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Salehoo Review: Will it help you make your Online Store More Profitable?

SaleHoo is an online verified drop shipping and wholesale suppliers network that provides research tools, supplier directories, and training. You can use the Market Research Labs to find profitable products in demand. The SaleHoo Directory will help you find suppliers who stock your chosen product at low cost so you can resell it at a huge profit! And with unlimited training and award-winning support every step of the way, and a $1 7 day trail there's little risk to giving it a try.

salehoo review
Choice of Suppliers

Salehoo has over 8000 verified suppliers across the world, it makes it super easy to find a supplier for you without worrying about being scammed.

Salehoo Customer Service

Customer Service is amazing, you can't fake 4.7 star independent trust pilot reviews. 

User Friendliness

The website is really easy to use with services such as market research lab. 

Value for Money

The cost of Salehoo directory is exceptional value for money, with a lifetime access to over 8000 drop shippers and wholesale suppliers, Salehoo offer a package to suit all budgets. 

Although sold in US dollars anyone in the world can purchase:

$1 special offer through this site for 7 days trial 

$67 annual plan

$127 lifetime access

Lots of questions surround Salehoo online. Here at MeMoreMoney we wanted to provide an in-depth Salehoo review so ultimately you can decide if it's the right product for you.

With e-commerce growing every year, more and more people are becoming online sellers and setting up a online store. Salehoo is a service to help you get involved and try your hand at online selling.

From learning how to sell online with different interfaces like Amazon and eBay to find legitimate dropship and wholesale suppliers. Salehoo offers a complete service for beginners and experienced resellers alike.

In this Salehoo review, we will explain the full offering to decide if the membership is right for you.

Salehoo Review: Who & What are Salehoo?

Salehoo is a New Zealand based company, who operate worldwide. They have been around a while, originally starting in 2005.

Salehoo is a wholesale and dropshipping directory service. The service works by allowing you to find trusted and verified suppliers of any product you want to sell on any channel (eBay, Amazon, Shopify, offline or even your local auction site).

drop shipping business supplier

It is important to note that Salehoo is a service. You don't actually buy from them. They provide details and a forum in which you can contact verified suppliers.

With Salehoo, you have access to over 8,000 different suppliers that can supply a product range of over 1.6 million!

They also provide free training to help anyone new to online selling support you in having the best start to your new venture!

The suppliers are located globally, including China, the UK, USA and Australia.

It doesn't matter where you are located. Salehoo helps you find national and international suppliers that they have verified are trusted and genuine.

Is SaleHoo Legit?

In this Salehoo review, I wanted to make sure I answered all questions you may have about Salehoo, and I remember this being one of mine.

You only need to look on Trustpilot to know Salehoo is a genuine company. Again to note, they do not supply the goods. They are a directory service.

is salehoo legit

They have also been accredited by the BBB (Better business bureau) and use this on their website. Salehoo has also been featured in Forbes.

SaleHoo has had a lot of people be successful by using their service to find legitimate suppliers and following their training guides. This is mentioned in some of their reviews.

But like anything you get out of what you put in, the service is by no means a guarantee of success. It's a tool that can help you get there and gives you a better chance of achieving it if you use it.

While the dropshipping business model has changed over the years, you can still make substantial money using this system.

Whether you want to be your own boss or are just looking to add an extra income to support your family, it is possible, but it will not be easy.

I can also tell you that I myself have been a Salehoo customer (why I decided to write this Salehoo review). It definitely tells you it's not a scam. I just decided to take my business in a different direction and no longer had time to do both eBay/Amazon and do this blog.

It's really not possible to tell you that Salehoo will work for you. You have to decide if the service is right for you.

It is reassuring that Salehoo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you sign up and dont like what they offer, you can get a refund. You can also try the service for seven days for $1 using this link.

How Does SaleHoo Work?

Salehoo works by connecting you with a verified supplier network. You simply search for the products you are looking to find, and they will show you how many suppliers have that item available.

You can use Salehoo for various things including :

online sellers drop shipping business
  • To Find Reliable Suppliers: Probably one if the biggest benefits of the Salehoo supplier directory is that it connects you with reliable suppliers who have been vetted by Salehoo and other Salehoo customers. 
  • Dropshipping suppliers – where you find drop shipper suppliers, advertise the product online and then process the order with the supplier, and they ship directly to your customer. I like dropshipping. After all, you don't need a massive budget to start this business because you are not paying for supplies upfront. It's also great to have access to this service to try new products out.
  • Bulk wholesales this method often results in a lower cost rate as you would buy in bulk your chosen product (at a discount), and the supplier would ship to your warehouse or chosen location.
  • Salehoo Market research lab: If you are just setting up your online store and or expanding your range the Salehoo Market Research Lab is a great place to find out which products are trending.

SaleHoo Review: Is SaleHoo good for Drop shipping Business?

SaleHoo is an amazing wholesale product directory that links individuals to suppliers or wholesalers, drop-shippers with 2.5 million goods in its arsenal.

Salehoo currently has 137,000 paying members who take advantage of these opportunities and is a great wholesale and dropshipping supplier directory.

No one should worry about reliability because the supplier has to follow a strict registration procedure to protect himself without any risk. The company employs about 8000 trusted suppliers. As soon as you are registered on the platform you can use the filters to find Drop shipping companies. See below how to do that. 

sale hoo dropshipping

Does SaleHoo Work with Shopify?

Yes as part of a recent update Salehoo fully integrates with a Shopify store making it the perfect tool for drop shipping.

With the base membership you get access to all of the drop shippers that have been verified through SaleHoo's strict onboarding plan. If you have a e-commerce business with Shopify you can upgrade to Salehoo's optional Dropship plan to enable you to link up suppliers directly to your store. 

Find out more about Salehoo Dropship here.

Is SaleHoo a good dropshipper?

How do I find products to sell on Shopify with SaleHoo Drop ship?

Salehoo will install your Shopify account automatically. After you have found the perfect product that you want to sell, click on the add button. The merchandise should be on the imported list.

You are only able to upload your product to your retailer within 2 minutes. Click “install unlisted apps” to add the product to the Shopify store. Click here to see details about the program, and you can also edit “SEO Title”, which appears on the search engines

With SaleHoo Dropship, store owners can now:

  • Have direct access to high quality, low cost dropship supplier,
  • One click import high-profit dropshipping products to their store,
  • Have full control on pricing and shipping for all products
wn img directory

Which is better: SaleHoo or Shopify?

The online shopping site Shopify and the SaleHoo store are surely two of the options. Both platforms are notable differences though they're regarded as similar.

Sellers may find legitimate suppliers in wholesale distributors and dropshipping companies to ensure that they get exclusive products and services at wholesale prices.

Shopify is tool sellers use to build attractive and highly functional online businesses by selecting from thousands of templates. Salehoo also has training services to grow sellers.

The answer, on the other hand, is a business management environment, which is primarily Shopify. Shopify serves a different purpose as well as two different goals in different ways.

What is Included in the Membership Fee?

Whichever plan you decide to go for, you get access to 2.5 million products and 8,000 suppliers that are all listed in the directory. 

all Salehoo categories

After you purchase the membership, you access their supplier directory, market research labs, members forum, and personal support via email.

The other unique feature you get is courses to help you set yourself up to have a successful business one of the new features is the Amazon product launch course which supports you in launching a product launch. See the video below if you want more information.

When can I Start Selling with SaleHoo?

You can start selling with Salehoo as soon as you have signed up. You will immediately be given access to 8000+ suppliers they have and can start conversations immediately.

You do not need to have any initial investment with dropship suppliers, i.e. there is no minimum order quantity.

How Much Does SaleHoo Cost?

Salehoo pricing

Annual Directory Access



(access to SaleHoo for one full year, requires renewal every year). (It's in dollars, but to note it can be purchased in any country) Your Credit card or Paypal account will convert to your local currency)




  • One-time fee of $127 for lifetime access (a most popular choice).

  • SaleHoo 
    7 Day Trial 



    If you are unsure if you want to commit to Salehoo you can check it out for 7 days for $1 after this it auto renews at $67 per year

    60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    You can pay for the membership using any major credit card and PayPal. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee where you will be able to receive a full refund if SaleHoo does not live up to your expectations.

    You get no difference in the service no matter which product you go for; however, if you are committed to starting an online business, I strongly recommend going for the lifetime as it works out a lot cheaper after year 2.

    But maybe you're not ready to commit just yet in which the year one still works out great value (less than $6 a month, if you were to break it down)

    Does Salehoo Have a Free Trial Period?

    Yes, sort of. If you pay just $1, you can get full access to its database and suppliers for seven days. To find out more, use this link.

    There is also a full 60-day money-back guarantee with the annual and lifetime membership, so whichever you decide to go for, you are covered! You can find out more here.

    On their website Salehoo talk about a 100% satisfaction guarantee :

    “You can purchase SaleHoo, give it a try, and if it doesn't live up to your expectations, you can simply ask us for a refund. If you decide that you'd like a refund, just email us at with your receipt number”

    Salehoo Reviews From Legitimate Customers

    Salehoo maintains a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Here are what customers are saying. I took some time to look at both positive and negative reviews.

    Salehoo customer reviews

    “Salehoo offers a variety of suppliers that could respond to many commercial businesses. However, after giving it a try and browsing through some of them, I realized that only a few offer a dropshipping advantage to the location I was thinking.”*Trust pilot

    “Salehoo is a pretty good supplier's database. However, the searching or browsing feature is not quite convenient, I supposed. It would be nice if the search engine could be done without selecting any particular category” Trip Advisor.

    “Only one negative: Most places won't ship to Alaska :(.”

    I did like, though, that Salehoo replied to pretty much all comments meaning they care and are always looking to improve their service.

    Salehoo Customer Support

    Salehoo customer support department is available via phone, email, Twitter, and live chat. The live chat support is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. You can reach them via phone by calling 1-888.881-8703.

    SaleHoo offers helpful resources such as the popular market research lab, seller training centre, community forum, and an e-commerce blog dedicated to helping you sell online.

    As mentioned, they also offer in-depth courses, such as the Amazon product launch course, for those who specifically want to set up a business on Amazon.

    Is Salehoo Safe?

    Yes. Salehoo goes through a strict verification process with every supplier before they are added to the database of trusted suppliers. This eliminates fraud and makes sure that you are dealing with an actual company that is delivering actual goods.

    This is why I decided to join a Salehoo. I had been scammed in the past and wanted peace of mind I was dealing with legitimate suppliers.

    As I have mentioned, Salehoo is a part of the BBB ( Better Business Bureau) SaleHoo's directory shows a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating for each US supplier. The BBB is a nonprofit organization that keeps businesses in check and takes legal action against businesses that conduct illegal and unethical business practices.

    Then on top of all these existing members can rate and review suppliers, so if the supplier has got good reviews, you know it's going to be trustworthy!

    Can I Make Money With Salehoo?

    The overall question is should you find your own suppliers, or can you use Salehoo to make money? We know e-commerce is a winner and only growing every year.

    Salehoo was established in 2005 and still, today, has 137,000 members. That tells me that there is a lot of trust in Salehoo, and people continue to use them. They wouldn't have survived as they operate in a very competitive market.

    Of course, it's not for everyone and ultimately depends on you, the individual. The success of a business is more than just sourcing products, as I'm sure you know. But what Salehoo aims to do is take the stress out of finding legitimate suppliers, and I personally know how destroying that can be. When I first started my online adventure about ten years ago, I used Alibaba to source products where I agreed with a price and paid naively through an unsecured payment system (I didn't know at the time). Needless to say, the supplier was a scam, and I never received the goods.

    I guess what I am trying to say is I appreciate services like Salehoo.

    Yes, you have to pay a nominal fee to access the service, but for me, it's worth the peace of mind to know I am dealing with professionals and not a scam. Salehoo provides lots of helpful tools to help you make good product decisions that can help you make money faster, see below. 

    is salehoo worth it

    Regarding making money, it all depends on the niche you target and the profit margins in the market. What I would suggest before making a purchase is to do some research and detailed research. What products do you want to sell? Do they interest you?

    (You need to find something that you are passionate about, this will ensure you put effort into your business and that it doesn't become a chore).

    And there are other tools to help…

    Free tools like Google Adwords and Google trends could help you decide if a niche is worth exploring.

    Salehoo also does a free bonus, which is they offer you free training to help those who are just starting to support you with pricing and even deciding what to sell!

    Then as a member, you also get access to their research lab technology.

    This searches for markets with low competition and high demand. This is a great tool and helps with deciding on your niche.

    If you have options and then choose from what is right for you, that's easier than starting from scratch, right? See the video below for full details on how it works.

    How can I get the Best Results for my Online Business With Salehoo?

    There is no magic wand to getting the best results, but there are proven ways of working that you can do to help you along the way.

    The first is time and perseverance. If you are new to online selling, I would strongly recommend thinking about why you want to do this and your long-term goals, then writing them down.

    Online selling, like any business, is not always easy, so you need to be committed if you want to succeed.

    The second is to utilise all of the training that Salehoo offers. They have been doing this a while, so do the training and make notes and thoughts.

    If you haven't picked a market, use their lab's tool to research and if you have picked a market, still use it to start to set expectations and goals for what your new venture will look like.

    Then don't rush again. Take time to understand your business, but the effort is to make sure you give the best service to your new customers. Salehoo is only a tool. It's how you use that tool that will ultimately give you success.

    If you want more information and have a free webinar online training from Salehoo that explains how you make money with Salehoo, sign up for free here.

    Do I recommend Salehoo?

    Yes, if you want a service that saves you time finding wholesale suppliers or are new to online selling or finding suppliers, then Salehoo is well worth joining. The nominal fee vs the security of verified suppliers is worth it for me.

    But if you are happy to do the work and find your own suppliers, then Salehoo might not be for you.

    Salehoo is great if:

    • Dropshipping business is what you want, with the option to buy products in bulk.
    • new to selling and want some help and tutorials
    • Time is a factor for you in finding suppliers
    • You cannot find products to sell.
    • You're planning on selling on an online store rather than a third-party marketplace.
    • Market research is something you need help with
    • You want to integrate with an existing store such as Shopify.

    SaleHoo might not be for you if:

    • Member paying is not your thing
    • dropping is not something you're comfortable with
    • You are still sceptical about SaleHoo and how it works.

    Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

    Yes! The reason I like to talk about Salehoo is that it is pretty much risk-free. You always know when a company is confident about their product when they give a generous money-back guarantee, and that's exactly what Salehoo do if you decide to use their service and for whatever reason decide it is not right for you, then they have a 60-day money-back guarantee!

    I don't know about you, but I feel that is a pretty good amount of time to research and try the service.

    Salehoo Vs Worldwide Brands

    Although offering similar services Salehoo seems to have broken away significantly from Worldwide brands in the last few years.

    With Salehoo now offering a more complete service that is suited to Drop Shipping business with its newly Salehoo Dropship service. Where as Worldwide brands has stayed very traditional.

    Read a full break down in SaleHoo vs Worldwide Brands

    Other competitors include Doba, which you can read about in this article Salehoo vs Doba

    Salehoo Review: Is Salehoo Worth it?

    Salehoo Pros & Cons


    • Access to verified suppliers – every supplier on Salehoo goes through a strict process before they are added to the data so you know they can be trusted.
    • A lot to choose from – Salehoo have suppliers for over 2,500,000 products and brands.
    • Dedicated support – Salehoo encourages you to contact them if there is anything you can't find or are unsure about. All you have to do is email them at
    • Supplier reviews – deciding which suppliers to go for? Members can review suppliers to again you know if a supplier is exceptional before you buy.
    • Training guides – whether it's tax returns, selling on eBay and Amazon or simply finding what to sell. They also have useful guides on customs and imports, especially if you are sourcing from outside your country. Salehoo, as an established business, have the information and have set up dedicated guides. After all, it is in their interest to see you succeed.
    • Research Lab Technology tool is really cool for helping those struggling to find a low competition/high demand market.

    • Connects with Shopify store: a recent addition to Salehoo is there is an optional additional service to be able to connect direct to a Shopify store making your business even easier to run. 


    • No monthly fee option – You have to commit to a year or lifetime membership (if you are serious, then go for the lifetime. Alternatively, you could go for a year, see if you like it, then subscribe to lifetime after year one if you find it useful.
    • You could source the suppliers yourself for free- Ultimately, Salehoo provides a service that you could do for yourself.

    In summary, SaleHoo is as good as you make it out to be. An excellent choice for beginners that are just starting. As you do not want to risk losing a lot of money. They have experience and are recognized for their service in helping their customers find good honest suppliers.

    Salehoo service should allow you to focus on setting up your business and focusing on your customers. When you consider the turnover you are making online or want to make, then the fee of Salehoo is pretty low considering you are getting access to someones else hard research. It's a sensible investment that would pay itself off pretty quickly.

    Get Salehoo now

    What do you think? Did you like my Salehoo review? Leave your comments below if you feel anything is missing from this review.

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    SaleHoo Review: Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Drop shipping? 

    Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method in which eCommerce (typically) retailers propose to consumers "assume the risk of selling unpaid orders, while you make the profit" by storing the items on behalf of consumers until an order is fulfilled and delivered.

    There are two types of main drop shipping business models: automated and manual. The automated model requires some level of system integration which will automatically fulfill orders and provide data feeds for inventory levels and pricing changes. The manual model relies on a company's IT systems like Outlook or Excel to execute drop shipping strategies manually, labor intensively pushing individual purchase links from web pages to customers' email inboxes when they place an order at their store.

    Salehoo fits into this model by allowing your online business to find legitimate suppliers, something that online sellers can typically struggle with as their are many drop shipper scams about.

    Think of Salehoo like a third party marketplaces or a wholesale directory where all of the drop shipping companies have been pre vetted. 

    Who is Salehoo for?

    Salehoo is for any e commerce business, online retailers who are looking for verified wholesale suppliers. Whether that be a dropshipping company or straight up low cost suppliers. Salehoo is there to save you time and help you in having a successful online store. 

    Can I Find out if they have products I am searching for before I buy?

    Yes. Salehoo has a product tour tool feature, so you can simply type in the product you are looking for. It will tell you how many suppliers they have!

    I want to build an Amazon business. Is this suitable for me?

    Yes, Salehoo actually offers a specific training course for those who want to build an Amazon business. You can check it out here.

    Can Salehoo Help me with market research?

    Yes. Salehoo has a great tool to show you roughly how many products are selling online and how much profit there is. Find out more information here.

    What if I don't know anything about online selling?

    Salehoo has 50 detailed guides and videos to help you on your journey to creating a successful online business.

    You can learn more about selling on eBay and Amazon, dropshipping, starting your own store, importing and shipping, sourcing products, setting up your business, and avoiding scams. I would strongly recommend completing this training before jumping ahead.

    Is Salehoo worth it?

    If you are going to use all of their resources, then Yes, Salehoo is worth it. But it depends on what you are looking for.

    If you are already experienced with finding suppliers and have an established business, then no Salehoo may not be worth it for you.

    Are there any Salehoo alternatives?

    Yes, Worldwide brands. See Worldwide Brands Review. Alibaba, too but you don't have the same peace of mind regarding verified suppliers.

    How do I start with Salehoo?

    To get started with Salehoo, simply click the link below or here. You will be given the option of an annual membership or a lifetime.

    Then simply put your card details in or pay by PayPal. Remember there is a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

    Can I get a Salehoo coupon?

    Yes, you can try the full directory service for $1. This gives you full seven days worth of access. After the trial, you can choose to continue or cancel. Find out more in the link below.

    Get Salehoo 7 day Trial for $1

    What countries is Salehoo for?

    Any. The idea of Salehoo is to source worldwide suppliers, so it doesn't matter what country you are in. You subscribe to Salehoo in USD, but your card provider or Paypal will convert to your local currency.

    Salehoo Review
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    Is Salehoo Legit, this complete review will tell you if Salehoo is right for you.

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