November 25, 2021

salehoo vs worldwide brands

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Researching suppliers is hard. Is finding good ones that make your eCommerce business successful? Even harder.

There are so many scam suppliers online these days it puts people off business and causes headaches. Sometimes financial loss. That's probably why you're thinking Worldwide brands vs. Salehoo which is better for your business?

They are both legitimate wholesale suppliers and dropship directories and, on the surface, offer similar services, but which is better?

In this article, I will dig into Worldwide Brands and Salehoo and help you find suitable for you.

Our Pick
salehoo vs worldwide brands


Overall Rating: 4/5

Key benefits:

- Vast range of drop shipping and whole sale suppliers

- Easy to use interface

- Packed with extra features

- Lots of suppliers to choose from 

Read Full Review Below:

Salehoo review

worldwide brands vs salehoo

Worldwide Brands

Overall Rating: 4/5

Key Benefits

- USA based suppliers

- Lots of wholesale suppliers to choose from

- Great value for lifetime access

Worldwide brands review

Worldwide Brands vs. Salehoo

If you are selling online and want to see the best directory of suppliers, Worldwide brands and Salehoo will come up in your search.

There are differences that you might find more beneficial from both providers. It can be hard on the surface to choose which one is best as they both get great online reviews from their existing customers.

In this Worldwide Vs. Salehoo article, we will put them head to head to see who wins.

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Round 1: Salehoo and Worldwide Brands: Supplier base

One of the main reasons to invest in a wholesale/dropship directory is to access many different suppliers. And ones that you can trust. It means you have options and can get the best prices for your business.

So who delivers when it comes to the supplier base lets look at Salehoo vs. Worldwide brands on their supplier base:


  • 8000+ Pre-vetted Suppliers
  • Easy to Find Drop Shipping & Wholesalers
  • Suppliers can link directly into Shopify stores with added subscription.
  •  2.5 million products available
  •  Choice of suppliers worldwide inc USA

Worldwide brand directories

  • 8000+ Pre-vetted Suppliers which worldwide brands say its their Worldwide brands seal of approval.
  • More for wholesalers
  • 16 million products available
  • Choice of suppliers in USA

As you can see, both companies have a lot of suppliers to choose from, but Worldwide Brands offers the most products, as they feature some pretty niche and obscure products! Categories networking consumer electronics crafts. 

With Salehoo being founded in New Zealand, you will find suppliers here and familiar countries like the US, Australia, China & UK. Still, they offer a more comprehensive array of wholesale and dropship products in more categories.

salehoo categories

Salehoo categories

On the other hand, Worldwide brands founded in the US and boasted of having the USA's most extensive supplier base. If that is important to you, then Worldwide brands might be a good fit so far.

Both the companies follow a pretty stringent evaluation process, including but not limited to being a visit to the supplier’s warehouse, checking product quality, the legitimacy of the brand, and their overall record of service.

Round 1 Winner: Tie. Both Salehoo and Worldwide brands have great offerings. Worldwide brands have the biggest online wholesale directory. Where as Salehoo is better for drop shipping and connecting to a Shopify online store. 

Round 2 - Customer support

Salehoo vs. Worldwide brands in customer service provided is a tough one as they both offer excellent service. When you dig deep into the reviews on trust pilot websites, their customer support is mentioned as excellent.

They both, ironically at the time of writing, get a 4.9/5 star review rating. However, it should be noted that Salehoo has a lot more reviews.

If you're wondering what sort of support is available, here is what each company offers:


  • Contact Salehoo through email, phone, online chat & Twitter.
  • Money back guarantee 60 days
is salehoo legit

Worldwide brand directories

  • Contact Worldwide Brands through Email only
worldwide brand review

Money-back guarantee

Another reason why both have positive reviews is they offer a no-hassle 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can pay for the service and cancel within 60 days, and they will refund you.

From my perspective, that offers me confidence. They as a business are so confident you will be happy with the service that you won't want to cancel. There is no other reason to make the refund policy so long!

Round 2 winner: Salehoo. Although Salehoo and worldwide brands both get amazing reviews, Salehoo has the largest options to contact and connect with its customer base. It also has more reviews that hint at the popularity of its service offering. When you're selling online and relying on a good reputation to set you apart from the rest, anyone with who you do business must get that.

Round 3: Added Resources

If you are starting an online store, then a supplier directory is great. What is even better is if you get added tools and training to help your online business succeed. free resources marketing research tools

When it comes to Salehoo vs. Worldwide brands, both offer bonuses and seem to want to help you make your businesses successful genuinely. Let's take a look into what each of them offers extra for no cost:


  • Access to hot selling products and market trends to help you find the right products for your online business. 
  • Members forum with over 137,000 members to discuss with.
  • Market Research tools
  • Free Webinar
  • Shopify Additional service available with Salehoo Dropship. 

Worldwide brand directories

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • E-Book and E-Video Lessons from Chris Malta.

Learning guides

Salehoo offers 50 different guides that you can read through. They range from getting started to set up a product launch for eBay or Amazon.

If you are a new business, these guides are handy and talk you through step by step what to do. I also find them to be easily categorized, meaning you can use them as you need to.

Some of Salehoo's tools are also actually free before you join. For instance, they offer free webinars. This is great as it helps explain how you do a profitable business. I would strongly recommend using it. The link is here.

salehoo learning guides

Worldwide brands also have something similar, although, granted, there are fewer guides and more specifically aimed at wholesale, whereas Salehoo covers both and seems to be more up to date. What is a nice touch with Worldwide Brands is the e-video series that the founder himself does.

Quite a nice touch and gives you a sense that he is still involved in the company. The training is noted on some of the reviews from customers of how valuable people find the videos by Chris Mata, so if the training side is important to you, then Worldwide brands may have the upper hand here.

Members forum

As you can see, both offer a members forum. However, Salehoo seems to have a very active one.

With over 60,000 posts, you can be sure to find articles discussing topics that interest you here. At the same time, the Worldwide brands forum is the opposite and doesn't appear very active. Again it depends on how you learn and like to run your business for some. An active members forum is a big plus, is it for you?

Product and Market Research Tools

Salehoo has a great included feature for members in the form of a product research tool. It's straightforward to use and very good for beginners and experienced sellers.

You are looking to sell a new product category and want to know before investing in this profitable. This is where the tool is super helpful. You can see the sell-through rate on Amazon and how profitable this item will be before you invest time and money into buying the product.

It searches for markets with low competition and high demand. This is a great tool and helps with deciding on your niche. If you have options and then choose from what is right for you, that’s easier than starting from scratch. 

Round 4: Cost

Probably the biggest factor in any decision is how much will the service set me back, and can I afford it? Lucky for you, by reading this article, there is access to the best prices available for both services, so it's a case of which one you find the most affordable.


With Salehoo, you currently have two options: 

Salehoo Annual Plan

The next natural step would be the annual plan which is a payment of $67 for the whole year. If you break that down, it's a cost of $5.58 a month, so excellent value when you compare it to other services like Doba.

Salehoo Lifetime

Of course, if you plan to operate your business for more than two years, then the lifetime plan is by far the best value. At $127, the lifetime access has paid for itself after year 2. it's also $100 less than Worldwide brands, but you have access to fewer products.

Worldwide brands

With Worldwide brands, you currently have one option, which is lifetime access, you can opt to pay over three payments, but this means you can't get any discount on the price.

Currently, you can get a saving of $75 through this link and make a one-off payment of $225 vs. the normal price of $299. You can opt to pay by card or Paypal. So when you consider its lifetime access, the value for money is pretty good.

WWB discount

Round 4 winner: Both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo, in my opinion, offer great value for money. Neither seems to be interested in stringing buyers along to pay for monthly fees etc. Salehoo wins this round purely because of the different payment options, but when you compare worldwide brands and divide the cost per product you get access to, it's also excellent value for money.

Bottom line, if you are on a tight budget, then Salehoo is the best option. If you want the best value per product range, then Worldwide brands better value. 

Salehoo vs. Worldwide brands pros & cons

Okay, we've covered a lot, so let us start to summarize everything into a good old-fashioned pros and cons list before making your final choice.

Salehoo pros

  • Access to verified suppliers – every supplier on Salehoo goes through a strict process before they are added to the data so you know they can be trusted. drop shipping
  • Easy to use interface - It is obvious they invest in their technology and interface, i.e., the additional tools and platforms they offer
  • Dedicated support – Salehoo encourages you to contact them if there is anything you can’t find or you are unsure about. All you have to do is email them at
  • Dedicated community – sometimes it's also good to talk to those in the same profession. With Salehoo, there is a dedicated community forum where you can ask questions or talk to those on the same journey as you.
  • Supplier reviews – deciding which suppliers to go for? Members can review suppliers to again you know if a supplier is exceptional before you buy.
  • Training guides – whether it's tax returns, selling on eBay and Amazon, or simply finding what to sell. They also have useful guides on customs and imports, especially sourcing from outside your country. Salehoo, as an established business, has the information and has set up dedicated guides. After all, it is in their interest to see you succeed.
  • Research Lab Technology tool is really cool for helping those struggling to find a low competition/high demand market.

Salehoo Cons

  • Not as many products as WorldWideBrand – so less choice. Having said that, you still have 2.5m!
  • Lots of competition – with many other sellers using Salehoo, you might not find it as easy to source unique products.

Worldwide Brands Pros

  • One-off fee – Probably the best part of this service is that you only pay once for lifetime access! I’ve read a few stories of members who haven’t logged on in years, have even lost their email address only to contact WWB, who have happily granted them access again. When you compare this to other services like Doba who charge monthly, the service really does pay for itself.
  • The largest resource of legitimate USA-based suppliers – If you want to advertise made in the USA, etc., finding a legitimate supplier based in the US is super easy. 
  • Easy to search suppliers only in Canada or the USA
  • Good for dropshipping in the USA – because it's easy to find US suppliers and by the state, you should benefit from shipping savings as you can strategically choose dropshipping suppliers near you if you choose. 
  • All suppliers are verified – When you compare the one-off membership fee to the thought of the cost to your business, if you get scammed by an illegitimate supplier, then I would say it is pretty fantastic value for money. Then you also have the benefit of time-saving because the suppliers are all there ready no research from your end is required. 
  • ability to search by light bulk or dropship, which is good if you saw starting and don’t have the capital to invest in large orders
  • Large suppliers mean you have lots of freedom to work with different suppliers should you ever be let down on order.
  • Worldwide brands App that can be used on the go for iPhone and Android users

Worldwide brands cons

  • Not as many suppliers if you are based outside the USA. Worldwide brands are active in saying that their suppliers are majority USA. So if you are outside, then another directory could be Salehoo. Worldwide brands quote more than 50% work with international suppliers, which means nearly 50% won’t, so you don’t get as much value for money if you are an international business.
  • It can be hard to profit unless buying in bulk, especially if you plan to sell on eBay.
  • Initial up-front costs can be daunting.
  • The user interface is quite dated, which could become annoying

Salehoo vs. Worldwide Summary

Salehoo vs. Worldwide brands- both services are as good as you make them out to be. They both offer excellent value for money. I don't believe you will be dissatisfied with either, but...

This is how I see it.

Go for Worldwide brands if:

  • You want the largest base of US suppliers
  • Your business is mainly going to be a shop, or you plan to buy wholesale
  • have the money to pay the one-off fee.

Get the Worldwide brands discount code here.

Go for Salehoo if:

  • Your business is dropshipping - their guides are geared towards this.
  • Will make use of the market research tool.
  • Plan to sell on Amazon - again, their guides help with this
  • Want access to market research tools
  • want to integrate with Shopify

Get Salehoo for $1 for seven days here.

Hopefully, you see the value that a directory service can offer. Both services should allow you to focus on setting up your business and focusing on your customers.

When you consider the turnover you are making online or want to make, then the fee of either is pretty low, considering you are getting access to someones else hard research. It’s a sensible investment that would pay itself off pretty quickly.

Who was your winner in Salehoo and Worldwide Brands? Let me know in the comments below. 

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