Money Goals you Should Start In Feb 2022

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New year's resolutions, in many cases, are not effective. According to research by Sundried, 43% of people expect to abandon their New Years’ goals by February.

Starting your Money Goals for 2022 in February, after being paid for the first time since Christmas, might be the solution to achieving them.

Make a Budget

Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or have plenty of money to put into your savings, it is essential to set a budget.


Audit Monthly Bills

When was the last time you reviewed your recurring bills to ensure everything you’re paying for is something you need or even use?


Pay off Credit Card Debt

If you’ve had an expensive Christmas, it's likely you may have some credit card debt. Prioritise paying this off first. 


Start Investing

Investing has never been more accessible than it is now with fintech apps like Robinhood, Betterment and Acorns leading the charge to break down barriers for all investors


Spare Change Round-up App

Round up apps like Cleo round up payments you make, saving lots of minor amounts each day, which does add up to quite a bit over time

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