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starling bank review

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You've probably heard of Starling bank from your friends or their TV adverts, but you might wonder what Starling bank is and should you trust it with your money?

I like you had these same questions. After joining Starling bank, I wanted to share an honest Starling Bank review to showcase Starling and answer the many questions surrounding this new type of banking.


Starling Bank Account Summary

Starling Bank is an award-winning challenger bank. Offering accounts to suit everyone, including personal, joint and business. Their Starling personal account is also suitable for Teens aged 16+, and for children, they offer a Kite card linked to a parent account. 

Customer service

24/7 UK based support through app and phone or email its no wonder Starling get fantastic reviews from its customers. 


Regulated by the financial conduct authority just like a regular bank and a app that you can instantly get notified of any transactions and freeze your card makes Starling very secure. 


Packed with benefits that save you money all in a FREE bank account such a:

- No travel fees when using your card abroad

- Spare change round up to help you save money

What is Starling Bank?

Starling is a full UK bank account.

Starling’s vision is to ‘create a better bank for everyone. And so far, they have lived up to this promise, Winning Britain's Best Bank in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021! 

Starling Bank has certainly made an impact since it was founded in 2014. The key difference with Starling vs your other long-established banks like Barclays is that it is an app-based mobile account. This has to lead to many, including myself asking:

what is starling bank? image shows starling current account, starling business debit card and starling app

Can Starling Bank be Trusted? 

(Is it a member of the financial services compensation scheme?)

In short, yes, Starling is absolutely a real bank with a UK banking license with FCA protection for its users. It is regulated by the financial conduct authority just like a high street bank is.

In recent years, Challenger banks like Starling have really pushed the limits of banking, offering capabilities that you would traditionally have a queue at a bank for. 

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Good to Know About Starling Bank

Starling debit card

Starling personal account debit card

  • Starling bank accounts are entirely managed through the app or your desktop. It used to be a mobile-only bank account. You can do pretty much everything on the app to manage your current account without having to visit a bank. You can even take a photo of a cheque up to £500 and deposit it!
  • You receive a contactless Mastercard debit card. It comes in a beautiful teal colour, far from the boring cards I used to get from high street banks.
  • Apple pay, Google pay and Garmin pay are compatible.
  • Cash deposits are made via the Post Office. 
  • You get real-time notifications on your phone every time money is deposited or paid out of your account.

Who is Starling Bank Owned By?

You won't find Starling on the stock market, and that is because it is privately owned. 24% are owned by CEO and founder Anne Boden, employees and ex-employees, and an employee benefits trust set up for employees. The rest are private investors.

Who is Starling Bank owned by?

Starling Bank majority holder

What are the benefits of Starling bank?

You now know what Starling is about, but you probably wonder if it's worth setting up an account and what you actually get with this bank. Here's a breakdown of all the features:

Starling bank app

Starling app

The core difference with a Starling current account compared with other bank accounts is its innovative app.

Designed in my opinion with you in mind, Starling gives you information at your fingertips so that you can take control of your spending.

Here's what you can do in the app:

Lock or Freeze Your Card

If you've ever lost or had your card stolen, you know how scary the experience is. If this happens with a Starling card, all you need to do is open up your Starling bank app, tap the card and just lock the card.

This will block all payments from your current account. You can do this in seconds!

Get Spending Insights

This automatically groups together similar purchases, for instance, shopping or eating out. This helps you take control of your spending habits with insights that can help you save money in the future.

If you knew that coffee out was costing you £60 a month, for instance, would you change your habits?

Check out the video below, showing exactly how this feature works.

Paperless Statements

Starling bank account spaces

You might wonder how you get a bank statement with an online-only current account on earth. It's actually easier than you think. Within the app, you can produce PDF or CSV statements.

This is great if you need to prove your earnings for any credit checks, and if you want to put your expenditure into a spreadsheet, you can do it easily.

Ability to Set up Savings pots (Without Having to Open Another Bank Account)

This is a really great and easy feature that you can set up again in seconds. When I had a traditional high street current account, I had to set up a separate savings account to keep my savings separate.

With a Starling account, you can do it all within the app. I love adding pictures to my goals, which makes them personal. 2022 update: You can now pay bills from your saving spaces, making it even easier to set money aside.

Tip: Use your savings pots to set aside money for key spending like a Grocery shop. 

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App Marketplace

Starling bank app marketplace

With the app marketplace, you have the ability to integrate other services to make your banking experience even better. A few usual apps on the marketplace are:

  • Flux: this handy app provides digital receipts straight to your starling app when you shop at Flux enabled retailers like H&M and KFC.
  • Tail: A cashback app that links directly with Starling. No messing around with this app. You just use your card and redeem. No codes or coupons required- nice!

If you decide to set up the loyalty and receipts, feature then it's easy to access your receipts by tapping a card in the app, then 'loyalty and receipts.

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Instant Spending Notifications

Starling spending notifications

One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile banking platform is the instant notifications for spending. In my opinion, this adds an extra layer of protection against you going into an overdraft.

If you are unfortunate where fraud happens, you can deal with it instantly. 

Round up Spending

starling bank round up spare change in starling app

If you are terrible at putting money aside, this is the feature for you.

In a nutshell, round up spending automatically rounds up your purchases to the nearest pound and adds them to any savings pot you enable it on.

Tip: Want to save money faster? You can increase your round up amounts by up to x10 so that you save money quicker!

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Mobile Cheque Deposits

There is no need to worry about not depositing it with Starling. Within the app, you can deposit cheques of up to £500 by just taking a picture!

If your cheque is for more than £500, you can still deposit it into your account, but you will need to post it.

Spending Abroad: Starling as a Travel card

When I first heard about Starling current account years ago, a big benefit was its dual use as a travel card. That is still true today. Here's why:

  • 0 Fees abroad - you can use your card in 190 different countries, and you won't get charged, specifically anywhere you see the Mastercard logo. 
  • That includes any ATM withdrawals (there may be local ATM charges)
  • Great exchange rates - Use your card and benefit from the Mastercard exchange rate without any added fees
  • 24/7 UK based customer support if you need a hand whilst you're out of the country
  • No need to let Starling know you are going on holiday. Your card works from the off.

can I use my starling card to travel

Other Cool Features that I Love about the Starling Current Account

  • Settle up - If you are going out with friends and want to split the bill quickly, you can easily settle up. You can pay the bill and send your friends a secure link to pay you back the rest.
  • Additional connected card - Not used this myself, but a great feature nonetheless. If you want someone to go and do your shopping, you can order them a card, and they can spend up to £200 on your behalf.
  • Log in via desktop - a new feature that was very much requested has now been delivered. So if you are worried about losing your phone and not having access to your bank, you need not worry. You can now access Starling on your Desktop computer too.
  • Personal and joint accounts available: Yes, you can get both accounts if you want to share a Starling bank account with someone. Find out more in Best Joint Bank Account
  • ATM withdrawals happen the same way you can use any and withdraw your money.
  • Send international money transfers: You can send and receive international money transfers.
  • Earn interest on your account: Yes, you earn interest monthly on your balance of 0.05%.
  • Starling debit card is made from recycled plastic.

Starling Bank Reviews - What Do Customers Say?

Changing banks or just setting up another account is a big decision. After all, we don't want to give out our personal details willingly. It's important to go with a bank that you can trust.

And even if you plan just to use Starling for a second account or travel, so still want to know if this is a bank you can trust - I know I did.

Before signing up to Starling myself, I researched other sources that would be hard to fake to see what the 'many' thought of Starling. Here's what I found:

Starling Bank Reviews

review of Starling bank

Trustpilot is a great source of information as you have to be a verified purchase to review. It's not the kind of place where people can just buy reviews. As of writing, Starling has over 20,000 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars which is incredible.

To give you an idea of how good the reviews are that Starling has received both in quantity and quality, I compared all the major banks featured in Trust Pilot to see where Starling fits. As you can see, Starling comes out on top for both the number of reviews by users and the overall rating.

Starling bank reviews


Starling has won best bank for the last 3 years from the Best British Bank awards. According to the British banking awards, this is like the Oscars for the banking world! It has also been awarded business banking customer satisfaction by Finder and a recommended provider for current accounts by Which?.

starling bank awards

How does Starling Bank Work?

Getting an account with Starling is really easy. There are a few different accounts you can consider. In this Starling bank review, I have mainly concentrated on the benefits of the personal account; however, Starling does offer something for everyone. Here are the different options available:

Personal current account

It's easy to open a personal current account (Starling offers solo and joint). You don't need to make an appointment at a bank or on the phone. You can do it whilst sitting in the comfort of your home.

To open a personal account, go to Starling bank, put your number in the portal, and they will send you a link to sign up.

To be eligible for a personal account:

  • You must be aged 16 or over (making this a great account for teenagers). 
  • You will need a valid photo ID such as a driving license or passport.
  • UK resident
  • They will ask you to record a video of yourself saying a phrase to protect you from identity fraud. Starling promises that this process will take around 5 minutes, which is SO much quicker than making an appointment and then going into a bank!

As shown earlier in this article, you will receive a contactless MasterCard debit card and be able to set up standing orders and direct debits through the app.

You can also connect instantly through Apple wallet as soon as your account is accepted and start using your account before your card arrives!

You might be wondering what happens from a cash point of view since this is an online mobile bank, so it's good to know you still can withdraw and deposit cash. Here's how:

  • You can make up to 6 withdrawals a day with your Starling bank card, a maximum of £300 at any ATM.
  • If you want to deposit cash, you can do that too, just visit any post office branch to do so. Note this is capped at £20,000 of cash deposits per year.

From an earning interest perspective, you do earn some, but it's small, 0.05% on balances up to £85,000.

Starling Connected Card

Starling bank connected card

Starlings connected card is what the name suggests a card connected to yours. This is a card that you can order to allow someone you trust to spend on your behalf. The card is designed to be given to trusted friends, family or carers to stop the hassle of transferring money or splitting a bill.

Although the card is capped at £200, this is perfect for Grocery shopping. The £200 for the connected card is stored in a separate space in your Starling account. If you rely on the support of someone else, this is a fantastic service that I can't believe other banks haven't thought of sooner!

Cost: Although many things come free with Starling for this service, there is a small cost of £2 a month.

Starling Kite Account

starling kite children connected account

If you have children under the age of 16, this might be something you want to consider. Starling Kite is like a pocket money current account for ages 6-16.

It sits as a space in your personal account like the connected card. The benefit of this is that it makes it easy to transfer pocket money into a secure place for your child to access.

Good to know: Children can work towards their own savings goals, and you can cap any spending.

Cost: Because this is an additional service there is a small charge of £2 a month.

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Starling Business accounts

Starling business accounts

If you have a business, you should look into Starling banks Business accounts offered to sole traders and limited companies for no monthly fees. Business account holders get access to benefits including:

There are no fees for the Starling business account unless you opt for an additional business tool kit which costs £7 a month for extra bookkeeping, invoicing and VAT features.

You can hold both a personal and business account and easily switch between your accounts in the app.

Good to know: you can have a personal and business account and switch between them easily in the app.

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Starling Banks Euro Account

Starling account also has a unique service offering in its launch of the Euro account. This is both for personal and business accounts. The Euro account is free for personal accounts and just £2 a month for business. When you send money abroad, it gives you the exchange rate. 

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Is Starling Bank Safe?

It depends on what you mean by safe. A few things came to mind for me before I joined Starling. I really wanted to know:

Does Starling make money, i.e. is it financially secure?

As with any new business growing rapidly and innovating at such a pace, profit usually doesn't come hand in hand. However, I can tell you that as of late 2020, Starling entered profitability. They are the first digital bank in the UK to do this.

Is my Money Safe with Starling?

Starling has a full banking license and is protected up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, £170,000 for joint accounts. The FCA also regulates them. This means it must adhere to strict rules on protecting money for its users and treating customers fairly. It also means you as a customer have an escalation route should you not resolve something.

More information about Starling Joint Account read: Starling joint account review

From a data perspective, Starling says it uses advanced data encryption and storing technologies that ensure your personal information and transactions are secured safely.

How to Open a Starling Bank Account

To open an account with Starling is really easy. Here's how you do it:

  1. Head over the Starling website
  2. Pop your mobile number in the box
  3. use the link they send you to download the app
  4. Select the account you want to apply for
  5. Complete your details and upload your documents by taking a picture

You will need proof of address and ID, if you haven't been living in the UK very long and need a account that doesn't ask for proof of address, you could also consider Monese as a option. 

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Starling Bank Alternatives

Monzo:If you've heard of Starling, chances are you have probably heard of Monzo, which is one of its main competitors. Starling and Monzo have lots in common as they are both mobile-only banks.Find out more in this related article: Monzo V Starling: Which is better for you?

Starling vs Monzo what do customers say image shows how they compare for customer reviews

Revolut:  Find out more in this article Starling Bank Vs Revolut.

Monese: Another online bank is Monese which offers similar functionality the main difference being it is not a registered UK Bank. More information can be found here: Monese Review

Starling Bank Account Final Thoughts

In summary, Starling has a lot to offer anyone who wants a complete banking solution that you can control from the palm of your hands. Entering it's first full year of profitability in 2022 means Starling is now a real contender to the traditional high street banks. 

Of course, no bank is perfect. Here is what I have found to be the pros and cons:


  • Super easy to set up
  • No need to leave your home to get a new account
  • Customer service is available 24/7 and based in the UK
  • Get for use as a travel card as there are no fees
  • App gives you spending notifications
  • Recently added desktop mode
  • Excellent reviews and reputation
  • Easy to save money through round ups


  • Only available to UK residents
  • No physical banks if you really want to speak to a person

Starling Bank Faq

Does starling offer a joint account?

Yes, Starling bank does offer a joint account. 

Does Starling do personal loans?

Right now, Starling does not offer personal loans. 

Can I trust Starling bank?

Starling current accounts like other high street banks are regulated by the financial conduct authority so it has to hold high standards. 

Is Starling bank better than Monzo?

Starling and Monzo are both fantastic current accounts. But the answer depends on your needs, this article on Starling V Monzo should help you decide.

Starling Bank
Starling bank review

Starling Bank is an award winning bank account. Offering accounts to suit everyone including personal, joint and business. Their personal account is also suitable for Teens aged 16+ and for children they offer a Kite card which is linked to a parent account. Find out if Starling bank is for you

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