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Salehoo and Doba are both great sites for starting an online store. Online sellers are right to consider both when considering making money online.

Salehoo is a dropshipping and wholesale directory, while Doba is a marketplace with over 500,000 products to choose from. SaleHoo and Doba are similar on the surface regarding features, but there are a few key differences between them that might help you decide which one would be best for your business. Read this article to learn more about SaleHoo vs. Doba!


Product Details

salehoo vs doba

Wholesale Suppliers & Drop shipping Suppliers available


Find Trusted Suppliers Easily 


Drop ship service add on available 


Annual and Lifetime plans available



Product Details

mega menu img 01 1

dropshipping service only (drop shipping marketplace)


Easy to find drop shipping suppliers


integrates with Shopify 


Monthly and Annual plans available


Salehoo Overview:

Salehoo is a wholesale and dropshipping directory that allows you to sign up annually or lifetime. It also offers Salehoo dropshipping if you are looking to open a dropshipping store and want Shopify integration.

salehoo vs doba

With SaleHoo, you're able to dropshipping productsfind suppliers of almost any type of product that you can think of for many online stores. You can even use their supplier locations tool to search by country or region! Salehoo also features an e-commerce blog with useful tips and advice for people just starting. They also have handy tools to help you find good products to sell, such as their market research tool. Helping you to find the right products for your business at the right retail price to make profit. 

Does SaleHoo Work With Amazon?

Yes, in the sense that they provide useful guides enabling you to find success in setting up an online business with Amazon or eBay. With a Salehoo directory membership, you get access to the following additional tool that will help you if you are looking to sell on Amazon:

  • Amazon Selling guide course to help you set up an Amazon business
  • Market research dashboard: which tracks products and average selling prices, enabling you to easily find products that are selling well to make a profit. 

Where do SaleHoo Products Come From?

It's important to note that Salehoo has no products, only access to verified suppliers. They have taken the guesswork out of finding good verified suppliers. In regards to where these suppliers are, they are all over the world. You can even search by country or region, including the USA, Australia, and the UK. 

Is Salehoo a Good Dropshipper?

Salehoo is not a drop shipper. Salehoo does, however, provide access to verified suppliers of great products that you can sell on your own online store or with the help of an e-commerce platform like Shopify or WooCommerce, thus enabling you to start selling quickly and easily without having to go through the process of finding and vetting suppliers on your own.

Salehoo has recently added to its services, though, so if you are looking to set up a Shopify store and want access to verified suppliers that link directly into Shopify, then Salehoo's new drop shipping service is a great link its suppliers straight into your Shopify store. 

What About Salehoo vs. Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide brands is another supplier directory. It is covered in this article is Salehoo Vs. Worldwide brands

Doba Overview: What is Doba?

Doba is a marketplace that allows you to sell over 500,000 products from other suppliers in your own store.

You'll need an inventory management system in place before using Doba because they do not handle shipping or fulfillment themselves.

Doba has a free trial, and it's fairly inexpensive to join. The prices for listing products start at $0.00, but they also offer volume discounts, so the price per product goes down as you list more items on their site.

How do I use Doba for Dropshipping? 

Doba has a free trial, allowing you to test out their service before committing. Doba makes it easy for people who are new to online retail by providing an all in one platform that includes product photography and descriptions, marketing materials like banner ads and email templates, order processing with automated tracking numbers (you'll still need your own merchant account), and purchasing wholesale products with their suppliers. 

Where do Doba's Suppliers Come From?

Doba sources its products from manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers looking to sell directly on the platform where you list your product online for easy purchase by consumers without long lead times or needing to fulfill orders yourself, which saves time and money.

Is Doba compatible with Shopify?

Yes, Doba is compatible with Shopify. In fact, they offer a free integration tool that makes it easy to add products from hundreds of suppliers in your store without any coding or technical knowledge needed on your part. 

Salehoo vs. Doba: Access to Suppliers

SaleHoo and Doba both bring access to suppliers that you can sell on your own online store or with the help of an e-commerce platform like Shopify. SaleHoo's focus is more on helping you find niche products as opposed to just any product. In contrast, Doba provides a marketplace where it's easy to find many products from many suppliers all in one place.

With Salehoo, they boost that you have access to 1.6 million different products from 8000+ different suppliers. This is a great sign as more competition means you will likely get better prices for your goods.

Doba doesn't publish the exact amount of suppliers, although a quick search on their website will show you that worldwide shipping seems to be an issue from a supplier point of view. Whereas for Salehoo, Worldwide access is their thing.

Salehoo also has a strict vetting policy that they stand by to put any supplier on their platform. In contrast, Doba doesn't publish any vetting policy, meaning you may not find as reliable suppliers on Doba.

Salehoo Vs. Doba: Which is More Affordable?

It depends on which service you go for. If you are after access to vetted suppliers and don't need Shopify integration, then Salehoo, hands down, is the cheaper option. At just $67 a year or $227 for lifetime access, including access to suppliers and cool market research tools, Salehoo real is a steal.

If you want access to Shopify, it depends on how many products you have listed on your store that need suppliers linked indirectly via Doba integration.

Both Salehoo and Doba have dropship tool options. See below for a comparison.



Directory Price

$67 or $227 lifetime

Directory Access

From $24.99 a month or $179.88/yr

Dropship tool price

Free Trial Available?

$1 for 7 days access here

Free Trail Available?

Yes 30 days

comparion salehoo.001

All major competition compared

Salehoo Vs. Doba: Which Company has Better Customer Service?

I have been using Salehoo for a few years now, and honestly, their customer service is second to none. Salehoo seems to go above and beyond what you would expect from online suppliers.

They have multiple ways in which you can contact them through phone, email, and chat. They also have a money-back guarantee on their services, meaning they must be very confident in their service to offer this. This focus on service obviously comes through to their 137k customers as they have an excellent rating on trust advisor.

On the other hand, Doba has a poor rating on trust advisor with a rating of just 36%, making Salehoo the clear winner here.

SaleHoo Vs. Doba: Which Company has Better Tools?

Doba and Salehoo offer market research and product sourcing tools to help you find new products for your store. Still, each platform offers something different compared to Salehoo having cheaper and more access to vetted suppliers. Salehoo wins this round.

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Pros and Cons Salehoo Vs. Doba

Salehoo -Pros:

Great customer service and a good reputation for finding niche products. You can find almost any product you need on, which makes it perfect for dropshipping business owners who want to add new dropship suppliers when they start to run low on stock of particular goods. SaleHoo has an excellent money-back guarantee meaning you can test out their service without any risk. SaleHoo is better for those looking to build a long-term drop shipping business as they have an annual subscription which works out cheaper in the long run.

is salehoo worth it

Value for money Salehoo is a clear winner as they have better tools and more vetted suppliers. SaleHoo offers services at just $67, whereas Doba prices start at $15 a month, meaning the annual cost is expensive.

Trusted suppliers: easy to find the best dropshipping suppliers

eBay store online training courses, if you're learning to sell online you can access free guides like the ones below:

salehoo vs doba resources

Access to lots of free tools Salehoo has an impressive range of tools, but they also offer other useful features for free. For example, their training courses, exclusive member forums, and product selection tools to find profitable products to sell.

salehoo tools vs doba

Do bulk orders through their wholesale suppliers list. 


No monthly fee option – You have to commit to a year or lifetime membership (if you are serious, then go for the lifetime. Alternatively, you could go for a year, see if you like it, then subscribe to lifetime after year one if you find it useful.

You could source the suppliers yourself for free- Ultimately, Salehoo provides a service that you could do for yourself.

Doba -Pros:

There are many suppliers available for drop shipping business owners who use the platform, which makes it easy to expand into different product lines when you need more dropship suppliers or if one supplier runs out of stock. Doba is compatible with Shopify, allowing you to easily connect SaleHoo products into your store without manually entering product information for each item.

dedicated dropshipping tools:


The suppliers on the platform are not vetted by any means, so it can be difficult to find reliable dropshipping suppliers that supply quality goods at competitive prices. This is the reason Salehoo is better for those looking to build a long-term drop shipping business.

Doba also struggles to compete if you look to ship to places outside the USA, like the UK. For instance, there doesn't seem to be a vast range of worldwide suppliers.

Conclusion: Which is better, Salehoo or Doba?

In conclusion, Salehoo and Doba are both great sites for starting an online store. Salehoo is a wholesale directory with hundreds of thousands of verified suppliers, while Doba is a marketplace that offers access to over 500,000 products from other suppliers on your own store.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for starting an online store, so you'll need to do some research and decide which site best suits your needs. 

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