July 26, 2020

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Drop shipping directories are great but they come at a price. Worldwide brands is one of the most long established drop shipping directories.

But what you need to know is that is it worth you investing your money into?

In this Worldwide brands review I am going to take you through everything you need to know before joining.

And if you actually need to!

My mission in this review is to provide the most up to date accurate information. It’s the reason why I have spent weeks researching to give you everything you should know before parting with any cash.

What is a wholesale/drop ship directory service?

A wholesale/dropship directory is exactly what it sounds like. It is a directory of verified and vetted suppliers. You are not actually purchasing goods from a company like Worldwide brands. They are like the middle man that is connecting you to great suppliers. See the picture below which explains in a nutshell.

dropship directory service

A lot of online retailers choose to pay for a directory service for a few reasons:

What is Worldwide brands?

Worldwide Brands, also referred to as WWB is a Florida company that was founded in 1999 by Chris Malta.

Chris Malta, still the founder today has spent years owning his own e-commerce business and has worked closely with Amazon and Ebay executives.

He set up Worldwide brands to help others achieve their dreams of having a successful e-commerce business connecting legitimate suppliers to legitimate retailers.

The company is classified as a wholesale directory service that connects you to millions of products and thousands of suppliers. Worldwide Brands is not an actual supplier and they do not sell you anything.

The company is the only publisher of wholesale product sourcing information that is certified exclusively by eBay.

Worldwide Brands connects you to 16 million products and 8,000 suppliers for a one-time fee. After you get access to the service, you get the opportunity to work with all of the suppliers without any limitations.

This is a big benefit to other services like Doba where you have a limit based on your subscription.

You have the option to drop ship products directly to your customers or purchase the products in bulk and ship them yourself.

Who is Worldwide brands for?

You are reading this Worldwide brands review ultimately to see if the service right for you.

We have already established that Worldwide Brands is a directory service connecting you to the business with legitimate suppliers.

They cater to 3 different types of online businesses:

  • Wholesale – Where you are looking to buy products in bulk that you plan to store yourself and ship directly to your customers.
  • Wholesale light bulk – this option quite unique to WWB they put you in front of suppliers who will ship wholesale to you but you can opt to for smaller orders
  • Drop shipping – This business model usually utilised by new businesses or business that are trialling a product. Drop shipping is where the supplier will fulfil your order, you business simply advertises the product.

If you are planning on a purely drop shipping business and are just starting out Salehoo is also worth considering as they specialise in this aspect more than WWB, read this review too before you make your mind up. You can find it here.

If you are not looking at any of the above then WWB is defiantly not for you.

How do Worldwide Brands make money?

Worldwide brands income source comes from membership, they actually do not charge for suppliers to be featured in their directory.

This is good to know as it means that suppliers are not paying a premium to deal with you. Your membership cost is to cover WWB verification process.

Is Worldwide brands legit?

In short yes, Worldwide brands in defiantly legit. It’s one of the reasons i decided to write this worldwide brands review as I have seen it as a common question, so you’re not alone in asking this.

Worldwide brands are one of the oldest supplier directories in the business. Established in 1999 Worldwide brands have been operating for over two decades now. So I think we would know if they were up to something fishy.

In fact, Worldwide brands celebrated a milestone with BBB in 2003 (better business bureau) for being a member for 10 years they have in that time received a A+ accreditation which the highest.

Is worldwide brands a scam

This is a great way to know the business is 100% legit and defiantly not a scam.

Places like Entrepreneur, Brides, and National Geographic Channel have featured suppliers that are listed in the Worldwide Brands Directory on their television shows or print magazines. In addition, Worldwide Brands has been featured in the Home Business Magazine for several years in a row as a Top Home Business Opportunity.

Is worldwide brands legit

Worldwide brands is not like one of those Ebay listings where you can buy 1000 suppliers for $1 that are full of gone bust illegitimate suppliers, its the real deal and that’s why its costs a bit more.

How do Worldwide brands verify suppliers?

If you do decide to go with Worldwide brands you want to be confident they are doing everything to protect your business from non legitimate suppliers.

Worldwide brands actually boast that many suppliers that they find don’t actually make the cut into their directory. Each supplier you will find has to be a genuine factory direct wholesaler or manufacturer of the products they carry and they must work with online retailers.

They also attend major wholesale trade shows across the US and around the world to network and meet new suppliers. After they have details each supplier is then vetted by WWB before they are added to the directory.

WWB say “Our industry-leading qualification process ensures that your business is connected to top wholesalers with REAL wholesale prices. We build personal relationships with all of our Wholesalers. They know they are listed in our Directory and look forward to opening wholesale accounts with our members!’

Is Worldwide brands worth it?

Ultimately you are reading this Worldwide brands review because you want to know if the price of Worldwide brands is worth it.

Let’s take some time to go through what is included in the cost of your subscription. Then the question you need to ask yourself is will you make use of these features.

Supplier database

The first obvious benefit you get with Worldwide brands is a vast supplier database that they have verified themselves. Boasting over 8000+ suppliers, and 16million different product choices. This is the reason you join in the first place.

If you live in the USA there is a added benefit to which you can search for suppliers in the US only, this is great benefit commercially as you could advertise on your website or store that the goods are made in the USA, check out my article on this here.

Before you contact any supplier you can look at how long they have been registered with WWB and if they sell to Ebay or Amazon sellers.

Search functionality

It’s worth mentioning here the search functionality. I found it to be very easy in the search bar you have various options you can search by product choice, product brand or location i.e. Florida. So whether you are a wholesaler looking to buy in bulk or a drop shipper looking for a supplier close by the directory is easy to navigate. There are also lots of categories, and you might be wondering what’s available. See below picture for all categories you can find in Worldwide brands directory.

worldwide brand categories

Buy in Lightbulk

If you ecommerce business is going to be wholesale and not dropship then I really think WWB have something unique for you. Not only do they have a vast directory of legitimate suppliers but they also have found legitimate suppliers that will ship in what they refer to as “light bulk” this simply means you don’t need to place a large order.

This is a fantastic feature if you are just starting out as you may not have the capital to place large orders, light bulk means you can place a initial order of $500 or less.

Worldwide brands search

Product request

Worldwide Brands already boasts a 16million catalogue of products but if you still can’t find what you are looking for then they have another service.

The product request team is a dedicated team who will research and find you suppliers for specific needs, its simple to do once you are a member. Simply login and submit product request. You can even set up a notification so that when they find a supplier you find out straight away.

worldwide brands product request

Online Video training series from Chris Malta

Worldwide brands seem to want to get your business off on the right foot, what I like is they provide some really helpful guides so that you stay on the right side legally not only with your suppliers but your business. The best part is that it is all included in the one-off fee they charge.

If you are brand new to e-commerce some of these videos are really helpful, especially if you live in the USA as they go through the basics like getting your tax ID and what to even look at selling online.

After the basic videos, you also have access to the education suite that is written by Chris Malta himself, that says to me the founder is still very much involved in this business. Again if you are new to e-commerce and this is your first online business then you might find this training really valuable.

Worldwide brands video series

Product analysis Tool

A great feature if you haven’t decided yet what your store should sell. What WWB are doing here is again trying to get your business off on the right track but giving you a free tool to research if your product is likely to sell.

The tool is family simple you have 3 scales; maybe, good keyword and very good. Of course we ideally want the very good.

It then generates different keyword variations, Ebay and Amazon selling prices so very useful if you are planning to sell on these platforms.

You then have the option to add to your research list, this tool should help work out what prices you need to buy in your products at.


Finally included in the membership is access to their forum. Here you can find valuable information to the most common topics or questions. It’s a great opportunity to also network with other businesses that are in the boat as you.

The app

A more recent addition to the membership is the WWB app. This is pretty good as it allows you to do business on your mobile device without having to be tied to a desk. If you prefer to use you phone than your PC then this could be a good feature for you.

The Newsletter

A free weekly newsletter is shared should you want to read about what is going on. Each week WWB share tips and ideas. They also share news about any trade shows they have visited and what’s on offer. We don’t all have the money and time to visit trade shows, this is WWB sharing the information so you can stay up to date without spending the time or money.

Is Worldwide brands safe?

Importing from China can yield good profits, but it is unsafe because you do not know who you are buying from. Same goes for buying from any other country, even the United States. The company may seem legit but can scam you and ship you counterfeit goods that look exactly like the originals.

Thankfully, that is not an issue with the suppliers on Worldwide Brands. Every single supplier that is listed in the Worldwide Brands directory undergoes a strict verification process, which eliminates counterfeiting and fraud. Worldwide Brands finds a lot of their suppliers at wholesale trade shows across the United States

What do others say about Worldwide Brands?

Ok, so you’ve heard about the product and what its all about, but you might also want to know how others feel who have been using it for years. Well, I’m pleased to say it’s pretty well received.

In fact, I found it very hard to find a negative review! Trust pilot is always a good source as you have to have a legitimate purchase and WWB scores 4.9/5. The common theme for Worldwide Brands review is that the customer service is amazing, knowledgable, and always quick to get back to you.

worldwide brands review

WWB reviews

is worldwide brands a scam

How Much does WWB cost?

Worldwide brands offers a lifetime membership, it’s your only option to become a member but does mean you pay once and never again!

The normal cost of this membership is $299 but currently, as a member of Memoremoney.com, you can use the link below and get it at the time of writing for $224.

You could say reading this Worldwide Brands review has paid off nicely! You can pay by Paypal or credit card.

WWB discount 1

As soon as you pay for the membership you get instant access to everything discussed in this article forever.

As I mentioned even if you loose your email address and need access years later it seems WWB are more than happy to help out.

What if I cant afford to pay in one go?

The easiest option would be to put it on a credit card that has a 0% interest fee and pay it off however if this isn’t an option for you then you can opt to pay in 3 instalments. If you choose this option, you pay $99 for the first month, $110 for the second month, and $110 for the third month.

I don’t really recommend this method though because by doing this you don’t get to use the coupon as well. Therefore you will pay $299 rather than the discounted price.

Can I get a coupon or discount on Worldwide brands membership?

Yes! As I have stated above by being a member of memoremoney you can get at the time of writing a $75 discount! I’m not sure how long this discount will be around for so if you are interested get it whilst you can.

Can I get a free trial before committing?

Great question, if you are still unsure and want to see if Worldwide brands have on offer what you need for your business then I have some good news.

Currently, Worldwide Brands has a free preview feature in which they will let you into their supplier database.

This means if you know exactly what you want to order then you can log in and see if they have suppliers that match your needs. Want to give it a go? See the link below, make sure to come back for your coupon if you decide WWB has what you need.

How fast can I start selling?

After you set up your account, you can start working with suppliers immediately.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the informational videos that you are greeted with when joining. WWB has made it really easy to sign up with a supplier once you find one that suits your needs, when you click contact the sign up form is already premade to what details the supplier needs – handy!

In summary everything is made so you can start selling fast.

Can I cancel Worldwide brands account?

Peace of mind it’s important, especially if you are considering spending $224 on a service that you may never have heard of before. Luckily WWB recognizes the importance of peace of mind and satisfaction of its products. They offer a money-back guarantee.

If you paid for the membership in full, you have 60 days from the time of the initial purchase to cancel your account and get a full refund.

If you purchased the membership through the installments option, you will have 30 days to cancel the service and request a full refund.

So, if you missed the refund window, there is no sense of cancelling your account as you will receive no money back.

To cancel your membership and request a refund, you can email WWB at this email address: info@worldwidebrands.com. Hopefully, by reading this Worldwide Brands review you will know everything you need to know before going down that route.

Can I make money with Worldwide brands?

If you are still here reading this Worldwide Brands review, you are probably itching to find out if you can actually make money with Worldwide Brands.

Someone probably told you that you can make millions while others may say that Worldwide Brands is a worthless service.

So which answer is right? Well both can be it depends on you and your business model.

The market is over-saturated with every product that you can think of and competition is at an all-time high. It seems like everyone is trying to sell online to make extra income.

This is why Worldwide Brands tell you to do your research before committing to a product, its why they include video training and a product research tool. They want your business to be successful.

When you sell your products online, you are exposing your products to millions of shoppers worldwide. So even with the increased competition, there is also an increase in the number of customers that shop online.

Worldwide Brands offers products with high profit margins, low profit margins, no profit margins, and products that will lose you money. In other words, Worldwide Brands has it all. You will find as your business builds so does your profit ie. if you start by dropshipping or light bulk your margins will be less.

Once your business grows and you know your product and committ to larger orders then you can get better prices from your supplier and your margins grow.

There are multiple factors that contribute to the overall profit margins such as the types of products being sold, where they are being sold, and whether you utilize the drop shipping method or the wholesale method.

The amount of profit that you can make will depend on how well you play your cards. If you plan on selling products that everyone else is selling, you will probably complain because you will not make any money.

If you do your research and find the right products, you will probably make some money. Do your research and do the training first included free in your membership.

Pros and Cons of WWB

Ok, we talked about the functionality, what others say but let’s look at the pros and cons to the service to really see if you can justify the cost.



Worldwide brands alternatives

The main one is Salehoo, which is worth considering if you are mainly selling Amazon/eBay and not interested in your suppliers being US-based. You can read my full review of Salehoo.

Other useful articles

Salehoo Vs Worldwide Brands

Salehoo Vs Doba

Worldwide brands review summary

Hopefully by reading this article you can see that Worldwide brands are a legitimate company that could offer you business value.

If you are starting out and especially if you are looking for the majority of your suppliers to be US-based then Worldwide brands are an excellent tool that will most likely save you a lot of money and time.

If you are the type of person that values your time and wants a piece of mind that your suppliers are legitimate then Worldwide brands are a good investment that will pay for itself.

So like anything its worth it but only if you ultilise what it has to offer.

On the other side if you are an experienced eCommerce seller with a base of suppliers already and are not looking to expand your supplier or don’t want mainly US supplier then Worldwide brands are probably not for you.

Having read this article what are your thoughts? Will you use Worldwide brands or do you prefer to go it alone? Leave your comments in the comments section below. Thanks for reading this Worldwide Brands review!

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