Cleo App: Could you Save Money?

What is Cleo?

Cleo is a free budgeting app that connects you your existing bank and helps you save money with its quirky personality. Cleo is packed full of features to help those who struggle to budget.

How Does Cleo Work?

The Cleo app is easy to set up. After you download the app, you'll link it to your bank account and connect it to your banking apps or bank. It works on a read-only service, meaning it cannot access your bank account or see actual details that could put your financial information at risk..

Cleo can connect to your Facebook Messenger and you can ask it questions!!

Cleo Helps you Budget

The app uses ai to let you know what you can afford to spend and save

Ask Cleo Questions

You can ask Cleo lots of questions just like a PA

Cleo users love how easy Cleo is to use and how fun it makes saving money

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