is as energetic as mine then you wont regret it. I know that I haven’t. Yes we know it’s a investment for a harness but hopefully you can see it is one that will benefit your pup and your wallet in the long run because its built to last.

Please let me know if you did decide to go for it in the comments below!

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