July 9, 2021

Starling Euro account review

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If you’re looking for a dedicated euro account in the UK that offers the best features and benefits, then Starling Bank could be worth it. In this Starling Euro account review, we will go through the ins and outs of the service.

Starling is an innovative digital bank account in the UK with very little fees on international money transfers and low-cost overdrafts.

With competitive interest rates on savings accounts as well as budgeting tools to help you manage your finances, it is one of the best-rated banks in the UK. 

Let's find out if its multi-currency account is up to scratch. 

What is a Euro Currency Account?

A euro currency account allows you to send and receive currency in GBP and Euros. For example, with a Starling euro bank account, you get an international bank account number which will enable you to trade in pounds and euros.

Banks like Starling offer this benefit with no monthly fees for personal customers and just £2 a month for Business customers. 

Who should get a euro currency account?

Anyone living in the UK with euro transactions or needs euro currency should consider opening a euro bank account as it will save you money on euro transaction fees.

This could make your personal and business lives easier as transferring money between GBP and Euro is easy. 

Consider a currency account for Euros if:

You carry lots of transactions in Euro and want to avoid additional fees.

 If you are a UK citizen but have property in Europe.

If you are a European ex-pat living in the UK but have family who you send money or receive money from euro countries

 If you have a UK business that has supplies that deal in Euros. and want to make and receive payments

What is Starling bank?

what is starling bank

Starling Bank is a digital bank in the United Kingdom that launched in 2012. The company was established as an innovative challenger bank for people dissatisfied with traditional banking products and services.

Starling has managed to re-imagine banking products and delivery to be more personal, valuable and meaningful to modern customers.

The firm operates without any hidden fees on international money transfers - meaning that there are no currency charges for sending euros abroad or receiving currencies from abroad. All you pay is a 0.4% conversion fee which Starling say is to cover their costs. 

To find out more, read our Starling Bank review

Starling Bank Euro account

starling bank euro account

Launched in 2019, Starling upgraded their existing accounts to allow for a reliable euro account option.

This account allows you with a single debit card to send and receive payments in euros with both personal and business accounts.

There is no monthly account fees for current account customers and just £2 a month for business users.

This is a perfect option for anyone who has transactions in Euro and wants to avoid additional fees.

Interested in Starling Business?: Read full Starling Business account review here. 

How Does the Starling Euro Bank Account Work?

The Starling Bank Euro account works by integrating into your existing Starling account.

Your added account will come with an international bank number and IBAN. This means that you can send money to any country in the Eurozone from your starling account. 

Account Features

Free for personal use

Sign up here or go in the app if you already have an account. £2 a month for business account holders. 

Transfer money 24/7

That includes bank holidays and weekends.

See the exchange rate

Before you transfer so you know precisely much it costs.

Single debit card

Both personal and business accounts can operate both accounts from one Mastercard debit card. 


It provides a current individual account with its IBAN, and you can be confident knowing that your total Starling deposits are covered up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Set up from the comfort of your home

Activate the Starling bank app. A great advantage over high street banks where you would have to book an appointment. 

What exchange rate & fees does Starling bank use?

Starling Bank never adds hidden fees or markups to their exchange rates. The exchange rate you'll see is the real exchange rate (interbank exchange rate).

This is the actual market rate that you are charged for buying and selling currencies. They guarantee that rate for one minute so that you actually get to use the rate you've been quoted.

When you make an international transfer - including a transfer between your Starling accounts in different currencies - they add a 0.4% fee to the transaction. They say will always make sure you know about it before you make the transfer.

Summary of fees

starling bank



Account Fees


£2 a Month

24/7 Transfer Window

Interest & Negative interest

No interest up to 50,000 EUR

-0.5% interest over 50,000 EUR

No interest up to 50,000 EUR

-0.5% interest over 50,000 EUR

Cash Withdrawal

No fees

No fees


How do I get a Starling Bank Euro account?

For a Starling Business Euro account or Personal Euro current account, you must already have an account at Starling Bank.

Don't worry if you don't already have one. It's straightforward to set up from the comfort of your home.

Open a Starling Bank euro account by following these steps

For new customers

Visit Starling and input your mobile number to have the Starling app link sent to you. 

Complete verification

Complete the verification checks through the Starling app, you will need some form of ID to verify your identity, the app will direct you to what exactly you need

Once you have a account

It is really easy just select New account, then click on your name and Euro should appear. Then just follow the instructions. 

Starling Bank account customer reviews

review of Starling bank

Starling Bank is ranked 'Excellent' by Trustpilot 4.4 out of 5.0 stars and has a rating of over 22,000 reviews. Starling Customers cite outstanding customer service and feelings of confidence in banking. 

Here are a few quotes about the EUR service:

euro account Starling
starling euro

It should also be noted Starling has won many awards, such as the Best British Bank for 3 years running 2018, 2019 & 2020.

Other euro bank accounts

If you want to know what other options are out there, here are a few, many high street banks will allow you to receive euros, but there could be a small conversion fee. 

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Barclays offer personal euro account and US dollar accounts, but you must have a Barclays sterling account to be eligible.

  • Service only available Monday-Friday
  • Barclays Euro account is limited only to 18 years old UK Residents.
  • You must apply in-branch only you cant do it from your home. 


Revolut uk banking

Another one of the challenger banks, Revolut, is also a good option. It's one of the cheapest options for euro account holders.

  • Revolut offer free bank transfers in euros and across borders with no fees under £1,000
  • You can apply straight in the app.
  • Revolut also does not have a UK banking license yet and is not regulated like other banks but has its own form of protection it is currently trying to obtain a UK banking license.

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HSBC accounts


The HSBC Currency Account is an easy-to-manage currency holding an account with no monthly account fee. You can choose from 14 major currencies and open a separate account for each one to store, send and receive money, so you're never without your favourite!

Designed to support your international lifestyle, hassle-free access via online banking means that you will be able to manage the finances of any country or continent and cut out expensive transaction fees when making transactions in different countries using their own local currency.

This is a choice if you want to trade in multiple currencies. 

Starling Euro Current account Summary

If you need a bank account to send and receive money in Euros or have friends and family abroad who you send and receive money, then this account is for a great option. 

One of the best features about Starling Euro Accounts is that they don't charge any hidden fees when transferring between currencies. It's really easy to set up just go it through the app, no messing around. 

You can also set up notifications, so it is easy to keep track of transactions within the app too! The only downside I found was that it doesn't offer more than one currency. So if, like me, some of my income gets paid in other currencies (like US Dollars), then I'll need an alternative option by Barclays or HSBC. 

What do you think of the Starling Euro account? Is it a good option for you? Let me know in the comments below! 

starling Euro bank account Faq

Does Starling Bank have a euro account?

Yes, since 2019 see the article above for full details.

Can I bank euros in the UK?

Yes, you need to have a special account if you want to avoid hefty fees. Starling has a great offer for both personal and business customers.

Do I need to have multiple debit cards?

Not with many of the bank accounts listed, Starling, for example, operate from a single debit card meaning all your account is in one place.

Is my money safe with a Euro account? 

It is safe, as safe as it would be in a normal UK current account. Pick an account that has FSCS protection and you are safe up to £85,000. 

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