February 27, 2022

Sky Deals for existing customers

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So you're an existing Sky customer. Your monthly bill keeps creeping up, and you're not sure what to do about it as there seems to be no Sky deals for existing customers. You don't want to switch providers, but you also don't want to keep paying more and more for the same service. Never fear – we're here to help!

The truth is the best Sky deals for existing Sky customers aren't found in a voucher or coupon code. You need to haggle! This article will show you exactly how to do that, with a simple phone call that could save you up to 50% off your Sky Bill.

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A survey from MoneySavingExpert found that users who haggle with Sky had an 81% success rate in saving money, and my experience is no different.

I've been with Sky on and off for the past ten years, and I have to say I always managed to save money off my bill with a bit of haggling. Sure it takes a little bit of time, but it's worth it.

Here are three things you can activate if you're short on time.

Note: While these are targeted at existing customers, the tips can work for new and existing customers. It's always worth getting the best deals, not relying only on a voucher code! 

1. Prepare to Call Them by Checking out Sky TV Alternatives

get a sky deal for existing customer by quoting the competition and their prices

Before you call, it's always a good idea to take a look at Sky TV alternatives. If you're not happy with the service or the price, maybe it's time to switch providers.

This way, you have some leverage when talking to Sky – after all, they want to keep you as a customer! Check for pricings differences and have that information ready when you talk to them.

Useful Resource: 25 Sky TV Alternatives

2. Check your Existing Package - Do you Need it all?

The final thing you want to do before calling is to check your existing Sky package. Do you have Sky Sports and Sky Cinema? Do you use it? Evaluate your package and consider what you actually watch and need.

There's no point in paying for something you don't use, see if you can downgrade your package to save some money.

3. Once you've Done all that, it's Time to Give Sky a Call!

Now you have your information. It's time to call Sky. Follow the options and go straight through to cancellations. The reason for this is that you want to speak to someone who has the authority to offer you a discount – and that's usually found in the cancellations team.

When you're speaking to Sky cancellations:

  • Be polite but firm. You want the cancellations team on your side.
  • Tell them that you're thinking of cancelling your subscription because you're not happy with the price.
  • Explain the price is no longer affordable and that you are cancelling.
  • Wait for them to offer you a discount.

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Why Does Haggling Work?

Haggling works because Sky doesn't want to lose your business. They would rather offer you a discount than see you go to another provider. And in today's market, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.

When Should You Haggle with Sky?

The best time to haggle is when your contract is up for renewal. Sky will usually offer you a discount to stay with them, but it's never as good as it could be. This is your chance to get a better deal! If Sky is willing to give new customers a free sky q box, why wouldn't they look after their existing customers?

You can also haggle if you're thinking of cancelling your subscription. Sky would rather offer you a discount than see you go as we mentioned before.

How Much Can You Save?

The amount you can save depends on how good you are at haggling! In general, you can expect to save between 15% and 20% off your bill. However, some people have reported saving as much as 50%!

Haggling may seem daunting, but it's really not that difficult – and the savings are definitely worth it. So next time your Sky bill comes through, pick up the phone and give it a try! You may be surprised at how much you can save.

Top 10 Sky TV Haggling Tips

Ok, you had a quick read and understand why haggling is important to saving you money every month on your Sky bill.

You've also prepared by knowing what other companies offer, what channels you actually watch, and how much they cost. Now it's time to get into the nitty-gritty of haggling and saving money! Here are the top ten tips:

1. Contact Sky and Make Sure you go to Disconnections Department

sky deals for existing customers image shows someone asking to speak to sky cancellations to get a better deal

When you call, make sure you are in the right department, the customer retention department or disconnections team are the department whose job is to keep you. Make no mistake. They will have internal targets on their retention rate.

To get through to this department, follow the instructions that are "I want to Leave Sky'

Once you are through to this department, make sure:

  • You are charming and friendly: Being aggressive won't help you want the advisor to help you and get you the best deal possible.
  • Be armed with the right information: Know what other companies are offering, and be aware of any price rises that Sky has made in recent months.
  • Keep Your Cool: This isn't a life or death situation.
  • Don't panic when if they call your bluff and say they will disconnect you: Remember this is a game to them too, so they might say, ok we will disconnect you, you will no longer have access to X, Y, and Z. Be calm and go along with it, they need to know it's serious and they could lose your business.
  • Please don't fill the silence: Let them do the work. It is up to them to keep you, not up to you to keep them.
  • If you fail, try again: Not all customer advisors are great, so try again if you get through to someone who isn't helpful.

Top Phrases That Will Make Them Take you Seriously

You know you need to be charming, but what phrases can you use that will make them take you seriously? Here are a few:

A smart customer

"My energy bill has risen, and I can no longer afford the luxury of Sky."

Use the Cost of Living crisis. Yes, it's not great that energy and gas are rising but use them to your advantage to save money. Sky also know that their service is a luxury, not a necessity.

"I have been a customer for many years, and I am not happy with the service I have received."

Be sure to use this one if you actually have been with Sky for many years. They will want to keep your business.

"I understand you are trying to help me, but I need a better deal, or I will have to leave."

This is a strong phrase to use, and they know that you could go elsewhere.

"I am looking at your competitors and the deals they are offering, can you match or beat this?"

They will want to keep up with the competition, so this is a good way to see if they will drop their prices.

"I really don't want to leave, but I will unless you can give me a better deal."

This phrase shows that you are serious about leaving, and they need to act now before it's too late."

"It's still a lot of money."

This is a good way to show that you understand what they are offering, but it's still a lot of money, so can they do any better.


"I need to think about it."

This is a good way to end the call. It shows that you are not 100% sure, and you need time to think about it. They will keep you on the phone but be firm and say you need to go.


"My partner will kill me if I keep this for Sky."

We all have that one person in our life, who is the money saver, use this to your advantage.


Haggling is a skill, and like any skill, it takes practice. The more you do it, the better you will get. So don't be afraid to give it a go the next time you call Sky!

2. Don't Accept the First Offer

don't accept the first offer sky deals for existing customers

The first offer Sky will usually make is not the best deal. If you want to save money, be prepared to haggle and don't accept the first offer they give you. Say it's still not affordable to you, and you think sticking with Freeview is still the best option.

Note: This is a hardball technique and not guaranteed to work, but it's worth a try. When you cancel Sky, you must give 31 days' notice meaning Sky have 31 days to call you back to keep you.

3. Audit Your Existing Sky TV Package

Before you call Sky, take a look at the channels you actually watch and see if you need all of them. If not, downgrade your package to save some money. You might be paying for extras like multiroom that you don't even use.

For instance, if you are on Sky Q, are you paying for ultra HD but aren't really using it? You may have opted for Sky TV upgrades over the years but are you using them or overpaying without realising it. Some extras to look out for:

  • Sky ultimate tv
  • Sky Kids package
  • Sky talk

4. Do you use Sky Sports all Year? If not, NOW TV Might Save You Money

You might be a Sports fan, but do you use Sky Sports all year round? If not, other options like NOW TV might save you money.

NOW TV is a contract-free streaming service from Sky that offers Sports, Movies, and Entertainment passes. The prices work out cheaper than Sky's full packages because you only pay for the content you want to watch.

sky sports vs now tv sports

For example, a Sky Sports day pass currently costs £11.99, and a monthly pass costs £29.99. Although this is more expensive than adding on to Sky if you only need sports for certain matches it could be cheaper. If you watch Sky Sports for 7 months out of 12 it is cheaper than paying for 12 months worth of Sky Sports that you are tied in to a contract with! 

Tip: If you are a group of friends who want sports together, why not consider splitting the cost of a NOW TV day Sports pass when the game is on and watch together!

Are you Really Getting Value From Sky Sports These Days?

Sky Sports channels arent the powerhouse they once were, with other providers like BT Sport and even Amazon Prime getting rights to show live sport.

If you're not really getting value from it, then it might be time to cancel or downsize your subscription. If you are an Amazon Prime member, make sure to check which games they are streaming.

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5. Don't Be Afraid to Walk Away

don't be afraid to walk away from sky to get better deal

If Sky doesn't give you a good offer, be prepared to walk away. There are plenty of other TV providers out there who would love your business. You may have to play hardball in the first instance, but remember they are a business that relies on profits meaning it is in their interest to keep you as a customer.

This means you need to be Prepared to Wait.

The Sky may not be able to give you an answer straight away, so be prepared to wait a few days for a response. If they can't meet your demands, tell them you're going to cancel and see if they come back with a better offer.

6. Use the Competition Against Them

Tell Sky that you're considering switching to another provider because they offer better value for money. This will usually prompt Sky to give you a better offer.

7. Ask for Freebies or Extras

One way to sweeten the deal is to ask for freebies or extras. This could include a discount on your broadband, phone, or even an upgrade to a more expensive package.

Tip: Do this after they have offered you a discount you are happy with, say you are satisfied with the price but still not sure, ask politely if there is anything else they can give you for free.

8. Haggle When Your Contract Is Up for Renewal

The best time to haggle is when your contract is up for renewal. When you're in contract, you have no real negotiating power and could be charged early penalty fees. When you're up for renewal, could you make a note in your diary and call them?

Tip: Call them even if you are happy with the current price you never know what discount they could offer you.

9. Have Sky Broadband? Check Comparison Websites

TV and broadband is the dream combination for Sky, but it could be limiting the deal you are getting.

So If you have everything with Sky, this is even more reason for them to fight and save your business. However, it is worth checking the latest offers from other providers before you call.

Things to check on your Sky broadband

  • Which package are you on? for example, Sky broadband essential or Sky broadband superfast.
  • What average download speed are you getting? Have you been happy with it? If not, tell them!
  • You can use websites like uSwitch, Compare the Market, and Broadband Choices to compare deals. This will give you an idea of what else is out there and how much you could be saving.

10. Paying for Sky Cinema? Use Another Movie Streaming Service

sky deals for existing customers table showing differences between sky cinema and other providers like Netflix

You don't need to be loyal to Sky when it comes to Sky Cinema, also known as Sky Movies. If you are a movie fan and enjoy movies, there are cheaper options, and you could save yourself at least £3 a month by using a different service like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV.

Sky Deals For Existing Customers: Bottom Line

Haggling with Sky can save you money, but it takes a bit of effort. The tips in this article should help make the process a little easier.

Remember to be polite but firm, and be prepared to walk away if they don't give you a good offer. Use the competition against them to get the best deal. If all else fails, walk away. There are many alternatives!

Did you manage to get a better deal? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Can Existing Customers get Sky Deals?

Yes, follow the tips in this guide to get the best sky deals for existing customers. It starts with a bit of research and a phone call.

What do you say to Sky to get a Better Deal?

You say you want to cancel because it is no longer affordable in short. For more information, follow the phrases we have set out in this guide.

How can I Reduce my Sky package?

Start first by looking at your existing bill and if there is any part of your sky tv package you are not using, cut these first. Then call Sky and tell them you are leaving (providing you are out of contract) and let them work to keep you.

What Deals are Sky TV Offering?

Sky have a habit of keeping the best deals a secret. That’s why you need to follow the guidelines laid out in this guide to get the best possible deal.

How long do I have to leave Sky to become a new customer?

Usually 12 months.

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